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Arkansas State University


Arkansas State University is now offering digital diplomas, in addition to physical copies, to all graduating students. The digital diplomas are available through a partnership with Parchment, and provide fast, easy, secure access to diplomas. Students will receive an email prompting them to create a Parchment account and upon their first login, they will be able to access their digital credential. This will be beneficial to all graduating students, including international students and those who move for employment after graduation. Digital transcripts and resumes are also available through National Student Clearinghouse and SmartResume, respectively.


What is the purpose of A-State offering digital diplomas?
The purpose of A-State offering digital diplomas is to provide students with a certified version of their credential that can be shared via social media platforms and provided to potential employers.

How will students receive their digital diplomas?
Students will receive an email allowing them to create a Parchment account. Upon their first login, students are prompted to update their email and physical mailing address. Once the student updates this information, they are immediately given their digital credential.

What are the benefits of digital diplomas?
The benefits of digital diplomas include fast, easy, secure access to diplomas, access to credentials no matter the time or place, and immediate access to diplomas for job interviews.

How can students access their digital credentials?
Students can access their digital credentials via the Parchment website anytime, any place and from any device. The credential can be downloaded and saved for future use.

What other digital services are available to A-State students?
Other digital services available to A-State students include digital transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse and digital resumes through SmartResume.

AI Comments

👍 It's great that Arkansas State University is offering digital diplomas for all their graduates starting this fall, so students will now have access to their credentials no matter the time or place. It's also beneficial that graduates can access their documents from any device and save for future use.

👎 It's unfortunate that Arkansas State University is only offering digital diplomas for their graduates starting this fall and not for those who graduated in October. It would be helpful for those students to have the same access to their credentials as those graduating in the future.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about Arkansas State University offering digital diplomas for all graduates starting this fall. It's a great opportunity for students to have access to their credentials anytime, anywhere. The digital diploma can be shared through social media and is certified, so it can be used for job applications. It also makes it easier for international students to access their credentials.

Friend: That's really cool! I think it's a great idea. It could potentially be a game-changer for students, especially in terms of job applications. It's great that they are offering this service for free, too.

Me: Yeah, I agree. It's really beneficial for students who need their diploma immediately, or who move around a lot. Having this digital copy makes it much easier to access and share.

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Technical terms

Registrar's Office
The office responsible for maintaining student records, issuing transcripts, and verifying degrees.
A document that lists a student's academic record, including courses taken, grades earned, and degrees awarded.
A document that certifies a student's qualifications or achievements.
An industry leader in providing fast, easy, secure access to diplomas.
National Student Clearinghouse
An organization that provides digital transcripts to students.
A service that provides digital resumes to students.

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