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Dunyada Yasamıs En Buyuk ve Tehlikeli 6 DINOZOR - YouTube 2024-01-08
This article is about a YouTube video discussing the six largest and most dangerous dinosaurs that ever lived. It includes information about their size, strength, and habits. It also provides a brief overview of the copyright, contact information, creators, and terms of use for the video.
This article discusses the Turk mythology of the "IT-Baraklar," which are mythical figures known as "Kurt Adamlar," or "Wild Men." It explains that these figures are described as being strong, brave, and wise, and that they are often depicted wearing animal skins. It also gives an overview of the history of the mythology and the various interpretations of the Wild Men.
Sinan Canan ile Acık Beyin 13. Bolum (23 Aralık 2023) - YouTube 2024-01-08
This article discusses the 13th episode of a YouTube series called "Sinan Canan ile Acık Beyin" which will be released on December 23, 2023. It also provides information on YouTube's various features, such as press, copyright, contact, creators, advertise, developers, terms, privacy, policy, and safety. It also mentions NFL Sunday Ticket.
Sinegi Yemege Daldırma Hadisi Sahih mi? - YouTube 2024-01-08
This YouTube video discusses whether the hadith of 'sinegi yemege daldırma' (dipping food into sauces) is a valid hadith. It looks into the evidence for and against it, and discusses the opinions of various scholars on the matter. It also explains how YouTube works and mentions NFL Sunday Ticket.
The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life | David Goggins - YouTube 2024-01-08
This article is about a motivational video by David Goggins that encourages viewers to challenge themselves and take control of their lives. It outlines the 10-minute video that discusses the difficulty of pushing past one's comfort zone and turning failure into success. It also encourages viewers to take action and make the most of their lives.
Fission yeast Wee1 is required for stable kinetochore-microtubule attachment 2024-01-08
This article examines the role of Wee1, a cell cycle regulator that phosphorylates Cdk1/Cdc2 and inhibits G2/M transition, in fission yeast. Loss of Wee1 in fission yeast results in an early onset of mitosis, but it is found that cells lacking Wee1 require the functional spindle checkpoint for their viability. Using live-cell imaging, it is revealed that some kinetochores are not attached or bioriented in the wee1 mutant, leading to activation of the spindle checkpoint. This study suggests that Wee1 plays a role in the accurate segregation of chromosomes during mitosis, and could be a basis for a new principle of cancer treatment with Wee1 inhibitors.
Genc Yasta Cinleri Goren Gencin Huddam Olma Yolunda Yasadıkları | Korku Hikayeleri | Paranormal - YouTube 2024-01-08
This article focuses on a group of people called Genc Yasta Cinleri Goren Gencin Huddam Olma Yolunda Yasadıkları, also known as Korku Hikayeleri, who have paranormal experiences. They discuss their experiences and the ways in which they have been able to cope with them. They offer advice and insight into the paranormal experience and how to manage it. Additionally, the article talks about YouTube's NFL Sunday Ticket and how it can help people to enjoy the game.
MAD2L2, a key regulator in ovarian cancer and promoting tumor progression 2024-01-08
This article examines MAD2L2, a chromatin-binding protein and a component of DNA polymerase ζ, as a key regulator in ovarian cancer and its role in promoting tumor progression. The authors use bioinformatics tools, Cox Regression analysis, and in vitro cell experiments to investigate its biological functions. Results show that MAD2L2 typically undergoes genomic alterations, such as amplifications and deep deletions, and is overexpressed in OVCA patients, correlating with reduced survival rates. Additionally, it is found to be involved in tumor metabolism, the cell death process, and promoting cell proliferation and migration in OVCA cells. These findings offer new insights for treating OVCA.
Therapy-induced normal tissue damage promotes breast cancer metastasis 2024-01-08
This study examines how chemotherapy-induced normal tissue damage can promote metastasis of breast cancer. The study used multiple mouse and human breast cancer models to demonstrate that prior chemotherapy administration enhances metastatic colonization and outgrowth. It was found that chemotherapy-treated fibroblasts display a pro-tumorigenic senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) and are effectively eliminated by targeting the anti-apoptotic protein BCL-xL. In vivo, chemotherapy treatment induces SASP expression in normal tissues, but the accumulation of senescent cells is limited. The study highlights the role of the metastatic microenvironment in controlling outgrowth of disseminated tumor cells and the need to identify additional approaches to limit the pro-tumorigenic effects of therapy-induced normal tissue damage.
