1. ChatGPT is less wowed by itself than we are 2022-12-09
    ChatGPT is a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool created by the Financial Times that is less impressed with itself than we are. To access the tool, people must subscribe to the FT and choose between Standard and Premium Digital packages. Standard Digital includes access to a wealth of global news, analysis and expert opinion, and Premium Digital includes access to Lex and 15 curated newsletters. At the end of the trial period, users are auto-enrolled in the premium digital monthly subscription plan and can opt to pay annually for a cost-saving discount. ChatGPT is a tool that is available to those who have subscribed to the FT.
  2. Computers Already Learn From Us. But Can They Teach Themselves? 2022-12-09
    Scientists are exploring new approaches to artificial intelligence that do not rely on supervised learning, which requires data to be labeled by humans. Reinforcement learning, self-play, and self-supervised learning are being studied to help machines learn on their own and develop a sense of common sense and understanding. Researchers believe that this is necessary for machines to reach human-level intelligence. Scientists are working on models that allow machines to learn by observation and to distill a representation of the world from large amounts of data. It is hoped that robots will eventually be able to use this knowledge to act freely in the world.
  3. FTC Seeks to Block Microsoft Corp.’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Inc. 2022-12-08
    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed a complaint seeking to block Microsoft Corp.'s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Inc. due to antitrust concerns. The FTC believes the acquisition would reduce competition in the video game industry. The FTC is also proposing to adjust the threshold for Hart-Scott-Rodino premerger notification filings and to make certain reportability changes for 2022.
  4. House Passes Bill Protecting Same-Sex Marriage, Sending It to Biden’s Desk 2022-12-08
    The House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that would protect same-sex marriage rights in federal law. The vote was 258 to 169, with all Democrats and 39 Republicans supporting the measure. The bill now goes to President Biden for his signature. Supporters of same-sex marriage say the Respect for Marriage Act marks the most significant gay-rights legislation to pass in Congress in more than a decade.
  5. O ptimized AI 2022-12-08
    Nota is an AI optimization and edge AI solutions platform which aims to make AI accessible to everyone, everywhere. Their proprietary hardware-aware AI model optimization platform, NetsPresso, automates the development process of lightweight AI models and optimizes it for the target device. Nota also provides edge AI solutions such as Intelligent Transportation Systems and Driver Monitoring Systems. They offer a newsletter which can be subscribed to with an email address.
  6. EXCLUSIVE Russian software disguised as American finds its way into U.S. Army, CDC apps 2022-12-08
    This article discusses the findings of Reuters that thousands of apps in the Apple and Google stores contain computer code from Pushwoosh, a Russian software company which presents itself as U.S.-based. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Army have removed apps containing Pushwoosh code due to security concerns. Pushwoosh has 2.3 billion devices listed in its database and has been used by U.S. government agencies, private companies and political organizations. Cybersecurity experts have warned that sensitive data collected by Pushwoosh could be obtained by the Russian government. Pushwoosh has denied any connection with the Russian government and asserted that it is a U.S. company.
  7. Music Deal Maker With Rights to Tens of Thousands of Songs Faces Chorus of Investor Unease 2022-12-07
    Investors are demanding change from Hipgnosis Songs Fund Ltd., a London-listed investment vehicle that owns the rights to tens of thousands of songs written by artists such as Shakira, Lindsey Buckingham and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Founded by Merck Mercuriadis, the company believes that copyrights to hit songs can generate decades of payments, such as streaming, radio plays, live performances, and advertisements. Michael Kors, JCPenney, Target, TurboTax, H&R Block Tax, and Wayfair are all offering promotional deals related to the company.
  8. Theranos exec Sunny Balwani sentenced to 13 years in prison for defrauding patients and investors 2022-12-07
    Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, the former COO of disgraced blood testing startup Theranos, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison after being found guilty on all 12 criminal charges related to defrauding patients and investors. Although his attorney attempted to argue that he should get a more lenient sentence than Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, who was sentenced to 11.25 years in prison, Judge Ed Davila calculated their sentencing ranges to be exactly the same. Evidence presented to the court included a text from Balwani to Holmes that read, “I am responsible for everything at Theranos” and a Walgreens executive testifying that Balwani worked closely on the deal. Patients were given inaccurate results and wrong diagnoses due to Theranos' faulty technology. Balwani will report to prison on March 15 and Holmes' surrender date is April 27.
  9. Twitter’s Rivals Try to Capitalize on Musk-Induced Chaos 2022-12-07
    Since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, other social platforms have tried to capitalize on this chaos. Start-ups and niche services, such as Mastodon and Hive Social, are presenting themselves as less toxic and more modern versions of Twitter. Former Twitter employees are creating their own projects, while established companies like Tumblr and Meta (which owns Facebook and Instagram) are also vying for users. Despite changes and layoffs, Mr. Musk claims that use is at a high. Many former Twitter employees are eager to help create an alternative, and some prominent users have said they would leave the service. It remains to be seen which platform will be successful in dethroning Twitter.
  10. Read More 2022-12-07
    GV has led a $10 million investment round for Cacheflow, a SaaS vendor's software that helps manage pricing, packaging, invoicing, billing, payments and subscriptions. Cacheflow simplifies the SaaS sales flow, incorporating it into a single, no-code platform that allows sales teams to generate dynamic quotes in seconds and streamlines the buying process with simple configuration and interactive B2C-style checkout and integrated payments. The team at Cacheflow has a deep background in SaaS, procurement and fintech, and have shown strong execution over the past year in building out their product with happy customers. GV is pleased to be partnering with Cacheflow and looks forward to joining them on the road ahead.
  11. Creator management platform Grin removes key functions 2022-12-07
    Grin, a creator management platform used to source talent and execute influencer campaigns, has been affected by Meta's updated API. As a result, Grin is no longer functioning at its prior capacity, and features such as the "influential customers" Shopify integration have been removed. Additionally, influencers must now grant Grin permission to use their information, and marketers can no longer search for creators from Instagram on Grin's main platform. This has caused some marketers to consider leaving the platform, and Grin is encouraging creators to authenticate their accounts.
  12. Lensa AI climbs the App Store charts as its ‘magic avatars’ go viral 2022-12-07
    Lensa AI is an app that provides users with the ability to generate digital "magic avatars" of themselves using the open source Stable Diffusion model. It has seen a significant spike in downloads since the release of its magic avatars, and has amassed 22.2 million worldwide downloads and almost $29 million in consumer spending since its launch in 2018. In the U.S. it is the most popular, with users having to pay $3.99 for 50 unique avatars, and Prisma Labs, the team behind Lensa AI, has stated that it uses AWS cloud services to process users' photos and deletes them as soon as an AI model is trained on them.
  13. UPDATED: It’s way too easy to trick Lensa AI into making NSFW images 2022-12-07
    Lensa AI has recently been gaining popularity, but it has been discovered that it is too easy to use the platform to generate non-consensual soft porn. It is possible to create near-photorealistic AI-generated art images of anyone with just a few photos and no photo editing tools. This has led to an ethical nightmare, prompting the U.K. to consider criminalizing the dissemination of non-consensual nude photos. Prisma Labs, the maker of Lensa AI, is attempting to implement filters to prevent this from happening accidentally.
  14. Careful — Lensa is Using Your Photos to Train Their AI 2022-12-07
    Lensa is a popular photo editing app that allows users to upload 10-20 images of themselves to generate 50 AI-generated selfies for $3.99. However, the privacy policy and terms of use state that the images submitted by the user may be used to train the app's artificial neural network. This neural network uses Apple's TrueDepth API to track faces, and it is this data that is used to train the AI. Some users have experienced issues with the AI generating images that don't accurately reflect their identities, leading to questions about the long-term implications of this technology.
  15. Linux Certificate Authority root stores have a too simple view of 'trust' 2022-12-06
    Linux systems have a 'system CA root store' that includes Mozilla's CA root store, which Mozilla is now partially distrusting the TrustCor CA certificates from. The traditional "CA root store" model is too limited for Unix systems, as it does not support nuanced trust decisions, such as trusting some certificates and not others. Linux distributions may choose to drop TrustCor completely, but they must be aware of the issue and make a decision. Once all TrustCor certificates issued before December 1st expire, the TrustCor roots will be removed from the Mozilla root store, which will then propagate to Linux distros.
  16. NIJISANJI Announces 7th Wave English VTuber Group XSOLEIL 2022-12-06
    ANYCOLOR announced its 7th NIJISANJI EN Liver group, "XSOLEIL", a mix-gendered group of 6 virtual YouTubers, who will debut on December 9. Their debut single song "HOLD IT DOWN" will be released on December 6. The group consists of Zaion LanZa, Doppio Dropscythe, Meloco Kyoran, Hex Haywire, Kotoka Torahime, and Ver Vermillion, each with their own unique characterization and abilities.
  17. Passwordless Authentication - Access Your Bitwarden Web Vault Without a Password 2022-12-06
    Bitwarden has launched a new passwordless authentication feature which allows users to log into their web vault without a password. Users can use their mobile phone to authenticate the login and ensure security with end-to-end, zero knowledge encryption and a client fingerprint phrase. Bitwarden also offers other methods of accessing the vault without a password, such as biometrics, PINs, and desktop and browser extensions. Passwordless authentication is becoming the preferred method for logging in and Bitwarden is committed to the future of passwordless and a safer internet for everyone.
  18. GITAI’s robotic arm completes proof-of-concept demo 2022-12-06
    GITAI, a space robotics company, has completed proof-of-concept demonstrations for its GITAI IN1 robotic arm, which has grapple end-effectors on both ends of the arm. The tests were done in a simulated lunar environment and involved the IN1 autonomously traveling from the lunar lander to the R1 rover, and performing tasks such as cutting resources, recovering samples with a shovel, and transporting samples with a tow vehicle. GITAI has raised a total of $21.2 million and completed technology demonstrations inside the ISS in October 2021. The company also offers the G1, S1, and H1.
  19. YouTube Stars Rhett and Link Think This Is Their Moment 2022-12-06
    Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III, known as Rhett and Link, have made good on their childhood promise to do big things in showbiz. They have built an online entertainment studio with videos that rack up more than 700,000 hours of watch time daily and are now exploring selling a stake in their company, Mythical Entertainment, to companies like Spotify, Roku and Candle Media. Mythical is profitable and on pace to generate about $40 million in revenue this year. They are pitching potential acquirers on replacing traditional TV content with relatively inexpensive shows produced by creators and are also launching an accelerator program for up-and-coming creators.
  20. My Building Has Replaced Our Keys With an App. Is That Legal? 2022-12-06
    This article discusses the legality of landlords replacing traditional keys with smartphone apps. The article states that so long as tenants can exit the building in an emergency without needing to use the app, the landlord is free to use it as an alternative to a key. Tenants with disabilities may request an alternative to the app, such as a traditional key. The article also mentions that if the app fails, the landlord must provide an alternative method of entering the building and the tenant's apartment and suggests filing a complaint with the local bureau of buildings if the landlord does not address the issue.
  21. Crypto Had a Credit Bubble 2022-12-06
    This article discusses the recent credit bubble in the cryptocurrency market and its impact on investors. It focuses on the macroeconomic issues surrounding this phenomenon and provides expert analysis and interviews with key figures in the region.
  22. Facebook to now test age verification tech on Facebook Dating in the US 2022-12-05
    Facebook has partnered with Yoti to begin testing age verification technologies, including video selfies and ID uploads, on its Facebook Dating service. This test is in response to pressure from regulators to enact minor protections. The technology will scan user’s birthday posts and prompt users to provide their ID or a video selfie if they say they are 18 or older. The video selfie will be used to estimate age based on facial features and the image will be deleted afterwards. The test will be rolled out in the US first and expand to other global markets in the future. However, the test raises privacy concerns as the company will be storing the user's ID for an indefinite period of time.
  23. The Man Who Reads 1,000 Articles a Day 2022-12-05
    Robert Cottrell is a former Moscow bureau chief for The Economist and the Financial Times, who now spends most of his time writing The Browser, a daily newsletter that features five of the best articles of the day. He reads 1,000 articles a day and critiques them in detail. In this article, he reads and critiques an article about Tiago Forte, noting that he would have liked to have more context up top in order to interpret the article. He also comments on the Evernote and Things systems mentioned. The article also mentions other publications from Every Media, Inc. and encourages readers to subscribe to the daily email.
  24. Copycats can drown 2022-12-05
    This article discusses the shutdown of Future, a venture firm's foray into tech media, and the importance of the medium being the message. It also discusses executive turnover, red flags, and good news, such as the announcement of IIT > MIT and Elon Musk suspending Kanye West's Twitter account. The article concludes with the author suggesting readers forward the newsletter, follow her on Twitter, and come back next week.
  25. What is a chief metaverse officer and why are companies like Disney and P&G appointing one? 2022-12-05
    Companies such as Disney, P&G, and LVMH are appointing Chief Metaverse Officers (CMTOs) to invest in the metaverse. CMTOs are responsible for developing and maintaining a company’s presence in the metaverse, managing their brand and image, and having technical expertise in blockchain, cloud computing, and gaming engines. Hiring a CMTO will help a company stay on top of emerging trends and focus on what aspects of these trends will help meet their specific needs. Gartner estimates that the metaverse will become mature by 2030, so businesses should be investing in their metaverse team and CMTO now in order to get ahead.
  26. Why You May Actually Want to Go Back to the Office 2022-12-05
    With vaccines becoming more widespread, many offices are reopening and requiring workers to return. This can be difficult for many employees who have grown accustomed to the benefits of working from home. This article presents three ways the office can make an employee's working life easier: culture, collaboration, and purpose. Working from the office allows for better onboarding, collaboration, and goal setting, which can benefit employees in the long run. Spending time with colleagues in the office reinforces the sense of a shared mission, which can improve job satisfaction.
  27. Elon Musk Eliminated Remote Work Because Working From Home "Doesn't Work" 2022-12-05
    Elon Musk has decided to eliminate remote work from his company, Tesla, and has instead implemented a "24/7" work culture. This comes at a time when most tech companies have been reevaluating their workforce size due to a slowing economy, resulting in hiring freezes and thousands of layoffs.
  28. LINER Is An App That Lets You Highlight Both Text & Videos 2022-12-05
    LINER is an Android app that allows users to highlight both text and videos. It is free to use, and works with YouTube, allowing users to easily make timestamps to highlight important parts of a video. It also allows users to highlight text in various colors, and offers a community aspect for users to share their highlights and communicate.
  29. Taking A Long Term View Of Web3 2022-12-05
    This article was co-written by Katie Haun and Fred Wilson, both longtime investors in web3 and board members of Coinbase. It provides perspective on the risks and failures of web3, from the Mt. Gox meltdown to recent failures like 3AC, Celsius, and Alameda/FTX. It also explains how web3 companies that have followed the rules and behaved properly have weathered these storms, like Coinbase, Kraken, and Anchorage. The article stresses that it is important to remember that while negative headlines about web3 will continue, the underlying software innovation of web3 continues unabated and is what investors remain so excited about.
  30. Iran Suspends Morality Police That Sparked Massive Protests: Official 2022-12-05
    Iran has suspended operations of its "morality police" unit, which for years has been enforcing the country's strict religious dress codes. This comes after months of anti-government protests sparked by the death of a young woman in its custody, Mahsa Amini. The suspension of the Guidance Patrol is unlikely to represent a major shift in policy and it is unclear how the rules will be enforced in its absence. The Chief Public Prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri also said that the judiciary is working on a draft proposal for amendments to how laws pertaining to religious modesty codes are enforced. The United Nations has said that more than 14,000 people have been arrested for taking part in the protests and many stand accused of serious offenses that carry the death penalty.
  31. Egypt’s SideUp raises $1.2M to grow its e-commerce support platform 2022-12-05
    Egypt-based e-commerce support platform SideUp has raised $1.2 million in seed funding to expand its services. The startup was founded by Waleed Rashed, who was inspired to link small merchants to e-commerce support after realizing they were ignored by large service providers. SideUp currently serves 2,000 businesses, offering payment gateways, API integration for shipping, warehousing, fulfillment, and advisory services, allowing merchants to sell in 45 countries. The startup plans to grow its clientele base by scaling in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and expanding to two other countries by the end of 2023 to tap the burgeoning e-commerce sector in different regions.
  32. Egypt’s SideUp raises $1.2M to grow its e-commerce support platform 2022-12-05
    SideUp, a rebranded logistics marketplace in Egypt, has raised $1.2 million seed funding to develop a comprehensive e-commerce support platform. This platform will include payment gateways, API integration, warehousing, fulfillment and advisory services. SideUp is targeting small businesses that have been ignored by larger service providers, and currently serves 2,000 e-commerce businesses. The startup plans to expand to 45 countries and two other countries by the end of 2023 to capitalize on the region's growing e-commerce sector. A report from Mordor Intelligence predicts that the Middle East and Africa e-commerce markets will grow 11.5% in the next five years.
  33. The real future of the metaverse is not for consumers 2022-12-05
    This article discusses the future of the metaverse, a virtual world, and the potential it has for consumers. It is noted that the metaverse is still in its early stages and has yet to find its first job. It is suggested that the real future of the metaverse lies in its potential for enterprise solutions, rather than in consumer applications. The article also discusses Nokia's involvement in the metaverse and their commitment to its development.
  34. OFR, 플라네타리움, 에픽리그 등 위믹스 파트너들 지지 의사 표명 2022-12-05
    OFR, Plutarium, Epic League 등 위믹스 파트너들은 현재 벌어지고 있는 위믹스 거래지원 종료 사태에 대해 여전히 위믹스와 네트워크는 견고하고, 이번 사태가 잘 마무리되기를 바란다는 지지 의사를 표명했다. 서울중앙지법은 2일 위메이드가 업비트 운영사들을 대상으로 신청한 위믹스 거래지원 종료결정 효력정지 가처분 심리를 진행한다.
  35. Hot Take: Google has a company strategy, not a product strategy 2022-12-05
    This article discusses Google's company strategy, which is to hire as many talented and smart people as possible and invest in them, with the expectation that most of the projects they work on will fail. It contrasts this with Microsoft's product strategy, which is top-down, with pre-approved projects and plans. The article also looks at the cost of Google's company strategy, which is that employees and users often end up investing time and effort in projects that are ultimately not successful. The author argues that having a product strategy helps to avoid this kind of waste, and encourages people to work on projects that make a difference.
  36. Sam Bankman-Fried says unlikely to testify in Dec 13 House Committee hearing 2022-12-05
    Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of FTX, indicated that he is unlikely to testify in the upcoming US House committee's hearing on the collapse of his crypto exchange, suggesting he will testify at a later time. The US House Financial Services Committee plans to hold a hearing in December to investigate the collapse of FTX. Bankman-Fried has been alleged to have misappropriated billions of dollars from customers, and has asserted that he did not have enough knowledge about the loans FTX financed to affiliated trading firm Alameda Research. Last month, FTX filed for bankruptcy, and a newly appointed CEO John Ray said he had never seen such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information.
