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This article provides information about the Taylor and Francis Group, a publisher of journals, books, and other publications. It provides details about open access publications, corporate access solutions, and reprint and e-print opportunities. It also provides contact and help information, as well as links to their social media accounts. Finally, it outlines their use of cookies and their privacy policy.


What services does Taylor and Francis Group offer?
Taylor and Francis Group offers services for authors, R&D professionals, editors, librarians, and societies, as well as open access options, reprint and e-print services, advertising solutions, and corporate access solutions.

What are the open access options available?
The open access options available are Open Journals and Open Select.

What are the opportunities for authors?
The opportunities for authors include accelerated publication.

What are the corporate access solutions available?
The corporate access solutions available are corporate access solutions.

What is Taylor and Francis Group's Cookie Policy?
Taylor and Francis Group's Cookie Policy states that they use cookies to improve website experience and that users can manage their cookie settings.

AI Comments

👍 This website provides great resources for authors, researchers, editors, librarians, and open access societies.

👎 The cookie policy is poorly explained and difficult to understand.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about open access opportunities for authors, research and development professionals, editors, librarians, and societies. It talks about open access journals, open select, reprint and e-prints, and accelerated publication.

Friend: That's interesting. What are the implications of the article?

Me: Well, the article implies that open access is becoming increasingly important for authors, R&D professionals, editors, librarians, and societies. It also implies that Taylor and Francis Group is making an effort to make these opportunities more accessible. This could be beneficial for those who need access to research and information. It could also help to make scientific breakthroughs more accessible and widely known.

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Technical terms

Log in
Logging in is the process of entering a username and password to gain access to a secure system.
Registering is the process of creating an account on a website or application.
A cart is a feature on a website or application that allows users to store items they wish to purchase.
Open access
Open access is a publishing model that allows readers to access content without a subscription or paywall.
Reprints and e-prints
Reprints and e-prints are digital versions of printed materials that can be shared or downloaded.
Advertising solutions
Advertising solutions are services that help companies advertise their products or services.
Accelerated publication
Accelerated publication is a process that allows authors to publish their work faster than the traditional publishing process.
Cookie Policy
A cookie policy is a document that outlines how a website or application uses cookies to collect and store user data.

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