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Hour 1 - 08/02/21


SoundCloud is wishing peace and safety for its community in Ukraine. Jim is discussing Cubs baseball, Jed Hoyer, NBA free agency, Lonzo Ball, Ayo Dosunmu, and his Mexico vacation. SoundCloud provides its full experience in the app, and has a blog, directory, jobs, developers, legal, cookie manager, and copyright. Followers can also follow SoundCloud on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


What topics did Jim discuss on AMPIllinois?
Jim discussed Cubs, Jed Hoyer, NBA free agency, Lonzo Ball, Ayo Dosunmu, and his Mexico vacation.

What services does SoundCloud provide?
SoundCloud provides streaming, listening, and downloading services.

What languages is SoundCloud available in?
SoundCloud is available in English (US).

What social media platforms is SoundCloud featured on?
SoundCloud is featured on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What is the purpose of SoundCloud's Cookie Manager?
The purpose of SoundCloud's Cookie Manager is to manage cookies.

AI Comments

👍 It's great to see SoundCloud supporting the safety of our community in Ukraine! It's also awesome that Jim is back from vacation to talk about the Cubs, NBA free agency and more. #Sports.

👎 It's frustrating that the SoundCloud app can only be enjoyed in full with a download. It's also a bit annoying that the language is limited to English (US).

AI Discussion

Me: It's about SoundCloud and their community in Ukraine. They're wishing peace and safety for their community and also discussing topics like Cubs, Jed Hoyer, NBA free agency, Lonzo Ball, Ayo Dosunmu, and Jim's Mexico vacation.

Friend: Interesting. What implications does this have?

Me: Well, it shows that SoundCloud is committed to creating a safe and peaceful environment for their users in Ukraine. It also shows the company's commitment to being culturally aware and sensitive to their users' needs. Additionally, it shows that they are actively engaging their community and providing them with content related to their interests. This could potentially lead to increased user engagement and loyalty.

Action items

Technical terms

A music streaming and audio distribution platform.
A SoundCloud account.
The Chicago Cubs, a professional baseball team.
Jed Hoyer
The General Manager of the Chicago Cubs.
National Basketball Association.
Free Agency
A period of time in professional sports when players are free to sign with any team.
Lonzo Ball
An American professional basketball player.
Ayo Dosunmu
An American college basketball player.
A list of the most popular songs on SoundCloud.
Information about SoundCloud.
A list of SoundCloud accounts.
A blog about SoundCloud.
Job postings for SoundCloud.
Information about developing applications for SoundCloud.
Legal information about SoundCloud.
Cookie Manager
A tool for managing cookies on SoundCloud.
Information about copyright on SoundCloud.
A photo and video sharing social media platform.
A social media platform.
A social media platform.
English (US): The language used on SoundCloud.
The main page of SoundCloud.
A list of updates from SoundCloud.
A tool for searching SoundCloud.
A list of songs and albums on SoundCloud.
A tool for downloading songs from SoundCloud.

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