  37. While anticipation builds for GPT-4, OpenAI quietly releases GPT-3.5 2022-12-04
    OpenAI has released a series of AI models based on GPT-3.5, an improved version of GPT-3. GPT-3.5 appears to be more sophisticated, more thorough, and more grammatically correct than its predecessor, as well as better at tasks such as generating blog posts and understanding instructions. It is also better at writing songs and poetry, and it has a better sense of humor. It is unclear exactly why GPT-3.5 is better than GPT-3, but it is likely related to its training approach, which involved human trainers ranking and rating the model's responses. OpenAI is also developing a language model that can look up information on the web and cite sources for its answers.
  38. How Teddy Roosevelt offers an ‘ominous’ lesson for Trump and the GOP in 2024 2022-12-04
    This article explores the similarities between former US President Theodore Roosevelt and current US President Donald Trump. Both are larger-than-life characters with mammoth egos, and there are several parallels between them, including their need for constant ego stroking, their ability to command media attention, and their difficulty in leaving the public arena. The article suggests that, like Roosevelt, if Trump fails to attain the presidency in 2024, it could split the GOP and hand the election to the Democrats. It further argues that Roosevelt is still considered one of the greatest presidents because of his other accomplishments, and that Trump may not receive such a favorable verdict from history if his bid for the White House fails.
  39. Generative AI: A Creative New World 2022-12-04
    Generative AI is a powerful new class of large language models that allows machines to create with credible and sometimes superhuman results. OpenAI’s GPT-3 stands out and has the potential to generate trillions of dollars of economic value. There are four waves of generative AI development: Small models reign supreme (Pre-2015), The race to scale (2015-Today), Better, faster, cheaper (2022+) and Killer apps emerge (Now). Generative AI applications are being used to copywrite, code generate, create art, design, and create social media content. These applications have the potential to make knowledge and creative work more efficient and capable than before. Despite potential, there are still hurdles and risks to be aware of when implementing generative AI.
  40. Google News - 2022-12-04
    The BBC recently reported on a wide-reaching scandal in Europe involving the misuse of European Union funds. Investigations into the scandal have revealed evidence of fraud and corruption, involving officials from several countries and resulting in the misappropriation of millions of euros. The European Commission is now working to recoup the funds and to strengthen efforts to prevent similar cases in the future.
  41. Sales Call Analytics: The Comprehensive Guide 2022-12-04
    Sales call analytics refers to analytics pertaining to performance metrics and the actual sales conversation of sales calls. It is used to measure the efficacy and performance of sales teams and provide data for departments such as marketing, customer support, and success teams. Sales call analytics use a combination of sales data, CRM, analytics, and telephony tools and provide metrics including dials-to-connection percentage, revenue from calls per source, voicemail return rate, number of conversations, call duration, and average call disposition. Sales call analytics offer massive benefits to its users, managers, teams, departments, and entire companies, allowing them to drive increases in sales performance and effectiveness, focus on campaigns that drive qualified leads, set and achieve goals, and optimize the performance of their teams.
  42. LastPass hacked, OpenAI opens access to ChatGPT, and Kanye gets suspended from Twitter (again) 2022-12-04
    This week's Week in Review newsletter highlights some of the most talked about tech stories of the week. These include Instafest, a web app that went viral; LastPass being hacked for the second time this year; OpenAI widely opening access to ChatGPT, a language-generation AI; Amazon Web Services hosting their annual re:Invent conference; Twitter suspending Kanye West again; Spotify's "Wrapped" feature; DoorDash laying off 1,250 people; and Salesforce's co-CEO Bret Taylor stepping down. Additionally, there are summaries of the interviews shared by the TechCrunch Podcast, Team Chain Reaction, and Equity. Finally, the top stories behind the TC+ paywall are explored.
  43. OpenAI’s ChatGPT shows why implementation is key with generative AI 2022-12-04
    OpenAI's ChatGPT is a new natural language generation technology that allows users to interact with an AI chatbot. It has broadened the appeal and audience of OpenAI's technology, with users being impressed by its capabilities. While it is good at providing term paper information, it still has work to do when it comes to avoiding misinformation. OpenAI's ChatGPT is the closest approximation yet to a system that would eventually supplant a search engine like Google and businesses looking to use generative AI should focus on how it shows up rather than what's under the hood.
  44. Fortnite’s latest live event was its strangest yet 2022-12-04
    Fortnite's latest live event, Fracture, was a nearly hour-long event that saw the battle royale island explode into bits. The event was a sendoff for Fortnite Chapter 3, and the game is now down ahead of Chapter 4's launch on December 4th. During the event, players were split into groups and watched a countdown before a cutscene in which The Herald, a Fortnite character, led an attack of tornadoes and caused the island to explode. Players then found themselves floating in space and had to work together to collect energy orbs to power the Zero Point. At the end of the event, Paradigm, a Fortnite character, appeared to oversee the new island being formed. Chapter 4 is due to launch on December 4th, introducing characters like the witcher Geralt of Rivia and Doom Slayer, and dirt bikes.
  45. Elon Musk’s promised Twitter expose on the Hunter Biden story is a flop that doxxed multiple people 2022-12-03
    Elon Musk promised to release internal Twitter communications showing how the company dealt with the Hunter Biden laptop news story ahead of the 2020 election but the documents he released do not show what he thought they would. The emails instead show the Twitter team debating how to explain their handling of the story and erring on the side of caution. The documents doxxed multiple people, including Jack Dorsey and Representative Ro Khanna, and exposed the names of Twitter employees not involved in the decision-making process.
  46. Ukraine Calls for Evacuations From a Russian-Controlled Area, Signaling a New Offensive 2022-12-03
    Ukraine is calling for civilians to evacuate the east bank of the Dnipro River, across from the city of Kherson, in preparation for possible military offensive. Ukraine recently recaptured Kherson from Russian forces, who have destroyed all of the main river crossings and are now thinning out their forces along the 200 mile stretch of the river. Negotiations are ongoing between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Russia to pull out Russian forces from the nearby Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and create a demilitarized zone around the facility.
  47. Elon Musk vicariously publishes internal emails from Twitter’s Hunter Biden laptop drama 2022-12-03
    Elon Musk recently shared a thread of internal emails from Twitter employees before he took ownership of the platform. The emails discussed why Twitter limited the reach of a New York Post article about Hunter Biden in 2020. The emails showed that Twitter was worried about the authenticity of the documents and wanted more information before allowing the story to circulate. Many people criticized Twitter for blocking the story, but it has since changed its rules and now allows the story to be shared. Musk still has an axe to grind with the Twitter of the past and is using his current ownership to express his opinion.
  48. The era of constant innovation at Amazon could be over 2022-12-03
    Amazon's annual customer conference, AWS re:Invent, had significantly fewer announcements this year compared to last year. The lack of news was so apparent that a colleague wrote a post mocking the lack of news. It seems like the company is now focusing on making existing products easier to use rather than creating new products from scratch. This is similar to Microsoft Word, which keeps adding new features to make it relevant to an ever-widening audience.
  49. Elon Musk just brought an infamous neo-Nazi back to Twitter 2022-12-03
    Elon Musk recently intervened after Kanye West posted an antisemitic symbol on Twitter, resulting in West being suspended for 12 hours. At the same time, notorious neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin was able to return to the platform, tweeting from a new account. Richard Spencer, another Unite the Right organizer and white nationalist, is now a verified user on Twitter. Musk has promised amnesty to those who have violated Twitter's rules, and white supremacists have taken advantage of this opportunity by encouraging their followers to vote in Musk's polls on the platform.
  50. theNFT Simulations 2022-12-03
    This article discusses the revenue streams for theNFT, a token that will be used to incentivize liquidity provision on the Binance Chain. It looks at three different minting scenarios and six different daily volume scenarios, and estimates the yield that each would generate for theNFT stakers. It also discusses the game theory behind the minting process, and how it is designed to incentivize the maximum minting scenario.
  51. Warby Parker, once online-only eyeglasses retailer, plans hundreds of more stores 2022-12-02
    In this article, CNBC looks at Warby Parker, a company that disrupted the eyeglass industry by selling directly to consumers at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Founded in 2010, Warby Parker has since expanded its business to include contact lenses, vision exams, and almost 200 physical stores. The company is looking to open hundreds more stores in the next few years, but also sees a future tied to telemedicine. Warby Parker's direct-to-consumer business model was among the first of its kind, and the company has since become an archetype for online retailers. However, Warby Parker shares have fallen more than 60% year-to-date, caught up in the crash of many recent high-growth startups that went public last year.
  52. Chinese and Russian Warplanes Patrol the Pacific in a Show of Strengthening Military Ties 2022-12-02
    In a show of strengthening military ties, Russian and Chinese strategic bombers flew a joint patrol over the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday, landing in each other's airfields for the first time. The move prompted South Korea and Japan to scramble fighter jets in response. The joint patrol is the latest example of increased defense collaboration between the two countries, which have been facing increased tensions with the United States over Russia's war in Ukraine and China's threats against Taiwan. Some analysts believe that while Beijing and Moscow share aspirations to push the U.S. from its hegemonic role over world affairs, a formal alliance between the two nations will prove challenging to sustain.
  53. November Jobs Report U.S. Hiring Continues at Robust Pace, Complicating Fed’s Path 2022-12-02
    The article discusses the latest jobs report for the month of November, which showed that employers added 263,000 jobs, complicating the Federal Reserve's path forward. The report also showed that wages continued to climb at a rapid pace, with wages in service industries increasing by 5.3 percent on an annual basis. The overall unemployment rate was steady at 3.7 percent.
  54. Proposed Law Would Force Rideshare Companies to Forward Sexual Assault Reports to San Jose Police 2022-12-02
    San Jose police say that rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft are not forwarding reports of sexual assaults to them, and city leaders want to change that. A proposed new law would force rideshare companies to share information on their own sexual assault investigations with law enforcement. The group emphasized the law is geared to protecting victims and their privacy.
  55. Brain Scientists Explore the How of When 2022-12-02
    In a new study, brain scientists have found the strongest evidence yet of "time cells" in the brain. These cells are responsible for tracking the passage of time, and their activity is related to memory formation and retrieval. The findings suggest that our perception of time is shaped by the memories that fill it, and by the emotions that help imprint them.
  56. Elon Musk steps in it — ‘F#ck off is my very diplomatic reply to you’ 2022-12-02
    In the wake of Tesla's disappointing third-quarter production and delivery numbers, Elon Musk waded into the Ukraine-Russia war with a peace proposal that was quickly rejected by many. Musk's proposal included recognizing Russia's claims to the Crimean peninsula, holding new referendums on the annexation of Ukrainian territories, and ensuring Crimea's access to water. Musk's employees and company shareholders must be shaking their heads as, once again, Musk dives somewhat casually into a knotty issue beyond his expertise. Some argue it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t impact sales; Tesla owners who disapprove of Musk still love their cars. But someday in the not-too-distant future, with no shortage of companies nipping at Tesla’s heels and a growing stack of reasons for people to look at other manufacturers’ cars, that could change. We’d surprised if recruiting efforts aren’t already being impacted by some of the headlines that Musk has generated this year. Becoming a business icon has been very good for business, and Musk’s addiction to fame has helped fuel his rise to the top of the corporate world, but there is always a tipping point. What goes up must come down eventually, and by needlessly alienating wide swaths of people, Musk is speeding this process along.
  57. The Magic of Tiny-Home Videos 2022-12-02
    This article is about the appeal of tiny-home videos during the pandemic. The author discusses how watching videos of small homes has helped them to reclaim their own space and to find comfort and control during a time when many things have been taken away. The article also discusses the appeal of tiny homes more generally, noting how they offer a sense of gamefulness and challenge that can be lacking in larger spaces.
  58. The Impact Trap 2022-12-02
    The article discusses the "impact trap", which is when someone is stuck in a position where they cannot improve their impact without taking a risk. The article argues that taking the long view of one's career is the best way to avoid this trap, as it allows for more opportunities to take risks and grow.
  59. 14 Livestream Selling Statistics to Know in 2022 2022-12-02
    1. Livestream selling is a marketing technique in which businesses hold real-time virtual shopping events to showcase and sell their products to customers. 2. The livestream market is estimated to be worth $35 billion in the US by 2024. 3. China’s livestream selling market grew from $3 billion to $171 billion in three years. 4. YouTube is the most popular live commerce platform in the US. 5. 78% of businesses use live commerce to build deeper connections with their customer base. 6. 80% of marketers think livestream commerce will be an important part of sharing products in the coming years. 7. Companies report live commerce conversion rates are up to 10x higher than conventional ecommerce. 8. Livestream selling has a 70% conversion rate average for luxury goods. 9. There was a 76% increase in livestream shopping purchases during the pandemic. 10. There is growing interest in livestream shopping among American consumers. 11. 17% of US consumers frequently watch influencer shopping livestreams. 12. 28% of shoppers said more livestream commerce would encourage them to buy through social. 13. 66% of global consumers wish retailers would be more digitally innovative. 14. 60% of shoppers who tried livestream shopping said it improved their shopping experience.
  60. Resting Rich Face 2022-12-02
    The article discusses a study that found that people can accurately guess a person's socio-economic status just by looking at their resting face. The study found that people from lower socio-economic backgrounds tend to have more negative-looking resting faces, while people from higher socio-economic backgrounds tend to have more positive-looking resting faces. The study suggests that this may be because the expressions we make most often become etched in our faces, and that others see a positive-looking resting face as signifying a lifetime of wealth and satisfaction.
  61. Daily Crunch: SBF says he’s ‘had a bad month,’ but is he really giving us the full story? 2022-12-02
    The article discusses some of the biggest stories in tech for the day, including a new capital raise for plant-based food brand Huel, which now has a valuation of $560 million, and a $2.1 million pre-seed raise for smartphone re-commerce startup Badili. The article also covers Zoe, a self-reporting tracker for personal nutrition, which has raised $30 million and is now valued at $303 million. Additionally, the article discusses FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, who have been in the news recently for some controversial comments, as well as StartupOS, which has launched what it hopes will be the operating system for early-stage startups. Finally, the article looks at proptech, or technology that makes buildings greener, and interviews three investors who are bullish on the industry.
  62. Now AI can outmaneuver you at both Stratego and Diplomacy 2022-12-02
    This article discusses the recent advances in artificial intelligence, specifically in the area of board games. AI has long ago surpassed human capability in chess and Go, but more complex games like Stratego and Diplomacy have presented a challenge. However, recent advances have resulted in AI that can outmaneuver humans at both Stratego and Diplomacy. The key difference between these games and chess/Go is that they are based on imperfect information, requiring skills like guessing what the opponent is thinking and making moves that accommodate and hopefully upset those assumptions.
  63. Senate approves bill enforcing railroad labor agreement before strike deadline, sends to Biden 2022-12-02
    The Senate has approved a bill that will enforce a tentative railroad labor agreement and prevent a national strike. The bill now goes to President Joe Biden, who urged Congress to act quickly on its passage. The agreement provides for 24% pay increases for railroad workers over five years, immediate payouts averaging $11,000 upon ratification, and an extra paid day off. The main point of disagreement between the railroads and the unions has been over paid sick leave, and the Senate defeated a measure that would have added seven days of paid sick leave to the contract.
  64. AWS launches Application Composer, a low-code tool for building serverless apps 2022-12-02
    AWS has launched a new low-code tool called AWS Application Composer, which allows developers to visually design and build serverless applications. The service provides a visual canvas and drag-and-drop interface to make application development easier and more collaborative.
  65. Google’s Reading Mode app helps visually impaired people read long-form content 2022-12-01
    The article discusses the release of Google's new Reading Mode app, which is designed to help people with visual impairments and dyslexia read long-form content on their screens. The app features controls for adjusting contrast, font type, line space and size, and also allows users to have the app read the content aloud and control the playback speed. Google already offers a number of accessibility tools, including a screen reader with TalkBack and a built-in Braille keyboard, but Reading Mode is specifically designed to read or listen to long text, such as online articles.
  66. Major password manager LastPass suffered a breach — again 2022-12-01
    LastPass, a major password manager, has announced that it has suffered its second breach in three months. The company says that an unauthorized party has gained access to parts of its customer information, but that passwords remain safely encrypted. LastPass is recommending that customers follow best practices around setup and configuration, including setting up multi-factor authentication.
  67. Biden’s Meeting With Macron Comes Amid Rising Trans-Atlantic Tensions 2022-12-01
    The article discusses the rising tensions between the United States and Europe, caused by the latter's frustration with the former's "Made in America" plan. The plan, which provides subsidies and tax credits for American businesses, is seen as protectionist by European leaders. These tensions are expected to be a central topic of discussion during French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to the White House.
  68. GM’s Cruise pursuing permit to test its custom-built ‘Origin’ robotaxi in San Francisco 2022-12-01
    1. Cruise, GM's self-driving technology subsidiary, has started the process of applying for a permit to test its next-generation "Origin" robotaxi on public roads in San Francisco. 2. The Origin is a custom-built driverless vehicle that is designed for a ridesharing service. 3. To test the Origin on public roads in California, Cruise will need permits from the California DMV and the CPUC. 4. If Cruise wants to launch a commercial service with the Origin, it will need special exemptions from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. 5. Cruise has previously said it expects to begin production of the Origin in 2023.
  69. Musk at Twitter has ‘huge work’ ahead to comply with EU rules, warns bloc 2022-12-01
    This article discusses the potential consequences for Twitter if it does not comply with the European Union's Digital Services Act. The act, which goes into effect in February 2021, requires social media platforms to take measures to prevent the spread of misinformation and to protect users' freedom of speech. Twitter has already been facing criticism for its decision to stop enforcing its policy against misleading information about COVID-19. If the EU finds that Twitter is not in compliance with the act, it could face penalties of up to 6% of its annual revenue.
  70. DRAGO Update Preview 2022-12-01
    - The upcoming DRAGO update will add new features and content related to the game's dragon-like creatures. - Players will be able to breed and train their own dragons, mine a special currency called Dragon Soul Amber, and use the dragons to help their troops in battle. - The update will also add a rental system for players who don't own a dragon, as well as new minting options for resources.
  71. Startup CEO Fired for LSD Use Claims Discrimination in Lawsuit 2022-12-01
    A startup CEO in China has been fired for using LSD, and he is now suing his former employer for discrimination. He claims that his firing was based on his mental health condition, which he says was caused by his use of LSD.
