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Digital Clutter Can Be Overwhelming. Here’s How to Clean Up.


Digital clutter can cause stress and anxiety, and can make it difficult to be productive. Storage space is expanding, making it easy to become complacent and avoid purging data. Experts provide tips on how to declutter digital devices, such as looking at data storage, deleting in bursts, organizing files in folders, and deleting in bulk. Photos should be saved for last, and regular maintenance purges should be scheduled.


What are the psychological effects of digital clutter?
The psychological effects of digital clutter can include stress, reduced productivity, and a negative effect on one's sense of well-being.

What are some tips for decluttering digital items?
Tips for decluttering digital items include looking at the data storage on devices, deleting files in manageable spurts, pruning apps, deleting unwanted text messages, creating folders for remaining files, deleting emails in bulk, archiving photos in a cloud storage space, and scheduling time for upkeep.

How can people manage digital hoarding?
People can manage digital hoarding by looking at the amount of data they have saved, recognizing the emotions that digital clutter produces, and seeking professional help if necessary.

What are some methods for deleting emails in bulk?
Methods for deleting emails in bulk include starting with the oldest emails, typing a persistent notification into the search bar and hitting "delete", and using the Unroll.me app to unsubscribe from email lists.

How can people set up regular maintenance purges?
People can set up regular maintenance purges by scheduling time for upkeep, pairing a less-pleasant task with something more enjoyable, and funneling tips to others.

AI Comments

👍 This article provides an incredible amount of useful tips for tackling digital clutter and organizing it in a way that works best for you. It also provides an insightful look into the experience of digital hoarding and how to recognize it.

👎 This article seems to be lacking concrete advice on how to get started with digital decluttering and organizing. Additionally, the article does not discuss how to address digital clutter in a way that is tailored to different device types.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about how digital clutter can be overwhelming and how to clean it up. It suggests taking a look at the data first to realize how much stuff you actually have, and then to declutter it in bursts. It also suggests looking for ways to delete in bulk, archiving photos in cloud storage, and scheduling regular maintenance purges.

Friend: That's really interesting! It makes sense that digital clutter can be overwhelming, especially as we rely more and more on technology for many aspects of our lives. It can be hard to keep everything organized and up-to-date.

Me: Definitely. It's important to keep digital clutter under control, as it can have a negative effect on our sense of well-being. It's also good to be aware of digital hoarding, which is when digital clutter produces intense emotions.

Action items

Technical terms

Doom piles
A slang term for a large accumulation of clutter or mess.
Cloud complacent
A state of being complacent or unconcerned about the amount of data being stored in the cloud.
Digital hoarding
A psychological disorder characterized by an excessive urge to save digital items, such as emails, photos, and files, which can lead to distress and anxiety.
Inbox zero
A goal of having an empty inbox, achieved by deleting or archiving emails.
Temptation bundling
A technique of pairing a less-pleasant task with something more enjoyable in order to motivate oneself to complete the task.

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