CNN 2024-01-08
CNN Audio's "CNN Political Briefing" podcast discusses the efforts to protect the 2024 election and the use of new tools for this cycle. Jessica Huseman, the editorial director of Votebeat, is featured in the episode to discuss topics such as what happens if an election system is hacked and what is meant by curing a ballot. Transcripts are available for download.
BCL-2 protein family: attractive targets for cancer therapy 2024-01-08
This review discusses the role of the BCL-2 protein family in controlling apoptotic cell death, which is frequently detected in various cancers. It also explains how abnormalities in the control of apoptosis can lead to the development and resistance of cancer to treatment. Lastly, it examines the use of BH3-mimetic drugs as novel agents for cancer therapy.
Reaction Kinetic 8. 1 Part 2 Rate Law & Integrated Rate Law - YouTube 2024-01-08
This article is a YouTube video discussing reaction kinetics, part two of Rate Law & Integrated Rate Law. It covers topics such as how to calculate reaction rate constants, how to create integrated rate laws, and how to use these laws to calculate the rate of a reaction. It also explains the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription service.
The Most Wild History Facts #history - YouTube 2024-01-08
This YouTube video discusses a variety of interesting facts about history. It covers topics such as the origin of the word “history”, the history of the NFL Sunday Ticket, and other interesting facts about the past. It is a fun and informative look into history.
bay j - 7 Temmuz 2017 - YouTube 2024-01-08
This article is about YouTube's NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows viewers to watch all NFL games on Sunday. It includes information on how to access the service, as well as some information about YouTube's terms, copyright, press, creators, developers, and privacy policies.
Napolyon ''Yapacak Bir Sey Yok'' Dedi Mi? #napolyon #tarih - YouTube 2024-01-08
This YouTube video focuses on the historical figure Napoleon Bonaparte and provides an analysis of a quote attributed to him: "There is nothing to do". The video looks at the context in which the quote was made and provides an interpretation of its meaning. It also explores the legacy of Napoleon and his impact on history.
Spartalılar Hakkında Bilgiler #tarih #sparta #tarihyapayzeka - YouTube 2024-01-08
This YouTube video provides information about the ancient city of Sparta. It describes the history of Sparta, its government and military, and its culture. The video also discusses the legacy of Sparta and its importance in ancient Greek history.
Kant'ın Maksimleri Nedir? Prof. Dr. Ioanna Kucuradi Anlatıyor. | Felsefe Sozlugu - YouTube 2024-01-08
This YouTube video features a discussion between Professor Ioanna Kucuradi and Felsefe Sozlugu about the maxim of Immanuel Kant. Professor Kucuradi explains the maxim as a set of principles that Kant believed should be followed in order to achieve moral and ethical behavior. She also provides examples of Kant's maxims and how they can be used in everyday life.
Tarihi Rotalar | Pera Palas ve Mısır Apt. | 19. Bolum - YouTube 2024-01-08
This YouTube video is a 19th episode of the series "Tarihi Rotalar" which looks at the history of the Pera Palas and Mısır Apt. buildings in Turkey. It provides viewers with an overview of the architecture and history of these two buildings. It also discusses the importance of these buildings to the city of Istanbul.
Baldwin IV and Salahuddin Ayyubi. ✝🔱☪ #christian #muslim #sigma #jesusisking - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article discusses the relationship between Baldwin IV, a Christian King, and Salahuddin Ayyubi, a Muslim leader, during the Middle Ages. It also highlights the importance of mutual respect between the two religious groups. The article also provides a short video that further explains the relationship between the two leaders.
No death and an enhanced life: Is the future transhuman? 2024-01-07
The article discusses the implications of the transhumanist movement, which seeks to use technology to enhance human bodies and minds. It examines the possible benefits of such technology, such as increased strength, intelligence, and lifespan, but also the ethical implications that come with it. It looks at how this technology could be used to help the elderly, injured, or sick, but also could be misused by the healthy or young to boost their lifestyle or performance. It also looks at the issue of who would be able to access and afford these technologies and the implications of creating a society where some people are enhanced while others are left behind. Finally, it looks at the potential implications of merging humans with machines and the questions this raises about the future of our species.