  72. Why some tech CEOs are rooting for Elon Musk 2022-11-30
    The article discusses how some tech CEOs are supportive of Elon Musk's recent takeover of Twitter, as well as his controversial management style. Many CEOs find inspiration in Musk's no-nonsense approach to running a business, and believe that his tactics could help to unwind some of the progress that has been made in recent years on issues like diversity and inclusion. However, there is also concern that Musk's actions could backfire, particularly if he continues to alienate Twitter's employees and advertisers.
  73. The Unofficial Fusion 13 for Apple Silicon Companion 2022-11-30
    The article discusses the Unofficial Fusion 13 for Apple Silicon Companion, a document that contains tips and techniques for running the Tech Preview releases on Apple Silicon Macs. The Companion can save users from searching the forum for frequently encountered issues. The section on Windows 11 on ARM is of particular interest to Windows users, as it contains information, procedures, and screen shots that should help with the installation of Windows 11 on Fusion 13. For Linux users, there is plenty of content to help as well, especially if they are using Ubuntu or Fedora. The document will be updated as the community experience with Fusion 13 grows and is discussed in the forums.
  74. Writer’s GPT-powered CoWrite handles content ‘drudgery’ and leaves creativity to humans 2022-11-30
    The article discusses a new AI-powered tool called CoWrite which is designed to help content creators in organizations where voice and branding are essential. CoWrite uses a large language model called GPT-3 to generate content, but is designed to be used in conjunction with human input in order to produce the best results. The article discusses the potential benefits of using such a tool, as well as the concerns that have been raised about the possibility of automated content becoming prevalent in the future.
  75. Spinning a Docker Container with Cuda Enabled TensorFlow 2022-11-30
    This article describes how to set up a TensorFlow Docker container that utilizes GPU from the host system. First, Nvidia drivers need to be installed on the host system. Then, Docker needs to be installed. After that, Nvidia-Docker2 needs to be installed. Finally, the TensorFlow Docker container can be run.
  76. Improving the management of complex business partnerships 2022-11-30
    1. Partnerships are beneficial for companies, but they can be complex to manage. 2. Companies should establish a clear foundation for their partnerships, including common goals and measures of success. 3. Partnerships should be nurtured with activities such as socializing and maintaining communication. 4. Good governance is critical for successful partnerships, and companies should use tools and metrics to ensure accountability. 5. Partnerships may need to be restructured over time, and companies should plan for this possibility.
  77. Introduction to Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) 2022-11-30
    This article provides an introduction to Long Short Term Memory networks (LSTMs), which are a type of recurrent neural network capable of handling long-term dependencies. It explains the architecture of an LSTM network and how it works, using an example of a sentence with two clauses.
  78. This winter will be colder than usual, weather agency says 2022-11-30
    The article discusses the Korea Meteorological Administration's (KMA) forecast that this winter will be colder than usual, although it will not break records. The agency attributes the forecast to a strong low pressure system that is expected to bring heavy rain across the country followed by a cold snap. The agency is urging people to take precautions against the cold weather.
  79. Welcome back to Calendly 2022-11-30
    This article explains how to log back into your Calendly account in order to access your meeting scheduling hub. It also provides a brief overview of the company and its various features.
  80. Seoul hit by first subway labor union walkout in 6 years 2022-11-30
    The article discusses a subway labor union walkout in Seoul, South Korea. The walkout is the first in six years, and it is affecting Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. The management is pushing ahead with a restructuring plan that the labor union sees as a step backward, and negotiations have so far failed to make headway. The walkout is expected to cause fewer trains to run during the rush hour, and the impact will be felt for at least eight days.
  81. The big idea: should we abolish the Treasury? 2022-11-29
    The article argues that the Treasury is a powerful institution that is holding Britain back. It discusses how the Treasury's focus on short-termism and policy wheezes creates problems for long-term planning and investment. The article suggests that the Treasury should be divided into three parts in order to address these issues.
  82. #KpopTwitter achieves new record of 6.7 billion Tweets globally in 2020 2022-11-29
    The article discusses the popularity of K-pop on Twitter, with 6.7 billion K-pop related Tweets in 2020. The top 20 markets by Tweet volume and by unique voices are listed, along with the most-mentioned K-pop artists and songs. The fastest-rising K-pop artists are also mentioned, along with the use of livestreams and virtual award shows to connect artists with fans. Finally, the article discusses how K-pop fans and idols banded together for social causes on Twitter, such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
  83. Does Inflation Disproportionately Hurt the Poor? 2022-11-29
    The article discusses the debate among economists over how aggressively the Federal Reserve should fight inflation. Some economists argue that inflation disproportionately hurts lower-income families and that the Fed should therefore be more aggressive in its efforts to reduce inflation. However, the data suggests that lower-income families have actually been hurt less by inflation than higher-income families. The author argues that this is due to the fact that inflation has been accompanied by very tight labor markets, which have resulted in higher wages for lower-paid workers.
  84. BTS, J-Hope, BLACKPINK & More Nominated for 2022 MAMA Awards 2022-11-29
    The article discusses the nominees for the 2022 MAMA Awards. BTS, BLACKPINK, and other popular K-pop acts are up for awards this year. BTS has five nominations, while J-Hope has six solo nominations. BLACKPINK has five nominations. Other artists who are nominated include NCT Dream, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, IVE, NCT 127, TWICE, and ITZY. The MAMAs will take place in Japan at the Osaka Kyocera Dome Nov. 29-30.
  85. 버넥트, 스마트제조혁신센터(SMIC)에 고도화된 XR 솔루션 구축 - 인더스트리뉴스 2022-11-29
    Bungeut, a global XR (eXtended Reality) solution provider, has announced that it has partnered with the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC) to develop an advanced XR solution for use in manufacturing. The solution comprises a digital twin-based real-time simulation system, which is integrated with Bungeut's advanced XR solution to provide a realistic and immersive experience for users. Additionally, data integration is used to allow for real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process. The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center is able to use Bungeut's solution to replace traditional monitoring-based production management and incident awareness methods with XR monitoring, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced design time and cost. Additionally, the solution enables remote collaboration and timely responses to incidents, leading to more efficient maintenance. The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center plans to continue working with Bungeut to develop and implement XR-based solutions for design collaboration, monitoring, and remote collaboration.
  86. 버넥트, G20 우수 인프라 기술 사례로 선정 2022-11-29
    Bunet, a global XR (eXtended Reality) solution provider, has been selected as a G20 best practice for superior infrastructure technology. This is in recognition of the company's AR (Augmented Reality) technology, digital transformation (DT) of industry, and Metaverse applications in the business world. The award is given by the G20 Infrastructure Working Group, which is a global body for promoting investment and development of infrastructure technology in the post-corona era. The award is part of the Value-added strategy of Stick Investment, which is funded by Stick Ventures and the AIIB Fund. This is the first time a Korean company has been selected as a best practice on a global scale, putting Bunet on the same level as other global companies. Bunet CEO Ha Taesin said, "We are very pleased to be recognized for our technical capabilities and business achievements on the global stage," and "We will continue to grow from a domestic XR solution provider to a global XR tech company." The company has received a total of 39 billion won in investment from Stick Ventures and other leading institutions, and has established a European subsidiary and US branch to actively expand its business activities in Europe, North America, South America, and other regions. Meanwhile, the G20 IWG has selected 36 companies from around the world as best practices for infrastructure technology last month, and the results will be introduced on the official website of the Global Infrastructure Hub.
  87. 2022-11-29
    Gencoore, a South Korean gene editing company, has raised 171 billion won in Series A funding. The round was led by Stic Ventures, with participation from a number of other venture capitalists, including Kim's Investment, J-VC Partners, and Clearboyon Ventures. The company will use the funding to expand its research and development capabilities and to commercialize its gene editing technology.
  88. UK agent general denies $800,000 salary package request to Barilaro inquiry 2022-11-29
    The UK agent general denied asking for an $800,000 salary package during negotiations for his role as senior trade and investment commissioner to the Americas. He justified his salary package of $600,000 to the NSW upper house inquiry on Wednesday morning, saying he did not expect to be paid that much in public service. Cartwright said he was asked by deputy premier John Barilaro what he had been on in his previous roles and Barilaro told him the base would most likely be in the “low fives”. According to the UK agent-general, there was a lot of back and forth over the course of several weeks between himself, Investment NSW public servant Jenny West, and public sector recruiter Marianne Broadbent over his salary package. The negotiations ended, according to Cartwright, when Cartwright agreed to a package “as a favour” to West of $487,000 with a $113,000 allowance in order to avoid going to the remuneration tribunal.
  89. AI content platform Jasper raises $125M at a $1.5B valuation 2022-11-29
    Jasper, a startup that develops an "AI content" platform, has raised $125 million at a $1.5 billion valuation. The funding will be used to build out Jasper's core products, improve the customer experience, and bring Jasper's technology to more apps. Jasper's platform leverages AI to generate content for blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and more. The company's language models are trained on 10% of the web and fine-tuned for "customer specificity." Jasper's other differentiator is Jasper Art, a recently launched AI art-generating system. The system's generations are free for anyone to repurpose and remix.
  90. 2022-11-28
    The article discusses the potential for a military conflict between North and South Korea. It cites a recent report from the National Intelligence Service (NIS) which warned of increased activity by the North Korean military, and notes that the NIS has suggested that the North is preparing for a possible conflict. The article also quotes a South Korean government official who says that the government is aware of the increased activity and is taking steps to prepare for any potential conflict.
  91. An Arizona county has refused to certify election results by the legal deadline 2022-11-28
    The article discusses how a county in Arizona has voted to delay certifying the results of the recent midterm elections, despite the state deadline. The move puts more than 47,000 votes at risk and is expected to lead to legal action.
  92. CellMEAT, a South Korean lab-grown shrimp producer, bags $8.1M Series A funding 2022-11-28
    CellMEAT is a South Korean startup that has developed cell-based shrimp. The company has secured $8.1 million in Series A funding to help with research and development, pilot production, and expanding its offerings to other seafood items. CellMEAT intends to enter Singapore and the US in the next few years. The company's goal is to bring the cost of shrimp meat down to $20 per kilogram.
  93. China's lockdown protests spread to campuses and cities abroad 2022-11-28
    The article discusses the spread of protests against China's strict zero-COVID policy and restrictions on freedoms to cities around the world. The protests were triggered by a fire in China's Xinjiang region last week that killed 10 people who were trapped in their apartments. The White House national security council said in a statement the U.S. believed it would be difficult for China to "control this virus through their zero COVID strategy," adding, that "everyone has the right to peacefully protest, here in the United States and around the world. This includes in the PRC." U.N. Human Rights Office spokesperson Jeremy Laurence, in an email on Monday, urged "the authorities to respond to protests in line with international human rights laws and standards." Laurence added that allowing broad debate across society could "help shape public policies, ensure they are better understood and are ultimately more effective." A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson told a regular briefing on Monday that China was not aware of any protests abroad calling for an end to the zero-COVID policy. Asked about the protests at home, the spokesperson said the question did not "reflect what actually happened" and said China believed the fight against COVID would be successful with the leadership of the party and the cooperation of the people.
  94. China Protests Break Out as Covid Cases Surge and Lockdowns Persist 2022-11-28
    The article discusses recent protests in China against the country's strict "zero-Covid" policy, which has led to widespread disruptions to daily life. The policy has been blamed for a deadly fire in the Xinjiang region, and protesters are calling for an end to the lockdowns. The economy has been hurt by the restrictions, and officials have tried to fine-tune the policy in response to the protests.
  95. The Buy And Hold Mindset 2022-11-28
    The author discusses the importance of having a long-term mindset when investing, as opposed to trying to time the market. They use the example of buying a building, which is a long-term investment, versus buying a stock, which is more volatile. They argue that many tech stocks are currently undervalued, and that if you invest in them for the long term, you can expect to earn a return of 5-10% per year.
  96. Curves 2022-11-28
    The article discusses the adoption curve of products, also known as the "S-curve." In the early stages of adoption, growth is slow. However, at some point there is an "elbow" where growth accelerates and builds on itself. Eventually, saturation is reached and growth slows down again. The article states that it is important to target overlapping S-curves in a balanced portfolio. Additionally, it is important to recognize that you have to operate differently depending on which phase of the curve you are in. In the "hunting" phase (before you have product market fit), you want to move quickly. In the "foraging" phase (once you have product market fit), you want to grow as fast as you can. And in the "farming" phase (once you saturate the market), you want to serve your community as efficiently as possible.
  97. No Cure For Loneliness 2022-11-27
    This article discusses the issue of loneliness in modern society, and how it is often a factor in patients who visit the emergency room frequently. The author argues that we are increasingly disconnected from one another, and that this has lead to an increase in mental health issues and "deaths of despair".
  98. Fired? Why cooperatives might be your next career choice in tech 2022-11-27
    This article discusses the pros and cons of cooperatives as a career choice for those who have been recently fired. The author argues that cooperatives have many benefits, including the ability to have greater control over one's work life and the opportunity to be an agent of change. However, the author also acknowledges that cooperatives can be inefficient and that they may not be the right choice for everyone.
  99. Customer Feedback: Why It’s Important + 7 Ways to Collect It 2022-11-27
    The article discusses the importance of customer feedback and outlines 7 ways to collect it. The 7 ways are customer feedback surveys, email and customer contact forms, usability tests, exploratory customer interviews, social media, on-site activity (via analytics), and instant feedback from your website.
  100. Mega-Companies Messed Up America’s Job Market. They’re Doing it Again. 2022-11-26
    The article discusses how large companies hiring like crazy after the pandemic struck has made America's job market tight. Now that many companies are slamming into reverse and firing workers, it seems like there is a wave of unemployment under way. The author argues that, rather than being a sign that things are falling apart, this could actually be a sign that the job market is coming into better balance.
  101. Now, Next, and At Exit: The Three Ways To Evaluate Compensation Before Accepting That New Startup Job 2022-11-26
    The article discusses the three main ways to evaluate compensation before accepting a job at a startup. These include looking at salary benchmarks, understanding the company's equity options, and negotiating for the best possible package. The author stresses the importance of doing your research and understanding your own goals before entering into any negotiation.
  102. get new essays in your inbox 2022-11-26
    This article is about how many startups are failing because they are not able to adapt to the current economic climate. The author argues that the main reason for this is that founders are not being honest about the state of their companies and are instead clinging to false hopes. They advise that the best course of action for companies in this situation is to do a "hard reset" which involves setting new goals and focusing the team.
  103. AI system makes models like DALL-E 2 more creative 2022-11-25
    The article discusses a new AI system called Composable Diffusion that is designed to create more complex images with better understanding. The system uses multiple models to encode different aspects of an image, allowing for more accurate and creative results. The system has been trained on a smaller dataset than other similar systems, but the researchers believe that it has the potential to learn and improve with further development.
  104. Creators, Communities, and Crypto Part II 2022-11-25
    In this article, the authors discuss the various ways that crypto might enable creators and communities, and how these developments might play out in the coming year. They discuss the potential for social tokens and for tokenizing physical goods, and speculate on how these might come to fruition. They also discuss the role of gaming in the metaverse, and how crypto might be used to create novel forms of media.
  105. Leigh Steinberg on Life, Loss, and Comebacks 2022-11-24
    In this as-told-to format, Leigh Steinberg discusses his career journey, from his early days representing Steve Bartkowski to his more recent work with clients like Patrick Mahomes. He talks about the ups and downs of his career, including declaring bankruptcy and battling alcoholism, and how he has rebounded in recent years. Steinberg shares his philosophy on what makes a successful negotiation and how to build a successful team. He also talks about the importance of staying positive and grateful, even in the face of personal tragedy.
  106. This FTX Unit May Help Customers Recover Some of Their Losses 2022-11-24
    The article discusses how the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has cost investors billions of dollars, and how LedgerX, a subsidiary of FTX, may be able to help them recover some of their losses. LedgerX is one of the few FTX subsidiaries that did not file for bankruptcy, and FTX's new CEO John J. Ray III has said that it is among the FTX subsidiaries with "solvent balance sheets, responsible management and valuable franchises."
  107. Will Angel Investors Put Their Money in a SAFE? 2022-11-24
    The article discusses the SAFE agreement, which is a way for startup entrepreneurs to value their company when recruiting angel investors. The agreement gives the investor a non-quantifiable equity interest in the company that will convert into preferred stock at a defined conversion rate when the next qualified investment round occurs. The article notes that the SAFE agreement is becoming more popular on the west coast, but less so on the east coast.
  108. Introducing Whoa. Hamilton Just Released The 'Murph' Watch In 38mm 2022-11-24
    The article discusses Hamilton's new 38mm Murph watch. The watch is based on the original Murph watch from the movie Interstellar. The new watch is smaller than the original 42mm version, and does not feature the Morse code markings on the seconds hand.
  109. Introducing Omega Unveils A Brand New Steel James Bond Seamaster (With Classic Blue Wave Dial!) 2022-11-24
    The article introduces a new steel James Bond Seamaster watch from Omega. The watch is inspired by the original Bond Seamaster from 1995, and features a blue dial and mesh bracelet. The watch is not limited edition, but is in limited production. The price is $7,400.
  110. Rethinking benchmarking framework of self-supervised learning approaches for anomaly localization 2022-11-24
    The article discusses a benchmarking framework for self-supervised learning approaches for anomaly localization. The framework is based on three metrics: accuracy, precision, and recall. The authors compare the performance of several self-supervised learning approaches on these three metrics. They find that the approaches vary in their performance, with some performing better on one metric than on another.
  111. In nanotube science, is boron nitride the new carbon? 2022-11-24
    In the article, the authors discuss a new technique for synthesizing hexagonal boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs). The technique involves using a carbon nanotube scaffold, which is then coated with boron and nitrogen precursors. The carbon nanotube scaffold is then burned away, leaving the BNNTs intact. The BNNTs are then used to create stronger, more heat-resistant composites. The authors believe that this technique could be used to create transparent windows and electrically insulate sensors within electronic devices.
  112. Resolving the Great Undo-Redo Quandary 2022-11-24
    The article discusses the Great Undo-Redo Quandary (GURQ) - a problem that occurs when you undo a change in an editor or word processor, make some additional changes, and then find that your redos have disappeared. The article argues that there is a better way to resolve the GURQ, which involves recording all changes in a linear history, so that any previous state can be recovered. The article also discusses some potential memory usage issues with this approach.
  113. The World Cup's New High-Tech Ball Will Change Soccer Forever 2022-11-24
    The article discusses the new high-tech ball that will be used in the 2022 World Cup. The ball contains a sensor that collects spatial positioning data in real time, which will be used to improve the accuracy of VAR (video assistant referees) and other programs. The article goes on to discuss the development and testing of the technology, as well as the potential applications of the data that will be collected.
