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A UX designer’s guide to content strategy


This guide explains why content strategy and UX design are both important for a successful product. It outlines how to set the content, audit the UX, map user flows, and create prototypes. It also explains why Lorem Ipsum should not be used and why user testing and validation are important. The article ends by encouraging UX designers to take a content-first approach and to reach out to UXTeam for help if needed.


What is the difference between a UX designer and a content strategist?
A UX designer is not a content strategist and a content strategist is not a UX designer. A UX designer focuses on the user experience of a product or service, while a content strategist focuses on the content that is used to communicate the product or service.

What techniques and tools are used in UX Audit?
Techniques and tools used in UX Audit include heat map analysis, SWOT analysis, funnel analysis, session log reviewing, acquisition-behavior-conversion rate, surveys and polls.

What is the importance of content in UX design?
The importance of content in UX design is that it helps design communicate, provides context, intent, and generates trust. It brings life to the content and helps to solve problems through fundamental ways.

How can UX designers use competitor content to improve their design?
UX designers can use competitor content to identify what content methods they are using to achieve the result, what language and labels they use, what content elements they include, what content mediums they are using, what is the tone of their voice, and what content they leave out.

What methods can UX designers use to create prototypes with validatable content?
UX designers can use current content, sample content, random throwaway content, and competitor content to create prototypes with validatable content.

AI Comments

👍 This article has provided a comprehensive guide to UX design, including detailed advice on content strategy and how to include a content-first approach in UX design.

👎 This article is too long and contains too much detail, making it difficult to focus on the most important points.

AI Discussion

Me: It discusses how UX designers and content strategists should work together to create better user experiences. It explores some ways to integrate content into design and how to use it to create an effective user experience. It also talks about how to conduct a UX audit, how to map user flows, and how to prototype and test content.

Friend: That's really interesting! It's clear that content and design need to work together to create an effective user experience. It makes me think about how I can use this information in my own design projects. What implications do you think this article has?

Me: Well, one implication is that UX designers need to be aware of the content that goes into their designs. They have to consider how the content will impact the user experience and make sure to create designs that are tailored to the content. Additionally, content strategists need to be aware of the design process and how their content can influence it. It's important for both disciplines to be aware of the other in order to create a successful user experience.

Action items

Technical terms

User Experience (UX)
The overall experience of a user when interacting with a product or service, including the design, usability, and functionality.
User Interface (UI)
The graphical layout of a product or service, including the buttons, menus, and other interactive elements.
Enterprise UX
The design of products and services for large organizations.
Ecommerce UX
The design of products and services for online stores.
Marketing UX
The design of products and services for marketing purposes.
Heat Map Analysis
A technique used to visualize user interactions on webpages or app screens.
A descriptive method used to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a project.
Funnel Analysis
A technique used to analyze the series of events towards a goal.
Session Log Reviewing
A technique used to track user activities through logged-in sessions on websites or apps.
Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion Rate
A technique used to track and analyze user behavior on websites or apps.
Surveys & Polls
A technique used to collect information in the form of opinions and answers directly from consumers.
User Flows
A technique used to understand how users are behaving on a website or app.
Thought Sketching
A technique used to develop concepts and models through suggestions.
A technique used to create a semi-developed product.
User Testing
A technique used to test a product or service with users.

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