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Gaslighting at Work: 9 Phrases Gaslighters Love to Use


This article discusses the concept of gaslighting, which is psychological manipulation used to bring someone's sanity into question. It provides an overview of what gaslighting is, provides signs that someone is being gaslighted, and outlines nine common gaslighter phrases and how to respond to them. It also provides advice on how to face gaslighting in the workplace and win.


What is gaslighting?
Gaslighting is when someone uses psychological manipulation in order to bring someone else's sanity into question.

What are some signs of gaslighter behavior?
Signs of gaslighter behavior include telling obvious lies, denying making a promise even when there is proof, making sexist and racist comments and then denying it, lashing out when challenged, and throwing in just enough positive reinforcement to confuse the victim.

What are some common gaslighter phrases to watch out for?
Common gaslighter phrases include “You’re acting insane” or “What are you talking about?”, “I didn’t say that.”, “Don’t be so sensitive.”, “You’re remembering wrong” or “It didn’t happen that way.”, “Everyone thinks you’re crazy.”, “You seem unstable.”, “Don’t take it so personally.”, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”, and “I was just joking around.”

How can someone handle a gaslighting situation at work?
To handle a gaslighting situation at work, one should educate themselves on gaslighting, get outside advice, reconnect with their intuition, not confront the gaslighter directly, write it down, consciously affirm themselves, and prepare for a struggle and leave if necessary.

What steps can be taken to protect oneself from workplace gaslighting?
Steps to protect oneself from workplace gaslighting include educating oneself on gaslighting, getting outside advice, reconnecting with one's intuition, not confronting the gaslighter directly, writing it down, consciously affirming oneself, and preparing for a struggle and leaving if necessary.

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👍 This article is very informative and well written. It provides a comprehensive overview on how to spot and respond to gaslighting in the workplace.

👎 This article is too long and could have been condensed to make the information easier to digest.

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Me: It's about gaslighting at work and how to identify it. It also talks about some common phrases gaslighters use and how to respond to them.

Friend: Wow, that sounds terrifying. What implications does it have?

Me: Well, it brings to light an issue that often goes unnoticed and unaddressed in the workplace. It highlights how individuals can be manipulated and made to feel like their reality is wrong or that they are imagining things. It also shows how it's important to be aware of the signs of gaslighting, and how to respond to it if it is happening. It's also important to be aware of the power dynamics that can lead to gaslighting, such as hierarchical relationships or gender dynamics. Finally, it can be beneficial to have a supportive network of colleagues who can help you recognize and address any instances of gaslighting.

Action items

Technical terms

Psychological manipulation in order to bring someone else's sanity into question.
When a man explains something to a woman in a condescending or patronizing way.
Toxic Co-worker
A co-worker who engages in bad behavior and creates a negative work environment.
Red Flags
Signs or warnings that something is wrong or likely to go wrong.
Easily hurt or offended.
A word or phrase that is repeated often, used to focus the mind and promote concentration.
A positive statement that is said to oneself to build self-confidence.

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