  114. AI regulations are here. Are you ready? 2022-11-24
    The article discusses how new regulations in the US and EU are requiring companies to provide transparency around their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. In particular, the EU's proposed Digital Services Act (DSA) will require companies to explain how their predictions are made, and the US's proposed "AI Bill of Rights" will seek to prevent abuse by regulating transparency and privacy. Companies that use AI and ML need to prepare for these regulations by understanding what they entail and building explainable AI solutions.
  115. Biden Puts Your 401(k) to ESG Work 2022-11-24
    The Biden administration has finalized a rule that allows retirement plan sponsors to invest based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. The rule is a clarification of the 1974 Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which requires that retirement plan sponsors act in the best interests of participants and beneficiaries. The Trump administration had previously barred retirement managers from considering factors that weren't material to financial performance and risk.
  116. Westinghouse sees a tech disrupter in its eVinci microreactor 2022-11-24
    The article discusses the Westinghouse eVinci microreactor, a heat pipe reactor that the company says is more of a nuclear battery. The microreactor can generate 5 MW of electricity or 13 MW of heat from a 15 MW thermal core, and Westinghouse is targeting remote communities and mine sites as the entry market for eVinci. The company is also working with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to start a technical design assessment for eVinci.
  117. Socrates on the Forgetfulness that Comes with Writing 2022-11-24
    In the article, Socrates discusses the deficiencies of writing and argues that it can lead to forgetfulness. He compares writing to painting, saying that just as paintings cannot answer questions, written words cannot either. He then argues that there is another kind of discourse, one that is written down in the soul of the listener, which can defend itself and knows when to remain silent.
  118. News & Analysis 2022-11-24
    The article discusses the possibility of a recession in the near future and its impact on the private equity market. It cites a model which predicts that the odds of a recession have risen to 65% in recent months. The leveraged loan market, which has been a major source of funding for private equity firms, has nearly dried up as new debt issuance has fallen to its lowest level in years. This could make it difficult for private equity firms to raise new funds, especially those with less proven strategies.
  119. Netflix is hiring for a ‘brand-new AAA PC game’ 2022-11-23
    Netflix is hiring for a new AAA PC game, which is something very different from the company's current efforts in mobile gaming. The listings for the game director, art director, and technical director positions mention that it is an unannounced project and that Netflix is looking for a "creative leader of one of Netflix's first generation of internally developed original games." This suggests that the company is looking to expand its gaming offerings beyond mobile games, which is in line with recent comments from Netflix's VP of games, Mike Verdu. It remains to be seen what this new AAA PC game will be, but it could be a sign of things to come from Netflix in the gaming space.
  120. Méret Oppenheim at MoMA review — provocative but patchy show for Swiss surrealist 2022-11-23
    The article discusses a new exhibition of work by Swiss surrealist artist Méret Oppenheim at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The show is described as being "provocative but patchy", with some of the work on display being more successful than others. Overall, the exhibition is said to provide a good overview of Oppenheim's career and her influence on the surrealist movement.
  121. Streaming video no longer impresses investors, so media companies need a next act 2022-11-23
    The article discusses how streaming video companies need to find new ways to grow subscribers, as investors are no longer impressed by this growth strategy. One possibility is bundling content from multiple services together. Another is bundling streaming with other perks, such as discounts to theme parks or other products. Finally, media companies could try to shift investor narratives toward gaming.
  122. Having a safe CEX: proof of solvency and beyond - HackMD 2022-11-23
    This article discusses the importance of proof of solvency for cryptocurrency exchanges, and how to go beyond this to create a truly safe exchange. Proof of solvency is important because it ensures that an exchange has the funds to cover all customer balances. However, this is not enough to guarantee safety, as exchanges can still be hacked or otherwise lose customer funds. To create a safe exchange, exchanges need to go beyond proof of solvency and implement multiple layers of security. This includes things like storing customer funds in cold storage, implementing 2-factor authentication, and having a comprehensive security policy.
  123. Musk antagonist George Hotz hired to fix Twitter search — he’s got 12 weeks 2022-11-23
    George Hotz, a former iPhone hacker and self-driving car developer, has been hired by Elon Musk to work on fixing Twitter's search feature and removing the login prompt. This is a 12-week 'internship' that Hotz has accepted.
  124. Vivo’s X90 Pro Plus is the first phone with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset 2022-11-23
    The Vivo X90 Pro Plus is the first phone with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. It is also the first phone to market with the new chipset. The phone has a 6.78-inch, 120Hz OLED panel, and ships with Android 13. It has up to 12GB of RAM. The X90 Pro Plus also has a camera system with Zeiss branding, and a fixed-focus, 2x telephoto camera designed for portrait photography. The phone starts at ¥6499 (about $910).
  125. Embracer is ripping a beloved mobile game away from people who paid for it 2022-11-23
    The article discusses Embracer Group's decision to shut down four of its games, including Deus Ex Go, and to make them inaccessible to players who have already purchased them. The move has been criticized by gamers and games preservationists, and it is unclear why Embracer is doing this, as it owns the rights to the Deus Ex franchise.
  126. Kia’s rebrand has left many people wondering who ‘KN’ is 2022-11-23
    The article discusses the confusion that many people have had with Kia's new logo, which was introduced last year. The logo, which features an angular, scrunched-up font with a seemingly connected "I" and middle line-less "A", has led to many people wondering who "KN" is. According to data from ad agency owner Ashwinn Krishnaswamy, there are around 30,000 web searches for "KN car" each month. The Drive notes that the spike in searches started around the time that vehicles with the new logo would've been hitting the streets. Other popular searches include "kn car brand", "kn car logo", and "kn carnival car". The article argues that it is difficult to blame people for being confused by the new logo, as Kia is not a company most people would think of when trying to puzzle out what car they're looking at. However, the statistics on the number of people confused by the logo are humorous. The good news is that Google is able to point people in the right direction; the top result for "KN car" is Kia's website. The article also notes that the real victim in all of this is K&N car parts, a brand that may be familiar to some people.
  127. Wednesday’s top tech news: Hurray for foldable competition 2022-11-23
    Honor has announced its second foldable phone, the Magic VS, which will be released outside of China. This is good news for Europeans, who will have a competitor to Samsung's foldables. However, Kia's rebrand has left many people confused about who 'KN' is. Finally, Meta's Quest Pro VR headset is not impressing reviewers.
  128. Bitcoin Price and Ethereum On The Rise, El Salvador to Issue Bitcoin Volcano Bonds 2022-11-23
    Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are on the rise, with Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high and Ethereum prices following suit. El Salvador is set to issue Bitcoin-backed bonds, and Edward Snowden has made a new Bitcoin price prediction.
  129. Unix time is bad and needs replacement, not UTC 2022-11-23
    The article discusses the pros and cons of the current system of Unix time, which is based on coordinated universal time (UTC). It argues that the system is problematic because leap seconds are irregular and unpredictable, and they can cause havoc on computer systems. The article proposes a new system of Unix time that would be based on international atomic time (TAI) instead of UTC. This would make timestamping more accurate and less error-prone.
  130. FTX Collapse Tarnishes Sequoia’s Reputation, Prompts Apology 2022-11-23
    The article discusses the recent collapse of FTX and the impact it has had on Sequoia Capital. Sequoia had invested $214 million into FTX, but the company has now filed for bankruptcy. This has tarnished Sequoia's reputation and prompted an apology from the firm.
  131. Bob Dylan Gets Tangled Up in Book Autograph Controversy 2022-11-23
    The article discusses the controversy surrounding Bob Dylan's new book of essays, "The Philosophy of Modern Song." The book was advertised as being signed by Dylan himself, but upon receiving their copies, many fans noticed that the signature appeared to be fake. After conducting some investigation, it was determined that the signature was likely created by a machine, not Dylan himself. Simon & Schuster, the book's publisher, has since issued refunds to all customers who purchased the book.
  132. FTX Assets Still Missing as Firm Begins Bankruptcy Process 2022-11-23
    The article discusses the recent bankruptcy filing by cryptocurrency exchange FTX, and the subsequent investigation into the company's finances. Lawyers for FTX have disclosed that a substantial amount of the company's assets are missing, and that the company is facing cyberattacks. The company's new chief executive has described the situation as the "worst [he's] ever seen."
  133. The Walking Dead Finale Originally Had a Different Ending 2022-11-23
    The Walking Dead finale originally had a different ending, which was cut in favor of the ending that aired this past weekend. The alternate ending would have jumped forward several years and picked up with Judith and Rick Jr. as adults, in the same place outside Atlanta where we first saw papa Rick in the pilot. After Daryl rode off, we would have cut forward to the Freedom Parkway, outside Atlanta - where the iconic shot of Rick rode down from the pilot. The scene would have shown an ethanol-modified van, with a young woman and man in the front seats (in their twenties), and other adult versions of the kids in the back. They would have been out there, looking to escort any survivors back to their communities, continuing the legacy of their parents. As RJ speaks over the radio, he finishes with: “If you can hear me, answer back. This is Rick Grimes.” (Which, of course, is his name — and the line Rick said in the pilot.) Then the episode would have ended with the voice of a survivor answering back: “...Hello?”
  134. Watch Power Rangers ' Touching Tribute to Jason David Frank 2022-11-23
    The article discusses the recent passing of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star Jason David Frank, and the touching tribute video that Hasbro has released in his honor. Frank was 49 years old at the time of his death, and was best known for his role as Tommy, the Green Ranger and later the White Ranger, on the popular '90s television series. The tribute video features Frank's appearances across the Power Rangers franchise, including his recent appearances in anniversary episodes of the show. Frank's death has come as a shock to Power Rangers fans around the world, and the tribute video is a fitting farewell to a man who was so instrumental in the success of the franchise.
  135. So You Want to Start Reading (or Writing) Fanfic 2022-11-23
    The article provides an introduction to fanfiction, discussing its history and some of the unspoken rules of fandom. It also provides a brief overview of where to find fanfiction online and how to write it.
  136. Daily Crunch: No-code fintech services startup Taktile closes $20M Series A round 2022-11-23
    The article discusses Taktile, a no-code fintech services startup that has closed a $20 million Series A round. It also discusses how the company is helping fintech companies test and deploy tweaks without a developer. Additionally, the article discusses how Amazon is pouring more money into India with a new cloud region in Hyderabad. Finally, the article discusses how startups are using cold outreach to pitch to investors without a personal recommendation.
  137. A Year After the Omicron Surge, Officials See a Reduced Covid Threat This Winter 2022-11-23
    Federal health officials in the US are expressing optimism that the country is better prepared to deal with a surge of Covid-19 infections this winter compared to last year. One major reason for this optimism is the availability of updated booster shots from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech, which are more effective at increasing antibody levels against the most common version of the virus now circulating. However, many Americans are still reluctant to get the updated shots, and it remains unclear how well the new shots will work in the long term.
  138. Sam Bankman-Fried ran FTX as personal fiefdom, court hears 2022-11-23
    The article discusses accusations that Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, ran the company as a "personal fiefdom." According to court documents, employees have made claims of sexual harassment and discrimination, and say that Bankman-Fried engaged in "abusive and tyrannical behavior." The article also discusses FTX's plans to go public through a reverse merger with a blank-check company.
  139. Here’s how a Twitter engineer says it will break in the coming weeks 2022-11-23
    Twitter is in danger of collapsing due to the recent firing of half of its staff. This has left the remaining staff overwhelmed and unable to keep the platform running smoothly. Small bugs and glitches are already starting to appear, and insiders predict that this is just the beginning. If the situation is not remedied, Twitter could become unusable within 6 months.
  140. Facebook 2022-11-23
    The article discusses Facebook's policy of not allowing non-users to access the site. It also explains how this policy affects people who want to use the site for business purposes.
  141. Facebook 2022-11-23
    The article explains that Facebook is unable to process certain requests. This is likely due to the fact that the company is overwhelmed with requests and cannot keep up. The article also provides some tips on how to avoid this issue in the future.
  142. XL8 Raises USD 3m Bridge to Accelerate Machine Translation in Media Localization 2022-11-23
    XL8 is a machine translation startup that has raised USD 3m in a pre-series A round led by Korean venture capital firm Atinum Investment. The funds will be used to develop XL8's machine translation engine and products for media localization and live translation services. Atinum Investment focuses on growth-stage startups, and its portfolio includes language data company Flitto. Atinum will help XL8 achieve market penetration in Asia through the VC's presence in the region, which includes a new office in Singapore. The machine translation engine trained by XL8 is optimized for media content and is claimed to outperform other MT engines in the media domain. The company measures translation accuracy by how many machine-translated sentences can be used without modification. XL8 is expanding its language offerings according to client demand, with a focus on Southeast Asian languages. The company is also looking to expand into Turkish and Eastern European languages in the next few years.
  143. AI Shows the Way: Seoul Robotics Helps Cars Move, Park on Their Own 2022-11-23
    This article discusses how Seoul Robotics is using NVIDIA technology to turn non-autonomous cars into self-driving vehicles. The company's Level 5 Control Tower is a mesh network of sensors and computers placed on infrastructure around a facility, like buildings or light poles, to capture an unobstructed view of the environment. The system enables cars to move autonomously by directing their vehicle-to-everything, or so-called V2X, communication systems. These systems pass information from a vehicle to infrastructure, other vehicles, any surrounding entities - and vice versa. V2X technology, which comes standard in many modern cars, is used to improve road safety, traffic efficiency and energy savings. Seoul Robotics' platform, dubbed LV5 CTRL TWR, collects 3D data from the environment using cameras and lidar. Computer vision and deep learning-based AI analyze the data, determining the most efficient and safest paths for vehicles within the covered area. Then, through V2X, the platform can manage a car's existing features, such as adaptive-cruise-control, lane-keeping and brake-assist functions, to safely get it from place to place. LV5 CTRL TWR is built using NVIDIA CUDA libraries for creating GPU-accelerated applications, as well as the Jetson AGX Orin module for high-performance AI at the edge. NVIDIA GPUs are used in the cloud for global fleet path planning. Seoul Robotics is a member of NVIDIA Metropolis - a partner program centered on an application framework and set of developer tools that supercharge vision AI applications - and NVIDIA Inception, a free, global program that nurtures cutting-edge startups.
  144. Are crypto bros really selling their Lamborghinis? 2022-11-22
    There is some evidence that the exotic car market is seeing a slight uptick in appraisals and used models for sale, but it is too early to say conclusively that this is due to the collapse of the cryptocurrency market. However, data from appraisal tools suggests that there may be a connection.
  145. Ronaldo and Manchester United Part Ways ‘By Mutual Agreement’ 2022-11-22
    Cristiano Ronaldo will be leaving Manchester United immediately "by mutual agreement", according to a statement from the club. This comes after a turbulent second spell with the team during which Ronaldo was often relegated to spectator status. The superstar forward has been with Portugal for the World Cup and gave an interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV in which he criticized Manchester United's management. He stated that he lacked respect for the manager, Erik ten Hag, and felt that he was being forced out of the club. Ronaldo said he did not regret his comments when asked about them at a Qatar news conference for the World Cup. Portugal opens Group H play at the World Cup against Ghana on Thursday.
  146. Chris Hemsworth Reveals Grim Genetic Test Results, Will Take Break From Acting 2022-11-22
    Chris Hemsworth is taking a break from acting after learning that he has a gene that significantly increases his risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. The news was a shock to the 39-year-old actor, who has a family member with the disease. There is no known cure for Alzheimer's, which slowly deteriorates cognitive functions and eventually leads to complete dependence on others. Hemsworth is hopeful that his decision to share his story will motivate others to take better care of themselves.
  147. Are crypto bros really selling their Lamborghinis? 2022-11-22
    The article discusses the possibility that crypto traders may be selling their Lamborghinis and other expensive cars due to the recent market crash. However, the data is inconclusive and more analysis is needed.
  148. Pinduoduo’s sister shopping app Temu tops US App Store 2022-11-22
    Pinduoduo's sister shopping app, Temu, has seen rapid growth in the past few months, becoming the No. 1 shopping app in the US App Store and the top free Android app in the US. This is thanks in part to the generous subsidies the app offers to users. However, it remains to be seen if Temu can continue to grow when the discounts start to scale back.
  149. NFT marketplace Magic Eden integrates with Polygon to grow blockchain gaming 2022-11-22
    The article discusses how the NFT marketplace Magic Eden is integrating with the Ethereum scaling layer-2 blockchain Polygon in order to dive deeper into the blockchain gaming and NFT ecosystems. The expansion aims to provide Magic Eden the ability to support Polygon’s ecosystem of game developers and creators. Polygon network supports over 37,000 decentralized applications (dApps) and has had about 1.8 billion total transactions processed, according to its website. The expansion with Polygon could provide Magic Eden with the ability to tap into its ecosystem and vice versa. After launching in September 2021, Magic Eden grew in popularity fairly quickly. On average, it has about 10 million unique user sessions per month and sees over 20,000 NFTs traded daily – even amid a market downturn, the company stated. In June, Magic Eden raised $130 million , bringing its valuation to $1.6 billion. To date, Magic Eden’s platform has over $2.5 billion in total NFT trade volume. In general, the NFT market hasn’t been growing lately, as total NFT sales have declined every month consecutively since April, according to CryptoSlam data . However, in the past 30 days, Ethereum NFT sales volume increased about 26%, while Solana NFT sales volume fell almost 20%, the data showed. During that time period, Polygon outperformed both Ethereum and Solana blockchains with a 71% increase in NFT sales volume. The integration will focus on providing tools to creators including a launchpad and marketplace that is linked to Polygon’s native token, MATIC, according to a statement. Gaming developers like BORA backed by Kakao Games, IntellaX, nWay, Block Games, Boomland, Planet Mojo, and Taunt Battleworld have already committed to Magic Eden’s Launchpad with Polygon. Long term, the partnership between Magic Eden and Polygon aims to bring more gaming developers and NFT games to market, Yin said. So far, Magic Eden has brought over 100 games to market across the layer-1 blockchains Solana and Ethereum, he added.
  150. India’s central bank gives lenders November-end ultimatum to comply with new digital loan rules 2022-11-22
    In its efforts to protect consumers from abuse by digital loan apps, the Reserve Bank of India has issued new guidelines that all lenders must comply with by the end of November. The guidelines spell out who can lend to borrowers, what data lenders can access, and require expanded disclosure requirements to provide more customer transparency and control. The RBI has given time until November 30 to all regulated entities to ensure that the existing digital loans are also in compliance with the new rules.
