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OFR, 플라네타리움, 에픽리그 등 위믹스 파트너들 지지 의사 표명


OFR, Plutarium, Epic League 등 위믹스 파트너들은 현재 벌어지고 있는 위믹스 거래지원 종료 사태에 대해 여전히 위믹스와 네트워크는 견고하고, 이번 사태가 잘 마무리되기를 바란다는 지지 의사를 표명했다. 서울중앙지법은 2일 위메이드가 업비트 운영사들을 대상으로 신청한 위믹스 거래지원 종료결정 효력정지 가처분 심리를 진행한다.


Who are the WEMIX partners to have expressed their support for the current situation?
The WEMIX partners to have expressed their support for the current situation are OFR, Plaentarium, Epic League, NGC Ventures, MVM, and Metaverse Magna.

What is OFR?
OFR is a blockchain investment fund founded and operated by alumni of Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

What are the specifics of the WEMIX situation?
The specifics of the WEMIX situation are that WEMIX and its network are still strong, but WEMIX is ending its trading support.

What did NGC Ventures and Metaverse Magna express on Twitter?
NGC Ventures expressed their support on Twitter, saying they hope the situation is resolved amicably for all participants and holders. Metaverse Magna also expressed their support, saying they hope the situation is resolved peacefully and that their partnership with WEMIX remains strong.

What action is the Seoul Central District Court taking in response to WEMIX?
The Seoul Central District Court is taking action in response to WEMIX by conducting a provisional injunction hearing on the decision to end WEMIX trading support, which was requested by WEMIX against four exchanges - Upbit, Dunamu, Coinone, and Korbit.

AI Comments

👍 It's great to see the OFR, Plaentarium, Epic League and other Wemeex partners showing their support for the current Wemeex situation. It's a testament to the strength of the Wemeex network and partnership.

👎 It's concerning that the Seoul Central Court is proceeding with the injunction to suspend the decision to terminate support for Wemeex, targeting four major exchanges including Upbit, Two Trees, Coinone, and Korbit.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about OFR, Platenarium, Epic League, and other Wimedia partners expressing their support for the situation with Wimedia. They all believe that the network is still strong despite the unexpected events and that it will be resolved constructively.

Friend: That's really positive news. It's great to see that the partners are standing together and supporting Wimedia. It shows that the blockchain industry is still a strong and united community.

Me: Absolutely. It's also encouraging to see the courts getting involved and taking action. Hopefully they will be able to resolve the situation in a way that is beneficial to everyone.

Friend: Yes, that's true. It's important to have a legal framework in place to ensure that all parties are treated fairly.

Action items

Technical terms

OFR (Old Fashion Research)
OFR is a blockchain investment fund founded and operated by former executives of Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.
플라네타리움 (Plaentarium)
Plaentarium is a global crypto venture capital fund.
에픽리그 (Epic League)
Epic League is a blockchain gaming platform.
위메이드 (Wemade)
Wemade is a South Korean game developer.
위믹스 (WeMEX)
WeMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.
파트너 (Partner)
A partner is a person or organization that works with another to achieve a common goal.

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