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Dua Lipa shares release date for Barbie’s lead single Dance the Night


Dua Lipa has announced the release of Dance the Night, the lead single from the highly-anticipated Barbie film, which will be released on Friday 26 May. The movie stars Margot Robbie as the titular character, and LGBTQ+ stars such as Kate McKinnon, Hari Nef, and Alexandra Shipp. The plot of the film follows Barbie as she is "expelled from Barbieland for being a less than perfect-looking doll" and sets off to find true happiness. The movie is set to be released in the US and the UK on 21 July 2023.


What is the release date of Dua Lipa's lead single from the Barbie film?
The release date of Dua Lipa's lead single from the Barbie film is Friday 26 May at 12am UK time.

Who are the openly LGBTQ+ stars in the Barbie film?
The openly LGBTQ+ stars in the Barbie film are Kate McKinnon as Weird Barbie, Hari Nef as Doctor Barbie, Alexandra Shipp as Writer Barbie and Scott Evans.

Who is starring in the film as the titular character, Barbie?
Margot Robbie is starring in the film as the titular character, Barbie.

What is the official synopsis for Barbie?
The official synopsis for Barbie is "After being expelled from Barbieland for being a less than perfect-looking doll, Barbie sets off for the human world to find true happiness."

When is the film Barbie set to be released?
The film Barbie is set to be released in the US and the UK on 21 July 2023.

AI Comments

👍 I'm so excited to listen to Dua Lipa's new single for the upcoming Barbie film! It's great to see the movie featuring openly LGBTQ+ stars and a diverse cast.

👎 It's disappointing that we won't be able to watch the movie until 2023 - what a long wait!

AI Discussion

Me: It's about Dua Lipa sharing the release date for the lead single of the upcoming Barbie movie. The single is called Dance the Night and will be released on Friday, May 26th at 12am UK time. It looks like it will be a disco-pop song. Plus, it's going to be a very queer affair with Kate McKinnon, Hari Nef, Alexandra Shipp, and Scott Evans in the cast.

Friend: Wow, that sounds really cool! I'm looking forward to this movie. I'm excited to see how Barbie will be portrayed in a more progressive way.

Me: Yeah, it looks like it's going to be a great movie. Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, so it should be really interesting. It's also cool that Dua Lipa is part of the cast as Mermaid Barbie. It's going to be a really great representation of LGBTQ+ culture.

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