  151. Elon Musk puts Twitter’s Blue Verified relaunch on hold 2022-11-22
    Twitter's blue verified accounts were supposed to relaunch on November 29, but Elon Musk has announced that the product will be put on hold until Twitter can figure out how to stop impersonation. The initial rollout of the feature was met with chaos, as bad actors quickly started using it to pretend to be celebrities, corporations, and government officials. Musk has hinted that Twitter is working on end-to-end encrypted DMs, saying that the goal is to "superset Signal." Meanwhile, Twitter users are flocking to alternative platforms like Mastodon and Hive.
  152. World Cup: This year’s special Al Rihla ball has the aerodynamics of a champion, according to a sports physicist 2022-11-22
    This article discusses the aerodynamics of the new ball for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The author, a physics professor, explains how the ball's drag coefficient affects its flight and how this year's ball is designed to improve upon previous World Cups' balls.
  153. Eastern Europe Was the Crucible of Modern Football. Now It’s a Wasteland. 2022-11-22
    Eastern Europe has long been a crucible of modern football, with many of the game's most influential coaches and thinkers coming from the region. However, in recent years it has fallen behind the West, with clubs and national teams struggling to compete at the highest levels. This is due in part to the region's economic difficulties, which have led to a brain drain of talent, as well as the political isolation of Russia. Despite this, there are still some bright spots, with talented young players and teams emerging from countries like Georgia and Ukraine.
  154. Neuralink Co-Founder Unveils Rival Company That Won't Require Patients to Drill Holes in Their Skull 2022-11-22
    Former Neuralink president Max Hodak has started a new brain computer interface company called Science Corp. Science's BCI approach does not require users to drill holes into their heads, unlike Neuralink. Science's goal is to begin using its technology to treat people with disabilities in need before eventually progressing the tech to a point where it could be used as an ability enhancer.
  155. Crypto firm Genesis says it has ‘no plans to file bankruptcy imminently’ 2022-11-22
    Genesis, a digital assets financial services firm, is in hot water and may potentially face bankruptcy if it cannot raise fresh capital for its lending unit, according to a report by Bloomberg. The firm is currently in talks with creditors and is hoping to resolve the situation without having to file for bankruptcy. This news comes at a time when the crypto industry is facing extreme stress and volatility from the downfall of FTX, one of the largest crypto exchanges by volume, which filed for bankruptcy 10 days ago.
  156. Faraday Future warns it may not be able to deliver its luxury EV 2022-11-22
    Electric vehicle startup-gone-SPAC Faraday Future has raised a going concern warning, per regulatory filings. The company said it has substantial doubt as to whether it would be able to continue operating over the next year, adding that it is uncertain when it will dispatch first deliveries of its FF 91 luxury EVs. As of November 17, Faraday has 369 preorders, down from 399 refundable, non-binding, paid deposits it had as of June 30, according to the company. Top of the list of concerns is whether Faraday will be able to secure the funds it needs to make it through the year, much less make it to first deliveries. Last week, Faraday got a potential $350 million lifeline to help it launch its vehicle when it signed a financing deal with Yorkville Advisors Global. The equity line of credit includes an initial commitment of $200 million from the investment firm. However, it seems the access to eventual liquidity is not enough to keep Faraday out of hot water in the near term. Per Monday’s filing, Faraday “projects that it may require additional funds during the remainder of 2022 and will require additional funds beyond 2022 in order to continue operations and support the ramp-up of production of the FF 91 to generate revenues to put the Company on a path to cash flow break-even.” Since Faraday was founded, the company has incurred total losses from operations, negative cash flows from operating activities and has an accumulated deficit of $3.3 billion. The startup closed out the third quarter with $31.76 million in cash, down from $121 million at the end of last year. Net losses for the quarter total $103.4 million, which is about a third of the losses reported in Q3 2021. Faraday’s stock is down 6.79% today and over 94% this year. The company has been battling controversies since going public through a merger with Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. in July 2021. Months after its debut, a short seller report by J Capital alleged that Faraday had made a number of inaccurate statements. An internal probe followed, prompting the company to restructure its board, cut the pay of two top executives and suspend at least one other.
  157. Sam Bankman-Fried Deepfake Video Attempts to Scam the Scammed 2022-11-22
    A deepfake video of Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced former CEO of FTX, has surfaced on Twitter. The video shows Bankman-Fried offering a crypto giveaway in an attempt to scam FTX investors who lost money in the platform's implosion. The video highlights the dangers of cryptocurrency and the increasing realism of deepfake technology.
  158. Budweiser World Cup campaign curbed, not crashed, by Qatar beer ban 2022-11-22
    The Qatar government has reversed its decision to allow alcohol sales at World Cup stadiums, just two days before the event is set to begin. This leaves Budweiser, the official beer sponsor of the World Cup, in a difficult position, as it had been counting on selling beer at the stadiums. However, industry analysts believe that this will not derail Budweiser's global campaign for the World Cup, as the majority of sales for the company are not expected to come from stadium sales anyway. There is a possibility that Budweiser will seek to dispute the decision with FIFA, the governing body of soccer, but it is not clear if their contract allows for such a dispute.
  159. Budweiser to Throw Massive World Cup Celebration With Stockpile of Beer 2022-11-22
    Budweiser is set to throw a celebration for whichever country wins the FIFA World Cup with the company's massive stockpile of beer. Qatar restricted it from selling inside stadiums at the soccer championship, but Qatar reversed its policy surrounding the sale of alcohol at the games last week. Budweiser is left with a large stockpile of beer unable to be sold during the tournament. The beer company first announced the celebration in a tweet on Saturday, attaching a photograph showing a large amount of beer being kept in a warehouse. The Budweiser spokesperson said more information about this initiative would be announced closer to the tournament finals.
  160. Avatar: The Way of Water 's Latest Trailer Is Pure James Cameron 2022-11-22
    The article discusses the new trailer for James Cameron's upcoming film Avatar: The Way of Water and how it is generating excitement for the sequel. The trailer is available on Disney+ and tickets are now on sale for the film. The article also discusses some of the other ways that people can get involved with the Avatar world, including a new Snapchat filter and Amazon Alexa integration.
  161. 2274 articles Articles 2022-11-22
    This article covers a toolset on JavaScript that can be used to create a great experience for keyboard users. The article includes code examples and explanations of how the code works.
  162. 2274 articles Articles 2022-11-22
    This article covers a toolset on JavaScript that you can mix into different components to create a great experience for keyboard users. This can be especially helpful for those who may have difficulty using a mouse or other pointing device.
  163. Why Twitter Didn’t Go Down: From a Real Twitter SRE 2022-11-22
    This article explains how Twitter's caching system works and why it has been able to stay up and running despite the mass exodus of engineers from the company. The author describes how the system is automated and how it is designed to handle failures.
  164. Are tech stocks now good value? 2022-11-22
    This article discusses whether tech stocks are now good value after their recent sell-offs. It looks at the perspective of value investors, who seek out stocks that are undervalued by other investors despite having solid fundamentals. Tech stocks have generally been overvalued in recent years, but the recent sell-off has made them more attractive to value investors. However, some tech stocks are still relatively expensive, while others may be more appealing.
  165. Tech Layoffs Send H-1B Visa Holders Scrambling for New Jobs 2022-11-21
    The article discusses the difficulties that H-1B visa holders face when they lose their jobs due to layoffs in the tech industry. Because there is no live data on the schedule of H-1B visa holders, it is difficult for them to find new jobs. As a result, many H-1B visa holders are forced to leave the country.
  166. AlphaFold’s new rival? Meta AI predicts shape of 600 million proteins 2022-11-21
    The article discusses the recent development of a new AI-based tool for predicting the structures of proteins, which could potentially lead to new insights into biology. The tool, called ESMFold, is reportedly 60 times faster than existing tools at predicting structures for short sequences. The researchers who developed the tool say it could be used to help characterize proteins from unknown organisms, which make up a large portion of the proteins in the world.
  167. Iranian Women’s Demands for Freedom Must Be Heard 2022-11-21
    This article discusses the current protests against compulsory hijab laws and other forms of government repression in Iran. It highlights the role of women in the protests, including schoolgirls and students, and the brutal crackdown by authorities that has resulted in mass arrests and reportedly hundreds of deaths. The article also discusses the discrimination Iranian women face in terms of employment and access to sexual and reproductive rights.
  168. Art Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Machine-Generated 2022-11-21
    The article discusses the implications of generative AI, or AI that can create new content, on the creative industry. It argues that while AI models can replace artists for many tasks, they will not replace programmers. This is because programming requires a high degree of correctness, while creative work products do not. Generative AI is seeing a lot of investment and growth at the moment, and its impact on creative work output is extreme. It is able to generate complete or nearly complete work output much faster and cheaper than a human artist could.
  169. Regions 2022-11-21
    The article discusses the launch of Primasun, a joint venture between Alphabet's Verily and ResMed. The platform is designed to help employers and healthcare providers identify populations at risk for complex sleep disorders. Initially, Primasun will evaluate patients with insomnia and provide guidance to improve sleep hygiene. The companies hope that the platform will generate greater awareness about the importance of sleep and help pave more equitable pathways for people to optimize their sleep and overall health.
  170. Intel Says Its Deepfake Detector Has 96% Accuracy 2022-11-21
    Intel has developed a new deepfake detection technology called FakeCatcher, which has a 96% success rate at detecting fake likenesses. FakeCatcher works by scanning the pixels in a video to collect data on subtle blood flow mechanics on a person's face. This data is then used by a deep learning AI to determine if the subject's likeness is authentic or not.
  171. You can fire 80% of software engineers, and the company will survive. 2022-11-21
    The article discusses the Pareto principle, which states that 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes, and argues that this principle applies to software engineers, in that 80% of results are delivered by 20% of engineers. The article goes on to say that while this may be true, it is not as simple as firing 80% of engineers, as this would also mean losing the company's core team. The article ends with a discussion of Twitter, which has recently undergone mass layoffs, and argues that while this may have cut into the company's core team, it is still possible for the company to survive and even thrive.
  172. Disney Brings Back Robert Iger After Ousting Chapek as C.E.O. 2022-11-21
    Disney has ousted Bob Chapek as chief executive and announced that Robert A. Iger will return to run the company. This comes after Disney reported $1.5 billion in losses at its fledgling streaming division.
  173. Gopuff launches scheduled deliveries, gifting and in-store pickup 2022-11-21
    The article discusses the recent launch of new features by Gopuff, a rapid grocery delivery startup. The new features include the ability to schedule orders ahead of time, pick up orders from nearby stockrooms, and gift orders to others. Gopuff is facing competition from other similar startups and has had to make some cuts to its workforce recently, but the new features are aimed at making the platform more user-friendly and keeping it afloat.
  174. How Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Empire Collapsed 2022-11-21
    The article discusses the fall of crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who lost nearly his entire fortune over the past week. The collapse of his company, FTX, has left the crypto industry stunned and Bankman-Fried has become the target of investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department. In the interview on Sunday, he voiced numerous regrets over the collapse of FTX but would offer only limited details about the central questions swirling around him: whether FTX improperly used billions of dollars of customer funds to prop up a trading firm that he also founded, Alameda Research. The Justice Department and the S.E.C. are examining that relationship. Mr. Bankman-Fried's fall has stunned the crypto world. But in recent months, warning signs had emerged that his business empire was in peril and that his ambitions exceeded his grasp, according to interviews with nine of his colleagues and business partners, as well as internal messages obtained by The New York Times. As he embarked on a buying spree this year, investing in beleaguered crypto companies, he wasn’t sharing information with key staff. When he was told that he was overextended and was encouraged to hire more employees, he resisted the suggestions. And in Washington, he was pushing an ambitious regulatory agenda while speaking critically about Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive of the rival exchange Binance, who eventually mobilized his extensive Twitter following to set off the run on FTX. Despite the billions that venture capital firms put into the company, FTX had none of those outside investors on its board. In the Bahamas, Mr. Bankman-Fried led a sometimes cloistered existence, surrounded by a small coterie of colleagues, some of whom were in romantic relationships with other FTX employees, according to four people familiar with the matter. He and his top lieutenants lived together in a penthouse in Albany, a 600-acre oceanside resort on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. The sudden collapse of the crypto exchange has left the industry stunned. A Spectacular Rise and Fall: Who is Sam Bankman-Fried and how did he become the face of crypto? The Daily charted the spectacular rise and fall of the man behind FTX. A Symbiotic Relationship: Mr. Bankman-Fried’s built FTX partly to help the trading business of Alameda Research, his first company. The ties between the two entities
  175. SigmaOS raises $4 million to build a browser for productivity nerds 2022-11-21
    SigmaOS is a Mac browser for productivity nerds that has raised $4 million in seed funding. The browser is built on WebKit and uses SwiftUI for its interface. The browser's free version gives you three workspaces, split-screen functionality and a built-in ad blocker. Users can pay $10 a month (or $96 a year) to get unlimited workspaces and cross-device syncing.
  176. How Facebook Changed the Basic Tech That Runs the Internet 2022-11-20
    The article discusses how Facebook has changed the way internet companies consume hardware, and how this has benefits for everyone who uses the internet. Facebook started sharing its hardware designs with the world in 2011, and since then many other companies have joined in. This has led to more efficient server farms and better hardware designs overall. The article also discusses how Apple has joined the effort and how this could help everyone who uses the internet.
  177. Intel targets HPC, AI with first high-bandwidth memory CPU | Fierce Electronics 2022-11-20
    Intel first high-bandwidth memory CPU is targeting HPC and AI. The new CPU is designed for high performance computing and artificial intelligence.
  178. Podcast: Joao Borges, Global Head of Hardware Engineering, Whirlpool | Fierce Electronics 2022-11-20
    This article provides an overview of a podcast interview with Joao Borges, global head of hardware engineering at Whirlpool. In the interview, Borges discusses the company's work in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, including its development of connected appliances. He also talks about the challenges of designing and manufacturing hardware for the IoT, and the importance of security in this area.
  179. The forecast for the national housing market over the next five years 2022-11-20
    The article discusses predictions for the national housing market over the next five years. Experts predict that home prices will continue to rise, although the rate of increase may slow down. They also predict that the housing market will shift from a seller's market to a buyer's market within the next five years.
  180. Trump To Be Reinstated On Twitter 2022-11-20
    Elon Musk has created a poll to ask the public if Donald Trump should be reinstated on Twitter. The poll has received over 11 million votes in less than 24 hours, with 52.3% voting in favor of reinstatement. Musk says that the poll is set to run for 24 hours. Trump has responded to the poll, saying that he has no intention of returning to Twitter and that he is doing well with his own social media platform, Truth Social.
  181. Amazon layoffs begin, Ticketmaster can’t handle Taylor Swift, and much of Twitter HQ quits 2022-11-20
    1. Twitter employees are resigning en masse after being presented with an ultimatum by CEO Elon Musk. 2. FTX cryptocurrency exchange founder Sam Bankman-Fried gives a candid interview via DM to a Vox reporter. 3. Evernote is acquired by Italian app developer Bending Spoons. 4. Amazon begins its layoffs, which are expected to continue into next year. 5. Ticketmaster's website crashes due to overwhelming demand for Taylor Swift tickets.
  182. Deploying a Flask API to Google Cloud Run using Terraform - Part 1 2022-11-20
    In this tutorial, the author walks us through the process of deploying a Flask API to Google Cloud Run using Terraform. We first create a Flask app and Dockerize it. Then, we set up a service account and create our cloud infrastructure using Terraform. Finally, we push our Docker image to Google's Artifact Registry and finish setting up our API.
  183. In a First, Rich Countries Agree to Pay for Climate Damages in Poor Nations 2022-11-20
    The article discusses the breakthrough agreement reached at the COP27 climate summit regarding payments for climate damage. Developing nations have long pressed for such payments, but wealthy countries have resisted for fear of liability. The new agreement establishes a fund that will help countries cope with climate disasters, though many details are still to be determined. There is no guarantee that wealthy countries will contribute to the fund, and it remains to be seen how effective it will be.
  184. 5 Steps To Production Level GPT-3 Language Translation Software 2022-11-20
    This article covers the steps required to build a production-level GPT-3 language translation software application. The first step is to understand the data and the task at hand, in order to determine the requirements for the project. Next, the article explains how to select the right GPT-3 engine for the job. The third step is to build a prompt framework that will be used to instruct the GPT-3 model. The fourth step is to fine-tune and optimize the prompt, in order to cover as much data variance as possible. Finally, the article explains the importance of confidence metrics and testing suites, in order to ensure that the language translation application is accurate and reliable.
  185. John Carmack’s AGI startup raises $20M from Sequoia, Nat Friedman, Patrick Collison and others 2022-11-20
    John Carmack, the co-founder of id Software and the former CTO of Oculus, has raised $20 million for his new artificial general intelligence (AGI) startup, Keen Technologies. The funding round was led by Nat Friedman, the former CEO of GitHub, and Daniel Gross, the founder of Cue. Other investors include Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke, and Sequoia, the storied venture capital firm. Carmack believes that AGI will someday be achieved, and that it will allow computers to behave like human beings or living creatures. His interest in AGI was in part spurred by Sam Altman, who he says tried to recruit him to join OpenAI. Carmack will still continue to consult with Meta on VR matters, but his work with the social juggernaut will consume only 20% of his time.
  186. Steve Aoki dropped the beat at Amazon during layoffs 2022-11-19
    The article discusses how Steve Aoki performed a concert for Amazon employees shortly after the company announced that it would be laying off employees. The concert was streamed on the AmazonVestLife Twitch channel. Some employees in the company’s HR division have received a buyout offer. The New York Times reported Monday that Amazon plans to lay off approximately 10,000 corporate and technology employees in total.
  187. Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 electric streamliner makes its US debut, revealing 340-mile range 2022-11-19
    The Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric sedan was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, revealing some new details on the US version. The Ioniq 6 has a driving range of 340 miles on a single charge, making it one of the longest-range EVs on the market. The car also has excellent aerodynamics and comes with a fast-charging system that can charge the battery from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. Pricing details have not been announced yet, but the Ioniq 6 is set to go on sale in the US in spring 2023.
  188. Waymo can now provide fully driverless rides in San Francisco 2022-11-19
    The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has granted the Alphabet-owned Waymo a permit to participate in its driverless pilot program, which lets autonomous vehicle (AV) companies transport passengers in test AVs without anyone at the wheel. Waymo still isn’t allowed to charge for these rides, though. The state of California requires companies to obtain a series of incremental permits from both the CPUC and the Department of Motor Vehicles before they’re able to charge for driverless rides. Waymo just needs to secure the driverless deployment permit from the CPUC to fully launch its robotaxi service, as it already received clearance from the DMV to charge for driverless rides earlier this week.
  189. Ok, I take back what I said about tech layoffs 2022-11-19
    The article discusses the recent wave of tech layoffs, which has been worse than the summer layoffs. The author also talks about the possible reasons for the increased layoffs, and how they may impact the tech industry in the future.