The United Nations and the Future of Global Governance 2024-01-07
This expert roundup features the thoughts of four experts about the role of the United Nations and the future of global governance. Philippe Moreau Defarges of the Institut Français des Relations Internationals, Fen Osler Hampson, Paul Heinbecker, and Gordon S. Smith of the Centre for International Governance Innovation, Michael Fullilove of the Lowy Institute for International Policy, and Xue Lei of Shanghai’s Center for Maritime and Polar Studies all contribute their thoughts. They discuss the need for a universal social contract, balancing world powers, garnering regional support, and fostering trust. They also discuss the UN's role in providing legitimacy to international interventions, the need for reform of the United Nations, and the role of minilateral groups such as the G20. Finally, they discuss Australia's candidacy for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council and the need for a new global consensus.
Transworld. Transatlantic Relations and the Future of Global Governance 2024-01-07
The TRANSWORLD project is a consortium of 13 academic and research centers from the EU, the US and Turkey that has been funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme. The project aims to research the evolution of the transatlantic relationship and its role in shaping global governance architectures. The project is divided into four policy domains (economic, security, environment, and human rights/democracy) and will assess the role of the US and the EU in the global governance architecture. Sciences Po's CERI is leading Work Package 3 (WP3) which deals with transatlantic security relations. WP3's main objective is to assess whether the transatlantic relationship is drifting apart, a functional partnership, or an enduring partnership. WP3 will review and analyze the trends and leadership challenges within international security, analyze EU and US adjustment policies to emerging and changing trends in international security, contribute to the elaboration of a questionnaire for an elite survey, and produce a report on US-EU convergence/divergence patterns. The project will produce two separate but easily comparable documents on EU and US adjustment policies, and a report on the transatlantic security relationship which could result in the redefinition of the relationship.
Is economic global governance failing where it is needed most? 2024-01-07
This article discusses the issue of economic global governance and how it is failing to promote economic stability, reduce inequality, and enhance the well-being of people around the world. It argues that economic global governance is often heavily influenced by the interests of powerful countries and corporations, and is often criticized for imposing neoliberal policies that prioritize economic liberalization and deregulation over social and environmental protections. The article also provides examples of how economic global governance has failed to take into account the needs and concerns of individual countries, and has instead imposed one-size-fits-all solutions that have had negative consequences. Despite this, the article argues that economic global governance can still be successful when it is inclusive, accountable, and transparent, and takes into account the specific needs of different countries and communities.
Seven governance failures 2024-01-07
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres delivered a damning critique of global governance failures in his 6 February 2023 briefing to the General Assembly. He proposed a New Agenda for Peace, a radical transformation of the global financial architecture, and a Climate Solidarity Pact and Climate Ambition Summit to end the 'merciless, relentless and senseless war on nature'. He warned of instability and conflict due to sea level rise, and highlighted the need for respect for diversity, full gender equality, civil and political rights, and rights of future generations. He called for better global governance to replace the out-of-date paradigm of national sovereignty.
Geomagic DesignX: Reverse Engineering for Complex Surfaces - Webinar - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article is about a webinar discussing Geomagic DesignX, a 3D reverse engineering software that enables users to quickly and accurately scan and replicate complex surfaces. The webinar will discuss how to use the software and its various features, as well as how it can be used in a variety of applications.
A UN Expert on the Institution’s Successes, Failures, and Continued Relevance 2024-01-07
Minh-Thu Pham, a recent non-resident scholar of the Carnegie Endowment, discusses her experiences at the United Nations (UN) and shares her thoughts on the UN's successes and failures. She highlights the open process of creating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the tension between the UN and the United States as two topics that are often overlooked, but important to understand. Pham also talks about the need for reform at the UN and how the BRICS+ countries can lead or influence the Global South through the UN.
Environment action programme to 2030 2024-01-07
On May 2, 2022, the 8th Environment Action Programme (EAP) entered into force, providing the EU's legally agreed common agenda for environment policy until 2030. The objective of the EAP is to speed up the transition to a climate-neutral, resource-efficient economy, with the long-term vision of Europeans living well, within planetary boundaries, by 2050 at the latest. The EAP includes six priority objectives to 2030, as well as an enabling framework of existing legislation to ensure effective implementation, and a monitoring framework of headline indicators to measure progress towards the EU's environment and climate goals. The Commission, supported by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), will monitor, assess and report annually on progress on the priority objectives.
