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This article outlines the steps one must take to authenticate themselves when logging into an online university platform, including entering a username and password, toggling the password, and selecting if they are a student or university personnel. It also provides instructions on what to do if one has forgotten their username or password, such as setting up a recovery email or contacting their directory administrator.


What is the purpose of authentification?
The purpose of authentification is to verify the identity of a user.

What is the purpose of the Verr Maj toggle?
The purpose of the Verr Maj toggle is to enable the use of uppercase letters.

How can students access their accounts for the first time?
Students can access their accounts for the first time by entering their username and password.

What should personnel do if they lose their password?
Personnel should contact their directory responsible if they lose their password. If they have set up an emergency email, they should go to the Mon compte application and click on "mot de passe oublie".

What is the Test de positionnement en langue?
The Test de positionnement en langue is a language placement test.

AI Comments

👍 L'article est très bien organisé et offre des informations claires et détaillées sur les étapes à suivre pour se connecter.

👎 L'article ne présente pas de solutions à l'identifiant ou au mot de passe perdus, ce qui peut être frustrant pour les utilisateurs.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about authentification. It talks about how you can log in to university systems using your student or staff ID and password.

Friend: That's interesting. What are the implications of that?

Me: Well, it means that students and staff can securely access university systems. It also means that universities need to make sure that they have secure systems in place to protect their data. Furthermore, it means that universities need to make sure their users have access to their IDs and passwords, either through an application or another method, to ensure they can access the systems.

Action items

Technical terms

The process of verifying the identity of a user or process.
A unique identifier used to identify a user or process.
Mot de passe
A password used to authenticate a user or process.
Verr Maj
A key combination used to toggle between uppercase and lowercase letters.
Toggle Password
A feature that allows a user to switch between entering a password in plain text or a masked version.
Premiere connexion
The first time a user logs in to a system.
Identifiant ou mot de passe perdu
Lost username or password.
Test de positionnement en langue
A language placement test.
Responsable annuaire
The directory manager responsible for managing user accounts.
Mon compte
An application used to manage user accounts.
Mot de passe oublie
Forgotten password.

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