  190. Investigating why Steam started picking a random font 2022-11-19
    The article discusses a bug that was caused by the game "The Stanley Parable". In the game, there is an achievement for not playing the game for 5 years. To get the achievement, the author disabled NTP and changed their system clock to 2030. However, they soon wanted to get the same achievement in the Ultra Deluxe edition, which required not playing the game for 10 years. So, they changed their system clock to 2040. This caused a problem because Steam accessed many files during that short lapse of time, which caused them to have their access time updated to 2040. And you know what's special about 2040? It's after 2038. Get it yet? Here is a hint: Year 2038 problem. This is the kind of error I was seeing in the console: "/usr/share/fonts": Value too large for defined data type. What kind of error could that be? Nice, so we're triggering an overflow somewhere. More precisely, fontconfig 32-bit (an underlying code to be exact) was going mad crazy because of this: In order to fix this mess I had to be a bit brutal: The remounts were needed because relatime is the default, which means file accesses get updated only if the current time is past the access time. And I had to remount both my root and home partition because Steam touched files everywhere. Not gonna lie, this self-inflicted bug brought quite a few life lessons to me: The Stanley Parable meta-game has no limit to madness. 2038 is going to be a lot of fun. 32-bit games preservation is a sad state of affair.
  191. Ban on Beer Is Latest Flash Point in World Cup Culture Clash 2022-11-19
    The 2022 World Cup is set to be held in Qatar, and there has been controversy surrounding the sale of alcohol at the event. Initially, it was announced that beer would be available for fans, but a recent change in plans means that only non-alcoholic drinks will be sold at stadiums. This has caused frustration among fans, as well as sponsors like Budweiser.
  192. COP27 Strikes Deal on Loss-and-Damage Fund for Vulnerable Countries, Officials Say 2022-11-19
    The COP27 climate talks resulted in a deal to set up a fund that would pay for damage caused by climate change in vulnerable countries. The fund would be used for "loss and damage" when events like rising sea levels, powerful storms, and other effects of climate change cause destruction. This is a victory for poorer nations that have been pushing for the fund for years.
  193. Pipeline Cures All 2022-11-19
    The article discusses how to shift from an inbound-only to a dual inbound and outbound sales motion. It explains how to build a pipeline-first culture, create a playbook, and operationalize and refine the pipeline generation process.
  194. Musk has already axed the Twitter ad exec he reportedly convinced to stay 2022-11-19
    Robin Wheeler, Twitter's head of ad sales, has been fired from the company, just over a week after Elon Musk reportedly convinced her not to resign. It's the latest twist in the story of ad sales executives at Twitter, which has seen a lot of turnover in recent months.
  195. There Are No Lone Wolves 2022-11-19
    The article discusses the dangers of lone wolf attacks by white supremacists and the need for a more global response to the problem. It notes that while lone wolf attackers are a tiny fraction of those who subscribe to racist ideologies, the mainstreaming of their ideas can make the turn to violence easier for some. The article argues that the best way to counter a global ideology of violent extremism is to create problems for extremists, and that domestic law enforcement agencies in the United States already have effective tools to target organized extremist groups. It also discusses de-radicalization programs, which aim to encourage extremists to either change their minds or at the very least reject violence, and notes that these programs have had some success in countries like Germany and Britain.
  196. On Eve of World Cup, FIFA Chief Says, ‘Don’t Criticize Qatar; Criticize Me.’ 2022-11-19
    FIFA president Gianni Infantino has come out in strong defense of the 2022 World Cup being held in Qatar, despite mounting criticism from various quarters. He has branded such criticism as "hypocrisy" and "moral lesson-giving", and has insisted that FIFA is in full control of the event. He has also sought to reassure LGBTQ+ fans that they will be welcome and safe in Qatar.
  197. Trump, Macho Macho Victim 2022-11-19
    Donald Trump has been accused of being a fire chief who is guilty of arson. This is because Trump has been known to undermine confidence in elections and make false claims about rigged voting. In his announcement speech for his presidency, Trump said he would "bring back honesty, confidence, and trust in our elections." However, many people do not believe him because he has been known to lie and be a con man. Trump is also the first president to be investigated by a special counsel to determine if he was involved in a coup attempt.
  198. President Biden Is Turning 80. Experts Say Age Is More Than a Number. 2022-11-19
    This article discusses President Joe Biden's aging process and how experts believe he is aging well. The article cites several reasons for this, including his activity level, his social interaction, and his lack of health problems.
  199. It Was a Bad Week for Billionaires With Delusions of Saving the World 2022-11-19
    The article discusses how four American billionaires have recently damaged their reputations by acting in ways that contradict their public images. Elon Musk has been criticized for his management of Twitter, while Jeff Bezos has been accused of being more interested in preserving his own power than in helping others. Sam Bankman-Fried has been accused of misleading people about the ethical nature of his cryptocurrency business, while Donald Trump is facing backlash after a series of failed endorsements in the midterm elections. The author argues that these billionaires are not actually interested in helping the world, but are only concerned with maintaining their own power.
  200. The first train in nine months leaves Kyiv for Kherson. 2022-11-19
    The first train in nine months has left Kyiv for Kherson, Russia-Ukraine War. The train is carrying 200 passengers and is to be the start of regular service between the cities, a senior official said. The journey is a step in reconnecting the vital southern city a week after Ukrainian troops wrested control back from Russian occupation.
  201. TechCrunch staff on what we lose if we lose Twitter 2022-11-19
    The article discusses what TechCrunch staff would miss if Twitter were to shut down. They note the importance of the platform for connecting people, sharing information, and spreading memes, particularly within the black community. They also express hope that something would eventually replace Twitter if it were to go away.
  202. Autonomous delivery startup Nuro lays off 20% of workforce 2022-11-19
    The startup Nuro is laying off 20% of its workforce in an effort to preserve cash. The co-founders said they take responsibility for the layoffs, which were the result of over-hiring in 2021 smacking into economic headwinds in 2022. Nuro still has more than $1 billion on its balance sheet. Laid-off workers are being offered 12 weeks of severance pay and up to 14 weeks for those who have been with the company more than two years. The company will also pay out bonuses to those who are eligible, and are waiving the one-year vesting cliff on the equity front. Nuro will subsidize 100% of COBRA healthcare premiums (including families) through March 31, 2023, will provide career transition support and visa holders will also receive some notice period to ease this transition and, if applicable, travel assistance.
  203. The exodus at Twitter may have been the plan all along, maybe? 2022-11-19
    Twitter employees who were not part of the 50% who were laid off in October were given an ultimatum this week by Elon Musk: commit to a new “extremely hardcore” Twitter, “working long hours at high intensity,” or leave the company with three months of severance pay. A Hobson’s choice, Musk was clearly hoping that some percentage of Twitter’s remaining employees would opt to leave the company. According to internal estimates, at least 1,200 full-time employees have left the company. Clowes, in a long series of tweets about his own departure, suggests the number could be even higher. He left because he “no longer knew what [he] was staying for,” and because he saw no upside to Musk’s brash management style. Last, wrote Clowes, there was “no retention plan” for those who stayed and “no clear upside for sticking it through the storm on the horizon.” The bigger question now is whether Musk can build back with whoever is left — before the whole thing caves in.
  204. Pie, Made Easy 2022-11-19
    This article provides tips for making pies from scratch, including making the dough ahead of time, blind baking, and using store-bought frozen crusts. It also includes a recipe for pecan sandie pie.
  205. Google introduces Workspaces Spaces Chats conversations summaries 2022-11-19
    The article discusses the new feature from Google that allows users to see summaries of their Chat conversations in their Workspace Spaces. This is a helpful tool for those who have trouble keeping up with the conversations in their Workspace Spaces, as it allows them to quickly catch up on what has been said. The feature is currently only available for select Premium Workspaces, but may eventually be rolled out more broadly.
  206. The truffle industry is a big scam. Not just truffle oil, everything 2022-11-19
    The article argues that the truffle industry is a big scam, and that almost everything that is labeled as containing truffles is actually flavored with a synthetic truffle aroma. This is done in order to deceive customers into thinking they are getting the real thing. The article advises readers on how to avoid being scammed, and argues that the only way to really experience the authentic flavor of truffles is to have them freshly grated in front of you.
  207. Drive Capital’s investors reach a fork in the road 2022-11-19
    Drive Capital's investors are unhappy with recent developments at the firm, including the split of the team and the struggles of some of its portfolio companies. Mark Kvamme, one of the co-founders, is reportedly considering starting a new fund, which has alarmed Olsen and the other investors. However, it is unclear if Kvamme will actually go through with it.
  208. More Than 5 Feet of Snow in Buffalo Area, and More Is Expected 2022-11-19
    The article discusses the ongoing snowstorm in Buffalo, New York, which is expected to bring up to 66 inches of snow in some areas. The storm has caused school closures, road closures, and the cancellation of some public events. Two deaths have been reported so far.
  209. I Was the Head of Trust and Safety at Twitter. This Is What Could Become of It. 2022-11-19
    Yoel Roth, the former head of trust and safety at Twitter, writes about the challenges of moderating content on the platform under new owner Elon Musk. Musk has called for more free speech on the platform, but Roth argues that this is not possible due to the constraints of advertising, regulations, and app store guidelines. Roth believes that Twitter will continue to censor speech in order to comply with these external pressures, despite Musk's rhetoric about free speech.
  210. What Makes a Special Counsel ‘Special’? 2022-11-19
    The article discusses the role of special counsels in politically charged investigations. Special counsels are semi-independent federal prosecutors who have greater autonomy than regular prosecutors. They are subject to the supervision of the attorney general and can only be fired for misconduct. The article discusses the appointment of Jack Smith as a special counsel to oversee two criminal inquiries involving former President Donald J. Trump. It also discusses the difference between special counsels and independent counsels, and some of the notable special counsel investigations, including the investigation into Russian election interference and the investigation into the origins of the Russian inquiry.
  211. Hakeem Jeffries, Pressing to Lead Democrats, Marks a Generational Shift 2022-11-19
    Hakeem Jeffries is a Democratic congressman from New York who is running to succeed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. If successful, he would be the first Black man to hold the top party leadership role in either chamber of Congress. Jeffries is known among his colleagues in Congress as a calm, self-disciplined operator who usually speaks with no notes. He is a defender of liberal priorities like abortion rights and Medicare for All, but also has an intensely pragmatic streak. Some progressives regard him with intense distrust and even hostility, arguing that he is too solicitous of corporate interests and too cautious on addressing climate change. If he becomes the leader, their skepticism may be one of Mr. Jeffries’s first and thorniest challenges.
  212. Elon Musk’s Twitter Teeters on the Edge After Another 1,200 Leave 2022-11-19
    Elon Musk has been rapidly overhauling Twitter since he bought it for $44 billion last month, firing employees, pursuing new subscription products, and delivering a harsh message that the company needs to shape up or it will face bankruptcy. On Thursday, hundreds of Twitter employees resigned after Musk gave them a deadline to decide whether to leave or stay, and internal estimates showed that at least 1,200 full-time employees resigned. This has caused many Twitter users to question whether the site will survive, with some saying goodbye to the service and others tweeting farewell messages to the service.
  213. Meet the ‘Closer’ Who Finds the Right Words When Climate Talks Hit a Wall 2022-11-19
    Sue Biniaz is a skilled negotiator who has been instrumental in drafting various international climate agreements. She is currently the deputy U.S. envoy for climate change, and her unique ability to find the right words to break through logjams has earned her the nickname "The Closer." Biniaz is currently working to resolve the issue of "loss and damage" at the COP27 climate summit, which is proving to be one of the most contentious topics of discussion.
  214. Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange files for bankruptcy 2022-11-19
    The ftx crypto exchange has filed for bankruptcy, and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried is under investigation by US regulators. The exchange had lent $10bn of customer assets to Bankman-Fried's proprietary trading firm, Alameda, which is alleged to have used the funds for risky bets. The fallout from the revelations led to a run on the exchange, and Bankman-Fried was forced to beg investors for a bail-out. BlockFi, a business Bankman-Fried saved when prices crashed in the summer, has halted customer withdrawals.
  215. KAL’s cartoon 2022-11-19
    This article is about a cartoon by KAL in The Economist. The cartoon shows Rishi Sunak, the new Prime Minister of Britain, starting on the defensive. Sunak is shown cleaning up a mess, with the caption "Rishi Sunak's first job? Clearing up the mess he helped make." The article notes that Sunak has promised stability, but that this is a low bar for Britain. It also notes that Sunak's first job will be to clean up the mess he helped create, referring to the mess created by the previous government.
  216. Even a global recession may not bring down inflation 2022-11-19
    The global economy is slowing down, and inflation is becoming a problem in many countries. Central banks are raising interest rates to try to combat inflation, but this is causing the economy to slow down even further. There is a risk that the slowdown will turn into a recession. Many economists are predicting that inflation will continue to be a problem even if the economy does enter a recession. They point to factors such as the broadening out of inflation (affecting more and more items), rising wages, and high expectations of inflation. Policymakers are facing a difficult choice: to keep interest rates high and risk a recession, or to let inflation spiral out of control.
  217. Who Is Jack Smith, the New Special Counsel? 2022-11-19
    Jack Smith, the new special counsel for the Justice Department, has a wealth of experience prosecuting criminal cases. He has worked for the Manhattan district attorney's office, the United States Attorney's office in Brooklyn, and the International Criminal Court in The Hague. He has also served as chief of the Justice Department's public integrity section. In his new role, he will be investigating former President Donald Trump.
  218. Freddie Mercury in his definitive pose – Denis O’Regan’s best photograph 2022-11-19
    The article is about photographer Denis O'Regan and his experience photographing Freddie Mercury of Queen. O'Regan describes how he got his start in photography and how he ended up touring with Queen. He talks about how difficult it was to photograph Mercury because of his quick movements, and how he had to be like a "sniper" in order to get the perfect shot. The article includes one of O'Regan's photos of Mercury, which he says is one of his best.
  219. Elon Musk tells Twitter engineers to fly-in for meeting: Report 2022-11-19
    Elon Musk has asked all remaining Twitter employees who write software code to fly to San Francisco for a meeting on Friday. This comes after hundreds of employees have already left the company following Musk's takeover. The meeting is to discuss how the company is safeguarding data.
  220. Meet Unstable Diffusion, the group trying to monetize AI porn generators 2022-11-19
    The article discusses the ethical implications of AI-generated porn, specifically the risks associated with creating unrealistic expectations about women's bodies and sexual behavior. It also raises the possibility that artists whose work is used to train AI models for generating porn may be harmed financially if their work is used without their consent. Finally, the article notes that moderation of AI-generated porn is a challenge, and that recent history is filled with examples of companies failing to adequately moderate adult content.
  221. Elizabeth Holmes Is Sentenced to More Than 11 Years for Fraud 2022-11-18
    Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the failed blood testing start-up Theranos, was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison on Friday for defrauding investors about her company’s technology and business dealings. The sentence capped a yearslong saga that has captivated the public and ignited debates about Silicon Valley’s culture of hype and exaggeration. Ms. Holmes, who raised $945 million for Theranos and promised that the start-up would revolutionize health care with tests that required just a few drops of blood, was convicted in January of four counts of wire fraud for deceiving investors with those claims, which turned out not to be true. Judge Edward J. Davila of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California sentenced Ms. Holmes to 135 months in prison, which is slightly more than 11 years. Ms. Holmes, 38, who plans to appeal the verdict, must report to prison on April 27, 2023. Federal sentencing guidelines for wire fraud of the size that Ms. Holmes was convicted of recommend 20 years in prison. Ms. Holmes’s lawyers had asked for 18 months of house arrest, while prosecutors sought 15 years and $804 million in restitution for 29 investors. In court, Judge Davila concluded that the proper calculation for investor losses was $121 million for 10 investors. He included some Theranos investors who did not testify in Ms. Holmes’s trial, such as Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul, and Richard Kovacevich, former chief executive of Wells Fargo who sat on the start-up’s board. Ms. Holmes’s case has taken on an almost mythic status among white-collar crimes over time. Few start-up founders reached the level of prominence that she did, appearing on magazine covers, dining at the White House and hitting a paper net worth of $4.5 billion. Since Theranos’s fraud was exposed in 2015, Ms. Holmes’s story has been told in podcasts, TV shows, books and documentaries. Exaggeration and hype are common among tech start-ups, but very few executives are indicted on fraud charges, let alone convicted and sent to prison. That trend may be changing as the Justice Department has said it plans to be more aggressive in its pursuit of white-collar criminals. In October, Trevor Milton, the founder of electric vehicle company Nikola, was convicted of fraud. And Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which collapsed in bankruptcy last
  222. The leap second’s time is up: world votes to stop pausing clocks 2022-11-18
    The article discusses the decision by the world's foremost metrology body to put the practice of adding 'leap seconds' to official clocks on hold from 2035. Leap seconds are added whenever the two time systems (astronomical time and coordinated universal time) drift apart by more than 0.9 seconds, in order to keep them in sync. However, the practice can cause disruptions in the digital age, and so the decision has been made to stop adding them. This may cause problems for astronomers who rely on astronomical time to align their telescopes, but the current situation is unsustainable and the change is necessary. There is a chance that the International Telecommunications Union could stymie the plans, but ultimately the difference between the two time systems is not significant enough to warrant keeping the leap seconds.
  223. CPU vs. GPU | Best Use Cases For Each 2022-11-18
    The article discusses the differences between CPUs and GPUs, and the best use cases for each. CPUs are better suited for general computing tasks, while GPUs are better for handling large amounts of data in parallel. However, GPUs are more expensive than CPUs and are not as good at multitasking.
  224. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says layoffs will continue into next year 2022-11-18
    Amazon will continue to lay off employees in the coming year, CEO Andy Jassy wrote in a memo to workers on Thursday. Jassy said the layoffs will stretch into 2023 as the company is still in the midst of its annual operating planning process. Amazon had already implemented a hiring freeze in its corporate workforce as it looks to slow headcount growth. The company is still hiring warehouse workers to staff up for the holiday rush. Job cuts are hitting the tech sector hard after years of unbridled growth.
  225. Solving Blackjack with Q-Learning # 2022-11-18
    The article covers how to use Q-learning to solve the Blackjack-v1 environment. It explains how the environment works and how to take actions within it. It also covers how to build an agent and how to train it. Finally, it shows how to visualize the training.