Environment policy: general principles and basic framework 2024-01-07
This article provides an overview of European environment policy, discussing its legal basis, general principles, basic framework, international environmental cooperation, environmental impact assessment and public participation, implementation, enforcement and monitoring, and the role of the European Parliament. It includes information on multiannual Environment Action Programmes, horizontal strategies, the European Green Deal, the precautionary principle, the polluter pays principle, the Aarhus Convention, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the biodiversity strategy, the farm to fork strategy, and international environmental agreements.
Commission proposes ‘one substance, one assessment' chemicals assessment reform for faster, simplified and transparent processes 2024-01-07
The Commission is proposing an update to the REACH Regulation to better protect human health and the environment from harmful chemicals. The update includes an impact assessment, public consultations, REACH registration requirements, and new provisions regarding nanomaterials. It will also assess the safety of chemicals in use in the EU and promote innovation and competitiveness. The Commission's Better Regulation provisions will inform the revision proposal and the public can find related documents on CIRCABC.
European Climate Law 2024-01-07
The European Climate Law sets a legally binding target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and establishes a system to monitor progress. The Law also sets an ambitious 2030 target of reducing net emissions by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels. To achieve this, the EU has proposed a series of policy instruments and the Law includes a process for setting a 2040 climate target. The public had the opportunity to provide feedback on the roadmap and the Law was officially adopted in July 2021. The Commission has conducted an assessment of progress on climate neutrality and adaptation at the national level, finding that Member States need to take significantly more action. The Commission has issued recommendations to Member States under the European Climate Law in December 2023.
Environment policy: general principles and basic framework 2024-01-07
This article provides an overview of the European Union's environment policy. It covers the principles of the policy, the legal basis, origins and development, general principles, basic framework, environmental impact assessment and public participation, implementation and enforcement, monitoring, and the role of the European Parliament. The European Union's environment policy is based on the principles of precaution, prevention, rectifying pollution at source, and the 'polluter pays' principle. It is implemented through multiannual environmental action programmes, horizontal strategies, and international environmental negotiations. The European Commission's European Green Deal is the main driver of its economic growth strategy. The article also outlines the European Parliament's role in shaping EU environmental law.
This article is about a 100-year-old recording of a prayer by Abdulhamid Han, a Turkish composer. The recording was uploaded to YouTube and is accompanied by a description of the prayer, as well as a link to the NFL Sunday Ticket.
Buyuklerin Izinde | 17.Bolum - YouTube 2024-01-07
This YouTube video, from the series Buyuklerin Izinde, is from the 17th episode. It covers topics such as copyright, contact information, creators, advertising, developers, terms, privacy, policy, safety, YouTube features, and NFL Sunday Ticket.
2d Bin Packing Problem - KOM4991 CDTP YTU 2023-2024 - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article discusses the 2D bin packing problem in the context of the KOM4991 CDTP YTU 2023-2024 program. It explains how the problem works and provides information about YouTube features, NFL Sunday Ticket, and copyright, contact, creators, advertisers, developers, terms, privacy, and safety policies.
The Bizarre Creatures that Lived on Earth Before the Dinosaurs - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article discusses the creatures that lived on Earth before the dinosaurs. It looks at various species of animals and plants that existed millions of years ago and how they evolved and adapted as time passed. It also looks at how these species interacted with each other and the environments they lived in. Finally, the article looks at how the dinosaurs eventually became the dominant species on the planet.
2023 1 6 / ALLAH’a Gonulden Gidilir. - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article discusses the YouTube video "2023 16/ALLAH'a Gonulden Gidilir", which is about the NFL Sunday Ticket. It provides information on the video's content, its creators, and its copyright status. It also outlines YouTube's policies related to the video, such as its terms of service, privacy policy, and how YouTube works.
This article discusses 6 techniques to influence people without saying a word. These techniques include using body language, facial expressions, eye contact, and being in the moment. Additionally, it discusses how to use silence to build tension and create a connection with the listener. Finally, it outlines how to use silence to let the listener think for themselves and come up with their own solutions.
Tutkulu Insanların Ulkesi: ITALYA Hakkında 27 INANILMAZ GERCEK - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article is about Italy, known as the country of passionate people. It discusses 27 amazing facts about Italy, such as its long history, diverse culture, popular cuisine, and its many contributions to art and architecture. It also covers Italy's unique geography, its bustling economy, and its role in the world today.
Sea monsters - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article discusses the YouTube video series Sea Monsters which focuses on creatures of the deep sea. It outlines the press, copyright, contact information, creators, and advertisers related to the series. It also provides information on the terms, privacy, policy and safety related to the series, as well as how YouTube works and features related to NFL Sunday Ticket.
testtt - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article is about the NFL Sunday Ticket program on YouTube. It provides information about how to access the program, as well as information about copyright, contact, creators, advertising, developers, terms, privacy, policy, and safety. It also includes information about how YouTube works and how to test new features.
Benim Ciftligim - Lineer Dogrusal Sulama Sistemleri / 2.Bolum - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article talks about the second part of a YouTube series named "Benim Ciftligim" which covers the topic of linear and linear irrigation systems. It also mentions NFL Sunday Ticket and how YouTube works.
#449 Deutsch lernen mit Geschichten | Deutsch lernen durch Horen - A2-B1 - Learn German with stories - YouTube 2024-01-07
This YouTube video provides a fun and interactive way for beginners of the German language to learn new words and phrases through stories and audio. It is suitable for learners with a beginner to intermediate level, from A2 to B1.
Gastrointestinal | Gastric Secretion: The Cephalic & Gastric Phase - YouTube 2024-01-07
This article discusses the two phases of gastric secretion: the cephalic and gastric phases. It explains how the cephalic phase is triggered by the sight, smell, and taste of food, and how this activates a reflex arc that ultimately causes the secretion of gastric juices. It also describes the gastric phase, which is caused by food entering the stomach and stimulating the release of gastric juices. Finally, the article explains how the digestion of food is aided by the presence of these gastric juices.
Oteki Gundem-Turkler Ve Samanizm-14 03 2013 - YouTube 2024-01-06
This article discusses Oteki Gundem-Turkler Ve Samanizm, a YouTube video published in March 2013. The video discusses the relationship between Oteki Gundem-Turkler and Samanizm and how they are connected. It also outlines the various features of YouTube, including press, copyright, contact, creators, advertise, developers, terms, privacy, policy and safety, and how YouTube works. Additionally, it mentions NFL Sunday Ticket.
How to Leverage Your Soft Skills to Get Hired if You’ve Been Laid Off From a Tech Job 2024-01-06
This article discusses how tech workers should not assume that the recent layoffs in the tech industry will continue outside of it. It provides tips on how to leverage soft skills when looking for a job, such as asking for feedback from colleagues and friends, studying job descriptions to identify and prioritize skills, and spotlighting soft skills in career materials and interviews. It also explains why soft skills are important and how they are transferable between industries, and emphasizes that hard skills such as software and methods can change but soft skills are timeless.
NO EXCUSES - Best Motivational Video - YouTube 2024-01-06
This article provides a link to a YouTube video which serves as a motivational source for viewers. The video features clips from NFL Sunday Ticket, and encourages viewers to take action and not make excuses. It promotes taking responsibility and encourages viewers to reach their goals.
5 Disturbing Encounters by Campers in the Woods - YouTube 2024-01-06
This article discusses five stories of people who went camping in the woods and encountered some disturbing or unexplainable events. These stories range from strange noises to ghostly apparitions, and all of them have left the campers with an unsettling feeling. The article also provides a link to a YouTube video discussing each of these stories in more detail.
Benefits of Bentonite Clay - YouTube 2024-01-06
This article provides information about the benefits of using bentonite clay. It explains how the clay can help detoxify the body, improve digestion, and promote skin health. It also provides a link to a YouTube video that further explains the benefits of using bentonite clay.
Covid - 19 Salgınının Ekonomiye Etkileri - YouTube 2024-01-06
This YouTube video discusses the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. It covers the severity of the economic downturn, the hardships that people are facing due to job losses, and the government's efforts to help those affected. It also touches on the potential long-term effects of the pandemic and what measures can be taken to help the economy recover.
IKAM Islam Iktisadında Sigorta - Tekaful 1.Ders - Hasan Hacak - YouTube 2024-01-06
This article is about an educational video from YouTube, "IKAM Islam Iktisadında Sigorta - Tekaful 1.Ders" by Hasan Hacak. The video is about the concept of insurance and tekaful in Islamic economics. It outlines the principles of how insurance works and how it is applied in the Islamic financial system.