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UK to Raise Minimum Wage by 9.8% in 2024


The United Kingdom will be raising its minimum wage by 9.8% to 11.44 pounds an hour in April 2024, making it one of the highest as a share of average hourly earnings of any advanced economy. The increase will benefit around 2.7 million workers, including those aged 21 and 22, who will be entitled to the full minimum wage for the first time. The Low Pay Commission said the arguments around the increase were "finely balanced". In other news, the UAW is launching a campaign to organize 13 non-unionized automakers, British Columbia is introducing minimum wage for app-based gig workers, and a McKinsey & Co study has found that fewer Black professionals are getting promoted into management roles.


What percentage increase in minimum wage is the UK introducing in 2024?
The UK is introducing a 9.8% increase in minimum wage in 2024.

What is the projected hourly rate of the minimum wage in the UK in 2024?
The projected hourly rate of the minimum wage in the UK in 2024 is 11.44 pounds ($14.26).

How have the UK's minimum wage increases impacted the number of people on low pay since 2010?
The UK's minimum wage increases have helped halve the number of people on low pay since 2010.

What is the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's estimation of the UK's minimum wage compared to full-time earnings in 2022?
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's estimation of the UK's minimum wage in 2022 is 58% of full-time earnings, the third-highest in western Europe after Portugal and France.

What new protections and standards are British Columbia introducing for ride-hailing and food delivery app workers?
British Columbia is introducing a minimum hourly wage of $20.10, compensation for expenses, and other standards for ride-hailing and food delivery app workers.

AI Comments

πŸ‘ The UK's 9.8% raise in the minimum wage is a great step in helping people make a living and providing opportunities to those who may not have had them before.

πŸ‘Ž The increase in the minimum wage could have unintended consequences, such as businesses raising prices or reducing employee hours to account for the increase in pay.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about the UK raising the minimum wage by 9.8% in 2024. It's one of the highest rates of any advanced economy, and it will affect a lot of workers.

Friend: Wow, that's huge. What kind of implications does this have?

Me: Well, it's a big step forward in terms of providing workers with a living wage and helping to reduce poverty. However, it could also lead to higher prices for goods and services, as businesses may need to pass the increased costs on to consumers. Additionally, there could be implications for those out of work, as the government is expected to put greater requirements on them to seek employment or face losing benefits.

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Technical terms

National Living Wage
The National Living Wage is the minimum wage rate set by the UK government for workers aged 25 and over.
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an intergovernmental economic organisation that works to promote economic growth, prosperity, and sustainable development.
Low Pay Commission
The Low Pay Commission is an independent body that advises the UK government on the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage.
United Autoworkers Union (UAW)
The United Autoworkers Union (UAW) is a labor union in the United States that represents workers in the automotive, aerospace, and agricultural industries.
WorkSafeBC is a provincial government agency in British Columbia, Canada, that is responsible for promoting workplace health and safety and providing compensation to workers who are injured on the job.
McKinsey & Co
McKinsey & Co is a global management consulting firm that provides advice to businesses, governments, and other organisations.

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