  226. Why Do Some Dogs Need High Chairs, and How Can Genetics Help? 2022-11-18
    Some dogs have to eat in a high chair because they have megaesophagus, an esophagus disorder that can prevent them from properly digesting food and absorbing nutrients. Leigh Anne Clark, Ph.D., an associate professor at Clemson University, has been researching the genetic underpinnings of megaesophagus in dogs. Her research has shown that the disease is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The test, available at veterinary testing companies, is designed “to help breeders reduce the frequency of the risk allele and to plan matings that are less likely to produce affected puppies.”
  227. News & Media 2022-11-18
    The article discusses a study that looked at the risk of cancer progression in women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The study found that there are 812 genes associated with cancer progression, and that using this gene classifier can help predict the risk of cancer cells recurring or progressing. The study also found that most of the DCIS cancers analyzed were low risk for cancer progression or recurrence, which underscores the need for an accurate predictive model.
  228. Biden admin to ask high court to take up student debt plan 2022-11-18
    The Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to reinstate the president's student debt cancellation plan. The plan was halted by two federal courts in recent weeks. If the plan is not reinstated, millions of Americans will have to start making student loan payments again in January. The administration is arguing that this would cause financial strain for many Americans. The Supreme Court has not yet decided whether to take up the case.
  229. Idaho murders - live: Students’ autopsies released as surviving roommates may be ‘key’ to solving case 2022-11-18
    The article discusses the recent murders of four University of Idaho students in Moscow, Idaho. The students' autopsies have been released, and it has been determined that they were all stabbed to death with a large knife. The surviving roommates are thought to be key to solving the case, as they were home at the time of the murders and may have witnessed something. DNA samples have been taken from the crime scene in the hope of identifying the killer or killers. The victims' families are grieving their loss, and the community is on edge as the killer or killers are still at large.
  230. Markets are suddenly exuberant. Are they right to be? 2022-11-18
    The article discusses the possibility that recent inflation data may be a "head fake" and not indicative of a truly easing inflationary environment. It cites two pillars supporting this theory - first, that a wide array of products appear to have moved towards deflation, and second, that there is a hint that prices for services may also be heading in the right direction. However, the article also notes that there are reasons to be cautious about this interpretation, as inflationary pressures remain strong in the labor market. Ultimately, the article suggests that even if the recent data is indicative of easing inflation, it will be a gradual process and not a sharp reversal.
  231. A radical shift in China’s property and pandemic policies 2022-11-18
    In recent weeks, China has made radical changes to its policies on both the coronavirus and the property market. These changes are intended to ease the burden on businesses and individuals, and to restart growth in the economy. However, it remains to be seen whether these measures will be successful in the long term.
  232. Only a revived economy can save China’s property industry 2022-11-18
    The article discusses the current state of the Chinese property market and the measures being taken by the government to try to revive it. Prices are high, debt is high, and sales are low. The government is trying to encourage banks to lend to developers and extend the terms of loans, but it is not clear if this will be enough. The property market is also facing long-term challenges, including a slowdown in population growth and urbanization. Even if the market does rebound in the short term, it is not clear how sustainable this will be.
  233. FCC orders ISPs to show broadband ‘nutrition labels’ with all fees and limits 2022-11-18
    The article discusses a new rule from the FCC that requires broadband providers to prominently display a "nutrition label" for their plans, detailing all fees, catches, and caps. This is similar to the food nutrition labels that are already in place, and the goal is to allow consumers to easily compare plans and make an informed decision about which one to choose. The labels must be easily accessible and machine-readable, and they will include information on price, speed, data allowances, and other aspects of the service. The FCC is also kicking off a further rulemaking process to explore how to improve the labels.
  234. Jack Selby of Thiel Capital is using a new VC fund to invest in Arizona startups 2022-11-18
    Jack Selby is using a new VC fund, AZ-VC, to invest in Arizona startups. The fund is backed by a number of real-estate outfits in Arizona, along with a major local utility company. Selby is the longtime managing director of Thiel Capital and has a close relationship with Peter Thiel. Selby plans to use the fund as a jumping-off point for regional politics.
  235. Ticketmaster faces antitrust scrutiny after Taylor Swift ticket chaos 2022-11-18
    Ticketmaster is facing antitrust scrutiny from the Tennessee attorney general after its chaotic presales for tickets to Taylor Swift’s tour. The public sale for tickets was cancelled due to high demand and Ticketmaster’s inability to meet that demand. Other state attorney generals are also looking into the matter. The company is also facing criticism from politicians and consumer rights groups who say that it has too much power over the ticketing market.
  236. Crypto-focused VC on the FTX fallout: ‘I’m worried about the overall lack of LP appetite going forward.’ 2022-11-18
    Crypto-focused venture capitalists are worried about the fallout from the recent FTX collapse, and the potential impact it will have on their investment strategies moving forward. Double Down founder and general partner Magdalena Kala and Dragonfly general partner Tom Schmidt shared their views at TechCrunch’s crypto conference in Miami on Thursday on what’s next in crypto in the wake of the FTX drama. Luckily, the pair each closed their respective funds this year, but they are proceeding cautiously in deploying their capital. Schmidt said he is concerned about “contagion risk and for the other shoes to drop,” while Kala said she is worried about “builders not entering the space, builders leaving the space and the overall lack of LP appetite going forward.”
  237. Amazon’s CEO says more layoffs will happen in 2023 2022-11-18
    Amazon will be cutting more jobs in early 2023, CEO Andy Jassy informed employees in a memo on Thursday. The company hasn't decided how many jobs will be cut, but Jassy says that there will be reductions in the Stores and People, Experience, and Technology organizations. Amazon will try to find roles for impacted people internally, and if it can't, workers will be offered severance packages.
  238. Hundreds of employees say no to being part of Elon Musk’s ‘extremely hardcore’ Twitter 2022-11-18
    Hundreds of Twitter employees have resigned ahead of Elon Musk's "extremely hardcore" cultural reset of the company, according to internal Slack messages seen by The Verge and employee tweets. The fresh purge of Twitter's ranks comes after Musk recently fired dozens of employees who criticized or mocked him in tweets and internal messages. Musk then set a deadline of 5PM ET on Thursday for all employees to respond "yes" on a Google form if they want to stay for what he is calling "Twitter 2.0;" otherwise, today would be their final day of work and they would receive a severance package. After the deadline hit, hundreds of employees quickly started posting farewell messages and salute emojis in Twitter's Slack, announcing that they had said no to Musk's ultimatum. "I'm not pressing the button," one departing employee posted in Slack. "My watch ends with Twitter 1.0. I do not wish to be part of Twitter 2.0." Twitter had roughly 2,900 remaining employees before the deadline Thursday, thanks to Musk unceremoniously laying off about half of the 7,500-person workforce when he took over and the resignations that followed. Remaining and departing Twitter employees told The Verge that, given the scale of the resignations this week, they expect the platform to start breaking soon. One said that they've watched "legendary engineers" and others they look up to leave one by one. "It feels like all the people who made this place incredible are leaving," the Twitter staffer said. "It will be extremely hard for Twitter to recover from here, no matter how hardcore the people who remain try to be." Multiple "critical" teams inside Twitter have now either completely or near-completely resigned, said other employees who requested anonymity to speak without Musk's permission. That includes Twitter's traffic and front end teams that route engineering requests to the correct backend services. The team that maintains Twitter's core system libraries that every engineer at the company uses is also gone. "You cannot run Twitter without this team," a departing employee said. Several members of Twitter's "Command Center" team, a group of engineers that is on call 24/7 and acts as the clearing house for problems internally, also tweeted about their departures. "If they go down, there is no one to call when shit breaks," said a person familiar with how the team operates. The team that manages Twitter API for developers has also been severely gutted. In a tweet Thursday evening, Musk said: "The best people are
  239. Twitter’s living wake kicked off with Elon’s 5PM deadline 2022-11-18
    Elon Musk has given Twitter employees an ultimatum - take three months' severance pay or agree to stay and work on his new, "xtreme" project. Many employees have chosen to leave, and those who remain are feeling anxious about the future of the company. If Twitter does indeed collapse, people are already talking about where they will go next. Some are planning to move to Instagram, while others are considering alternatives like Mastodon or MySpace.
  240. Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell concept hints at the performance N brand’s future 2022-11-18
    Hyundai has created a hydrogen fuel cell hybrid concept car called the N Vision 74. The car is a testbed for future products and pays homage to the Hyundai Pony Coupe concept from 1974. The car has a unique hydrogen hybrid and battery-electric architecture with a fuel cell stack at the front and a battery pack at the rear. The car also has dual-charging capabilities and can be filled with hydrogen or recharged on a DC fast charger. Hyundai has not said whether this kind of powertrain will go into production, but the N Vision 74 serves as a compass to guide Hyundai's future.
  241. GM says supply chain issues won’t affect EV profitability by 2025 2022-11-18
    General Motors says that it will be able to achieve profitability for its electric vehicles by 2025, despite concerns about supply chain constraints. GM is expecting to generate more than $50 billion in revenue from sales of its 30 EV models in 2025, with profit margins in the low to mid single digits. The company has signed agreements to secure the battery raw materials needed to support 1 million units of annual capacity in North America by 2025, and is working to reduce cell costs by nearly 40% to an $87 per kilowatt hour by 2025. GM's stock experienced a mid-day spike, rising 1.75% at around 1:45 pm ET.
  242. Soft Robotics raises $26 million as staffing shortages continue across industries 2022-11-18
    Soft Robotics has raised $26 million in a new funding round, led by Tyson Ventures. The company says the new funding will go toward accelerating the deployment of its mGripAI system, which combines 3D vision with a soft gripping system. Soft Robotics says the perfect storm of pandemic-fueled issues has resulted in "the four largest sales quarters in the company's eight-year history."
  243. GoTo cuts 1,300 jobs as it anticipates ‘uncertainties’ to linger for long 2022-11-18
    The article discusses GoTo Group's decision to cut 1,300 jobs, or 12% of its workforce, in an attempt to trim costs and improve finances. The company is hoping to accelerate its progress towards becoming a sustainable and financially independent business. The move is part of a larger cost optimization exercise that includes consolidating vendors, renegotiating contracts, and finding efficiencies in areas such as technology, marketing, and outsourcing.
  244. Big emerging-market companies worry investors 2022-11-18
    The article discusses the concerns that investors have about large companies in emerging markets. These companies have taken on a lot of debt, much of it in foreign currencies, and are now struggling as interest rates rise and growth slows. This is causing problems in property markets around the world, and there is a risk that this could lead to a broader financial crisis.
  245. Woojong Koh 2022-11-18
    Woojong Koh is a former Google engineer who is now working on large language models and other NLP models. He has also created a web app called SumUp that uses GPT-3 to summarize articles and provide AI-generated Q&As and discussion.
  246. Woojong Koh 2022-11-18
    Woojong Koh is an ex-EIR at Hashed and ex-Waymo software engineer. He has launched a web app called SumUp that uses GPT-3 to summarize articles and generate Q&As and discussion. He is also working on an NFT art project called Pass the Baton.
  247. Read All About It: A History of Breaking News at The Times 2022-11-18
    The article discusses the history of breaking news at The New York Times. It highlights how the newspaper has always sought to be first to deliver the news, whether it be natural disasters, cultural moments, or developments on the war in Ukraine. The article discusses some of the ways The Times has gathered information or published breaking news since the newspaper was founded in 1851, including using wires from the sea, sharp instincts, news on the move, and the final frontier. It also discusses how the Live blog is the newspaper's chief breaking news tool today, and how the process involves fervent reporting and a 24-hour operation of handoffs around the world to keep coverage humming.
  248. 10,000 Google Employees Could Be Rated as Low Performers 2022-11-18
    Google is introducing a new performance management system that will rate 6% of employees as low performers, compared to the 2% under the previous system. The new system will also reduce the percentage of employees that can score a high rating.
  249. Resignations Roil Twitter as Elon Musk Tries Persuading Some Workers to Stay 2022-11-18
    Twitter is in disarray after Elon Musk gave employees a deadline to decide whether to stay or leave their jobs. Many employees have decided to leave, and there is concern about how the company will keep operating effectively. Musk has been criticized for his handling of the situation.
  250. Daily Crunch: Google upgrades Search, Shopping and Maps with more data, AR and accessibility 2022-11-18
    1. Google has announced upgrades to Search, Shopping, and Maps that include more data, AR, and accessibility features. 2. Index Ventures is betting that the economic downturn will inspire the creation of more startups and has put $300 million towards that goal. 3. Mozilla's "State of Mozilla" report was released today, and it shows that the company is planning to focus more on Firefox in the coming year. 4. Palo Alto Networks is rumored to be buying Cider Security in a deal that could be worth up to $300 million. 5. Cryptocurrency VCs are worried that fallout from FTX's collapse will make it harder to get limited partners on board for future funds. 6. SaaS startups that ignored VC advice to cut sales and marketing outlays this year are in a better position than those that followed the advice.
  251. Topology Without Tears by Sidney A. Morris 2022-11-17
    This article discusses the book "Topology Without Tears" by Sidney A. Morris. The book is available in English, with partial translations into Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Korean, Persian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. There are also ten short videos available to accompany the book. These videos expand on material in the book, and cover topics such as writing proofs in mathematics. There is also a facebook group called "Topology Without Tears Readers" where readers of the book can communicate with each other.
  252. Fastmail status 2022-11-17
    The article provides an overview of the recent events and status of Fastmail, a secure email service. According to the article, the service is currently operating normally.
  253. NASA’s Artemis I Mission Blasts Off in Test Run to Moon 2022-11-17
    NASA's Artemis I mission blasted off in a test run to the moon early Wednesday morning. The Space Launch System rocket lifted off from a pad at Florida's Kennedy Space Center at roughly 1:47 a.m. ET, leaving a massive cloud of smoke and trail of flames behind it. On top of the rocket was Orion, a spacecraft meant to travel to lunar orbit and then return to Earth. No astronauts were on board for the practice mission.
  254. Singapore’s Temasek writes down $275M investment in FTX 2022-11-17
    Temasek, an investment firm owned by the Singapore government, has announced that it is writing down its full investment in FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that recently filed for bankruptcy protection. The firm said that its due diligence process for FTX took about 8 months, and that it is apparent from the investment that its belief in the actions, judgement and leadership of FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was misplaced.
  255. Joining Paradigm 2022-11-17
    Doug Feagin has joined the investment team at Paradigm, a crypto investment firm, to help build the company and invest in various projects. Feagin has a background in gaming and consumer companies, and he is excited to bring his experience to the Paradigm team. He will be focused on investing in consumer companies and projects that have the potential to bring in new users to the crypto world.
  256. Open Sourcing the Art Gobblers Smart Contracts 2022-11-17
    The Art Gobblers smart contracts are now open source, and the team behind the project has highlighted some of the interesting features of the codebase. These include custom ERC721 implementations that are designed to be gas-efficient, GOO integration, progressive reveals, and a testing and security approach that includes unit and fuzz testing, theorem proving, and playtesting.
  257. ‘We Do Not Have a Suspect,’ the Police Say After Idaho Killings 2022-11-17
    Four college students were stabbed to death in Moscow, Idaho, and the police are still searching for a suspect. The authorities have not yet recovered a murder weapon but believe that the students were stabbed to death. The community is on edge, with many students leaving town out of fear. The police are urging people to come forward with any information that could help solve the case.
  258. The tenacity of ESG investing 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the fact that although there has been a lot of talk about a backlash against environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, the data does not support this claim. In fact, sustainable-investment funds have been much more resilient than other funds during this year’s downturn. The article attributes this to the fact that people investing in ESG funds are doing so with a long-term perspective, and are not overly concerned with short-term returns.
  259. VCs Consider Suing Bankman-Fried 2022-11-17
    VCs who invested in FTX are discussing whether to sue Sam Bankman-Fried for alleged fraud. They are hoping to recover money to offset the losses they have likely incurred now that FTX has filed for bankruptcy. It is unclear, however, if Bankman-Fried has enough personal assets for investors to pursue.
  260. Who’s afraid of the FTC? Not Elon Musk. 2022-11-17
    The article discusses whether or not Elon Musk should be afraid of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It seems that Musk does not care too much about regulators, but the author argues that he should be more concerned.
  261. Is the FTX crash Gensler’s fault — or did it prove he’s right? 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the criticism that SEC chair Gary Gensler has been facing for his lack of clarity on regulation of the cryptocurrency industry. However, some say that the recent FTX crash actually vindicates Gensler's approach, as it showed that the industry is still highly volatile and risky. Ultimately, it is argued that Gensler and the SEC are in a "can't-win situation" when it comes to regulating cryptocurrencies.
  262. Why large enterprises struggle to find suitable platforms for MLops 2022-11-17
    This article discusses the difficulties that large enterprises face when trying to find suitable platforms for MLops (machine learning operations). MLops is a relatively new field, and most platforms are not yet equipped to handle the large number of models that these enterprises require. This article quotes several ML experts who discuss the various problems they have encountered with existing MLops platforms.
  263. LP Letter Excerpt — July 20th, 2022 2022-11-17
    - A recent market selloff has impacted crypto assets, with Bitcoin and Ethereum down 49% and 58% YTD, respectively. - The selloff has exposed unhealthy leverage throughout the crypto ecosystem, triggering a daisy-chain of distress and bankruptcy. - Despite the negative market conditions, the long-term conviction in crypto as a technology and asset class remains strong. - The first domino to fall was the Terra blockchain, which collapsed due to a loss of confidence in its USD-pegged stablecoin (UST). - This collapse then led to the bankruptcy of 3AC, a crypto lending company that had amassed a large amount of debt. - DeFi protocols have fared better than CeFi companies during the selloff, demonstrating the advantages of their transparent, on-chain design. - Overall, the crypto ecosystem is progressing despite the challenges of the past year and the market selloff.
  264. Art Gobblers 2022-11-17
    Art Gobblers is a decentralized art factory that is owned by aliens. As artists create art, the cultural relevance of Art Gobblers will grow, making collectors want the art more and incentivizing artists to create cooler art. Art Gobblers produce Goo tokens, which are used to create the blank pages that are needed to make art. The supply of Goo grows faster every day, starting at hundreds and eventually reaching billions and beyond. There is a mechanism called VRGDA that automatically adjusts prices over time to target a desired issuance schedule. The initial supply of Art Gobblers is 2,000, and over the next 10 years, players will spend Goo to mint 8,000 more Gobblers. Legendary Gobblers, which are 1/1s that can only be obtained by burning huge numbers of regular Gobblers, encourage large-scale collaboration. The mechanisms making up the Art Gobblers experiment will be final at the time of mint, and no more will be built. Art Gobblers is not stage one of the Gobblers metaverse. It is a whole and complete piece of alien technology that will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace.
  265. Goldfish: A Provably Secure Replacement for LMD GHOST in PoS Ethereum 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the Goldfish protocol, a provably secure replacement for the LMD GHOST fork-choice rule in PoS Ethereum. The protocol is designed to be more efficient and secure than LMD GHOST, and comes with a security proof. However, the Goldfish protocol is only designed to work in an asynchronous network, and so it may not be suitable for all situations.
  266. Home-Builder Stocks Stage Big Rebound 2022-11-17
    Home builders, building-products and appliance companies are seeing their stock prices rebound after mortgage rates eased off their recent highs. The SPDR S&P Homebuilders exchange-traded fund has risen 9.3% in the past week, while PulteGroup Inc., Builders FirstSource Inc., and Whirlpool Corp. have all seen stock price increases of over 8%. These companies are outperforming the broader stock market, which has only seen a 5.6% increase in the past week.
  267. Fire Emblem Engage’s story trailer introduces heroes old and new 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the trailer for the upcoming video game Fire Emblem Engage, which introduces the game's cast of characters. The protagonist, Alear, is a toothpaste-themed stripy character who must collect 12 Emblem rings in order to summon Fire Emblem heroes from other worlds to help them fight the Fell Dragon. Among the new characters introduced in the trailer are the crown prince of Bro-dia and a dark-skinned woman. The game is set to launch on January 20, 2023.
  268. The Verge’s 2022 gaming holiday gift guide 2022-11-17
    The article discusses various gaming-related gift ideas for the holiday season. Some of the items mentioned include card games, controllers, monitors, and gaming laptops. Prices for the items range from under $50 to over $1,000.
  269. Ash Ketchum is finally the very best 2022-11-17
    The article discusses Ash Ketchum's recent victory in the "Masters Eight Tournament of the Pokémon World Coronation Series," making him the top trainer in the world. The win is a great lesson in perseverance, and Ash's postretirement plans are currently unknown. The news comes during an important time for the Pokémon franchise, with Nintendo releasing the latest mainline games in the series next week.
  270. The 2022 Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is revisiting its best price at Best Buy 2022-11-17
    The article covers a variety of deals on laptops, gaming accessories, and smart home devices. Some of the highlights include a discount on the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop, a sale on Mountain keyboards and PBT keycaps, and a deal on the Google Nest Learning Thermostat.
  271. Qualcomm has a new chip brand 2022-11-17
    Qualcomm has announced a new subbrand of CPUs for its Snapdragon family of products, called Oryon. The new CPU will be released in 2023 and available to manufacturers to use in devices such as Windows PCs, smartphones, and other applications. The company has made Snapdragon-branded chips for Windows and Chrome OS computers for a few years now but has had slow traction getting them into many Windows devices. The few ultraportable computers that have used Qualcomm’s Arm chips have been niche, premium devices that appeal to a specific subset of PC buyers, but not the broader market. The Snapdragon line has been behind Apple’s Arm-based M processors when it comes to raw performance, but hasn’t been the main reason that Windows on Arm devices haven’t taken off. Rather, the issues stem from Windows on Arm itself, which has trouble running apps built for traditional Windows PCs and doesn’t offer many apps optimized specifically for the platform. Microsoft’s recent Surface Pro 9 is available with a Qualcomm Arm processor, but as we saw in our review, it falls far behind the Intel-equipped version due to these app issues. Qualcomm’s next generation of chips for Windows computers will likely have better performance than its current crop — in the brief press release touting the new brand, it claims to provide “a new level of performance.” But unless the platform matures more and gets wider support from the application ecosystem, it’s unlikely to move the needle much.
  272. California updates proposal on solar incentives that reduces costs but pays less 2022-11-17
    The California Public Utilities Commission has updated its proposal on solar incentives, removing a monthly grid tax that would have added to the cost of solar installations. The new proposal also reduces energy payouts back to the grid, called Net Energy Metering (NEM). Some industry groups have criticized the new proposal, saying it will make solar less affordable and delay the goal of 100 percent clean energy. The CPUC has said that the new proposal includes additional funding to support battery and solar systems, mostly for low-income customers. Voting on the proposal is set for December 15th.
  273. Nostalgia is at the core of Pokémon, even as it moves into the future 2022-11-17
    The article discusses how Pokémon has always been based on nostalgia and how this is evident in their recent exhibitions. The author describes how the franchise is bigger than ever, with three new Pokémon entries being released in less than a year. The article argues that the Pokémon Company knows how beneficial it is to pretend that the franchise is still the same as it was when it first started.
  274. NASA’s Space Launch System rocket weathers the storm 2022-11-17
    NASA's Space Launch System rocket is set to launch this week, despite being buffeted by high winds during Hurricane Nicole. The rocket and spacecraft suffered only minor damage, according to NASA officials. The decision to leave the rocket on the launchpad during the hurricane was controversial, as experts were concerned that high winds could cause it to rock. However, NASA officials decided that rolling the rocket back to the building would have been its own risk by the time predictions of strong winds were coming in. The team is confident that the Orion spacecraft won't be damaged by the loss of this material and the launch is still scheduled for this week.
  275. Elon Musk says he fired engineer who corrected him on Twitter 2022-11-17
    Elon Musk has come under fire for firing an engineer who publicly disagreed with him on Twitter. The engineer, Eric Frohnhoefer, had argued that Twitter's slowness was not due to the 1,000 remote procedure calls that Musk had claimed, but rather to 20 background requests. Musk responded by saying that Frohnhoefer was fired. This is not the first time Musk has been criticized for his comments on Twitter, as he has been accused of misinformation in the past.
  276. The Prius gets a glow-up, but it’s still just a hybrid 2022-11-17
    The article is about the redesign of the Toyota Prius. The Prius has been redesigned to be more attractive, with a sportier coupe-like look. The redesign follows the "monoform silhouette" design introduced in the second-generation Prius. The new Prius also uses the automaker's second-generation TNGA platform that's lighter and shares parts with other Toyota vehicles. The plug-in version comes with a 2.0-liter engine, has a power output of 166kW, and can achieve a 0–62 mph acceleration in 6.7 seconds. When driving all-electric, the new plug-in Prius achieves about 50 percent higher range than the previous model. Toyota plans to release North American version details soon. Toyota has had a tough time getting real fully electric vehicles off the ground, though. Last month, it said it’s going back to the drawing board on its e-TNGA flexible EV platform after releasing a mediocre at best bZ4X EV that became subject to a major recall to keep its wheels attached. So while Toyota looks to sort all that out for next year, it decided to continue doing what it does best: make more hybrids. Environmentalists are less than thrilled. Beyond Toyota’s disappointing EV track record, the Prius is getting some interesting features. There are cameras at the front and rear of the car, a digital rear-view mirror, and a built-in recorder as well (though Toyota says it records to the internal computer and won't have a removable SD card). And like Toyota’s bZ4X EV, there are solar panels present on the new Prius plug-in. It can charge the main drive battery while stationary and the accessory battery while in motion. You can also use the Prius as a portable battery pack with 100-volt AC power plugs in the rear center console and in the cargo area. It can take a load of up to 1,500W solely on the battery, or you can switch it to hybrid to generate electricity using the gas engine. Toyota even supplies a window jam accessory that lets you run a power cord into the cabin and still keep the car secured from the elements.
  277. How DeviantArt is navigating the AI art minefield 2022-11-17
    In the wake of AI-generated art becoming more prevalent, DeviantArt has launched a tool called DreamUp that allows users to create images from text prompts. The tool has caused some controversy, as it is based on Stable Diffusion, a program that was trained on a huge collection of web images, many of which were not created with the consent of the artists. DeviantArt is trying to mitigate the problems caused by the tool by allowing artists to opt-out of having their work used in prompts, and by asking users to credit the artists they are imitating. However, some users feel that the platform is not doing enough to protect artists' rights.
  278. NASA’s megarocket is about to blast off toward the Moon 2022-11-17
    NASA is set to launch its new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket on November 16th. The SLS is designed to carry heavy payloads into space, and the Artemis I mission will test its capabilities by sending it on a journey beyond the Moon. On board the SLS will be the Orion spacecraft, carrying three mannequins and a variety of science experiments. This launch is a key step in NASA's plan to send astronauts back to the Moon, and eventually to Mars.
  279. Meta’s Oversight Board says Facebook should change the rules for wartime posts 2022-11-17
    The Meta Oversight Board has overturned a Facebook moderation decision about a post comparing Russian soldiers to Nazis, saying Meta should take special care with moderation during an “unlawful military intervention.” The board found that the post was making a historical argument and not violating Meta’s hate speech policies. However, the board recommended that Meta change its policies for wartime conflict to take into consideration the circumstances of unlawful military intervention.
  280. Meta’s Oversight Board says Facebook should change the rules for wartime posts 2022-11-17
    The article discusses a recent decision by the Meta Oversight Board regarding a Facebook post comparing Russian soldiers to Nazis. The Board overturned a decision by Facebook to remove the post, saying that it did not violate Meta's hate speech policies. However, the Board did urge Facebook to change its policies for wartime conflict to take into consideration the circumstances of unlawful military intervention.
  281. Meta’s Oversight Board says Facebook should change the rules for wartime posts 2022-11-17
    The Oversight Board has overturned a Facebook moderation decision about a post comparing Russian soldiers to Nazis, saying Meta should take special care with moderation during an “unlawful military intervention.” The board found that the post was making a historical argument comparing the behavior of Russian soldiers to Nazis at a particular point in time, not making a blanket claim that Russians were comparable to Nazis. It also found that the violent content policy shouldn’t have been applied, noting that it applied vaguely to pictures of “violent” deaths — without further clarification that could help users figure out the standard. The board urges Meta to consider the context of a violent conflict between Russia and Ukraine — which, it notes, is widely accepted as unlawful — when moderating content. The board also recommends clearer public-facing rules for posts that include potentially violent imagery or language.
  282. Apple makes look like an iPad’s homescreen 2022-11-17
    Apple has updated to make the site look and feel more modern, adding widget-like tiles that show information from photos, notes, mail, and more. With the new design, users can customize their homepage, adding tiles that can show their most recent photos, emails, documents, calendar events, notes, and more. The pages that let you manage your iCloud account settings from a browser have also gotten a fresh coat of paint. In terms of what you can actually do with the site, there don’t appear to be any groundbreaking new features.
  283. Samsung’s 2021 smart TVs are getting Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now apps 2022-11-17
    Samsung's 2021 smart TVs will be getting Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now apps, starting next week. The apps will be available on select 2021 Samsung smart TVs. Samsung's gaming hub won't be making its way to 2021 TVs, though. Instead, individual apps will be offered on these older smart TVs. Stadia won't be offered as an individual app, as Google is shutting down the service in January.
  284. Ubisoft and Riot Games are working together to combat toxic chats 2022-11-17
    This article discusses a new research project between gaming giants Ubisoft and Riot Games with the goal of reducing toxic in-game chats. The project, called "Zero Harm in Comms," will involve using AI to detect and mitigate disruptive behaviors. The first phase of the project will focus on establishing a privacy-protecting framework for sharing and collecting data. If successful, the project could lead to fewer toxic messages in chat for players of both companies' games.
  285. Deliveroo enters administration, leaving riders, restaurants and customers in the lurch 2022-11-17
    Deliveroo has entered administration in Australia, leaving 15,000 riders and thousands of restaurants in need of new work. The move affects Deliveroo's staff, riders, and customers, and is due to challenging economic conditions. This follows Deliveroo's decision to quit the German, Dutch, and Spanish markets earlier this year.
  286. Tatum is building a robot arm to help people with deafblindness communicate 2022-11-17
    This article discusses the work being done by Tatum, a small robotics firm, to develop a robotic hand that can spell out words in American Sign Language (ASL). The goal is to provide people with deafblindness a way to communicate with the outside world. The company is working on two projects: a low-cost robotic hand that can fingerspell ASL, and a safe, compliant robotic arm that can sign more complex words and phrases. There is growing support among organizations for the deafblind, as this is a community that has long been underserved by such hardware projects.
  287. BoomPop gains traction by designing high-end off-sites for a remote-first world 2022-11-17
    BoomPop is a startup that designs high-end off-sites for a remote-first world. The company was born during the pandemic and has since grown to 4,000 customers. BoomPop offers a flat fee that is 10-20% off the best rates that companies can find for their off-sites. The company is competing with other startups in the same space, but has advantages due to its connection to Atomic, a company-making factory.
  288. Politics 2022-11-17
    In America's midterm elections, the Democrats fared better than expected, but the Republicans were still on course to capture the House of Representatives. It is not yet clear which party will control the Senate. In the governors' elections, Brian Kemp (R) beat Stacey Abrams (D) in Georgia. In New York, Kathy Hochul (D) held off a late surge by a Republican candidate. Democrats also beat back strong challenges in Michigan and Wisconsin. They gained Maryland and Massachusetts, but Arizona and Nevada were too close to call. Ron DeSantis (R) won re-election as governor of Florida by a wide margin. In Russia, troops were ordered to withdraw from Kherson, a city in Ukraine that Vladimir Putin had vowed would be part of Russia forever. Ukraine is deploying its first air-defence systems. In Britain, Rishi Sunak (R) faces a winter of discontent. Tax rises and spending cuts are expected. In addition, nurses voted to strike. Sir Gavin Williamson resigned as a minister in the British government after being accused of bullying. In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega's ruling party won all 153 municipalities in a sham election. In Brazil, supporters of Jair Bolsonaro (R) urged the army to intervene after he lost his re-election bid to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (D). Police cleared hundreds of pro-Bolsonaro roadblocks, but new ones sprang up. India's Supreme Court overturned the death-penalty convictions of three men for the rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman. In Pakistan, supporters of Imran Khan (R) tried to block the main roads around Islamabad after he claimed without evidence that the current prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif (D), and other officials were conspiring to assassinate him. Protesters against military rule in Sudan clashed with security forces. Uganda will shut schools before the end of term in an effort to contain an outbreak of Ebola. The UN's annual summit on climate change got under way in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. An ambassador for Qatar's football World Cup said homosexuality was "damage in the mind".
  289. Amazon hardware head confirms layoffs in memo 2022-11-17
    The article discusses a memo from Amazon hardware head Dave Limp which confirms that the company is carrying out layoffs. The memo states that the layoffs are a result of a review of the company's businesses and that some roles are no longer necessary. The memo also says that the company is working to support any employees who may be affected. The article goes on to say that the size and scope of the layoffs are not yet known, but that they are part of a larger round of layoffs that is taking place across the company.
  290. With $18M in new funding, EngFlow wants to speed up your builds 2022-11-17
    EngFlow is a startup that offers a build acceleration platform for enterprises. The platform is based on Bazel, an open source build tool from Google. EngFlow has raised $18 million in funding from investors including Tiger Global, Firstminute Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz. The company plans to use the funding to expand its platform and hire more engineers.
  291. Only the iPhone 15 Pro will get a speed upgrade with USB-C, says analyst 2022-11-17
    According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 15 Pro models will feature a massive upgrade to their wired transfer speeds with the switch to USB-C. However, the regular 2023 iPhones will not receive the same benefit and will instead be stuck with USB 2.0 speeds. Kuo predicts that the 15 and 15 Plus will also swap in USB-C ports but, just like the 2022 10th-gen iPad, they will be limited to USB 2.0 speeds.
  292. Artemis I Liftoff 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the launch of the Artemis I mission, which is the first test flight of NASA's Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft. The primary goal of the mission is to test the integrated systems of the spacecraft in a deep space environment. The article lists the milestones that will occur during the two-hour ascent of the spacecraft.
  293. Now anyone can hail a Waymo robotaxi in downtown Phoenix 2022-11-17
    Waymo has opened up its fully driverless ride-hail service in downtown Phoenix to members of the general public. The expansion in Phoenix is yet another sign of Waymo’s accelerated push toward commercialization. It comes a day after Waymo secured its driverless deployment permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, which allows Waymo to charge for autonomous services, like delivery, in San Francisco. More importantly, it’s a prerequisite to securing the California Public Utilities Commission’s own driverless deployment permit, which Waymo needs to operate a commercial robotaxi service with no human safety operator in the city. Waymo's service in downtown Phoenix will mirror the one it has operated in Chandler, Arizona since 2020. It will be a paid rider-only service that’s available 24/7 to anyone who downloads the app and hails a ride in Waymo’s service area. Waymo said this is an important step as it plans to expand the service to even more of the downtown area in coming months. Earlier this month, Waymo also launched rides, with a driver in the front seat, to Phoenix’s airport from the city’s downtown. The service is currently only available to trusted testers, but will likely expand using the same recipe Waymo has used throughout its many expansions — Waymo will probably next test fully driverless rides to the airport with employees before opening that up to trusted testers, and then finally to members of the public.
  294. Escaping Hell’s Flywheel: Building Non-inflationary Distribution Channels 2022-11-17
    The article discusses how businesses can escape "Hell's Flywheel", a cycle of growth and margin destruction that occurs when companies try to scale their businesses by buying digital ads. The author argues that the only way to escape the flywheel is to find non-inflationary customer acquisition channels, such as distribution through a referral partner. The article provides examples of companies that have successfully shifted their GTM strategy from direct-to-consumer to B2B or B2B2C.
  295. The Biggest Company in the World 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the possibility of a consumer health tech company becoming the biggest company in the world. It cites the example of UnitedHealth Group (UHG), which is currently the 8th biggest company in the world. However, the author notes that UHG is not a tech company and lacks in the consumer engagement department. The article argues that a consumer health company that is focused on consumer experience and engagement could improve profitability by billions.
  296. Investing in Equals 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the launch of Equals, a modern spreadsheet tool that is designed to be more user-friendly and efficient than traditional spreadsheet tools. The article explains that Equals has built-in integrations to any database, which allows users to seamlessly pull in data from connected data sources directly into the spreadsheet. Additionally, the article discusses the team behind Equals and how they are committed to building a tool that meets the needs of today's businesses.
  297. Investing in MotherDuck 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the MotherDuck company and its focus on the DuckDB in-memory OLAP database. The company is aiming to make DuckDB one of the most popular and performant databases in the world. The article discusses the team behind MotherDuck and their experience with building data processing systems. The article also discusses the company's plans for making DuckDB more accessible and easy to use.
  298. Achieving Crypto Privacy and Regulatory Compliance 2022-11-17
    The article discusses the need for privacy-protecting regulatory solutions using zero-knowledge proofs in order to achieve both consumer privacy and reduce the risk of illicit finance. It outlines three possible approaches that could be used: deposit screening, withdrawal screening, and selective de-anonymization.
  299. Art Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Machine-Generated 2022-11-17
    The article discusses how AI is changing the landscape of art and creativity, with a focus on the fields of programming and visuals. It argues that while AI models will replace artists long before they'll replace programmers, the impact on creative work output is extreme. The article cites the example of image generation, where AI models can produce complete or nearly complete work output at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods.