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Bibelwerk: Content commerce for an unusual business model


The article discusses the relaunch of the websites of two separate organizations, Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH and the non-profit association Katholisches Bibelwerk e.V., to one portal, bibelwerk.de. The organizations needed to update their website to meet the requirements of GDPR and b13 developed a customized, content-based sales solution. The website includes detailed product pages with an image carousel and custom-fillable text fields, as well as a shop in which customers can view detailed pages of products, add them to their shopping cart and complete their purchase by registering on the website. Since the relaunch, visits to the websites have increased significantly and b13 will continue to update the bibelwerk.de installation’s TYPO3 version and website extensions.


What is the purpose of the bibelwerk.de website?
The purpose of the bibelwerk.de website is to serve as the launch portal for two separate organizations that share a name and a mission.

What changes were necessary for Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH to meet GDPR requirements?
Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH had to secure and encrypt their customer data to meet the requirements of the GDPR.

How does Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH use NTX and ONIX publishing software to manage product information?
Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH uses NTX and ONIX publishing software to record all information about an individual book or product, including stock, product name, product description, images, ISBN, subscription and/or publication price, and publication date.

How did b13 unify the websites of the two organizations?
b13 unified the UI for the association, publishing house and shop websites and gave each area a slightly distinct design, with each of the organisations assigned its own colour.

What new payment solutions are being implemented for the shop?
b13 is adding new payment gateways, like Apple Pay, to the shop.

AI Comments

👍 This article provides a great overview of how b13 was able to develop a customized, content-based sales solution for bibelwerk.de that meets the requirements of the DSGVO. It's amazing to see how the two separate organizations were able to come together and create a unified web presence with standardized workflows and designs.

👎 Although this article provides an interesting overview of the project, it fails to provide any concrete details on the payment solution that was added for guest users. It would have been helpful to have more information on this aspect of the project.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about Bibelwerk, a content commerce platform for two separate organizations that share a mission. They needed to transfer their websites to a more stable CMS and the relaunch provided the opportunity to standardize workflows and designs and to establish bibelwerk.de as a landing page.

Friend: Wow, that's really interesting. What are the implications of this article?

Me: Well, it shows that content commerce is becoming an increasingly popular business model, especially for organizations that share similar missions. It also shows how important it is to ensure that customer data is secure and encrypted in order to comply with GDPR. Additionally, it highlights the importance of having a unified web presence and how integrating a payment solution can minimize the risk of unpaid invoices.

Action items

Technical terms

The name of the two separate organizations that share a mission and operate separately.
The German Data Protection Act, which requires the Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH to secure and encrypt customer data.
Content Management System, which the clients needed to transfer their websites to.
General Data Protection Regulation, which prompted the relaunch of the websites.
The customized retail solution developed by b13.
Publishing software used by Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH to record information about products.
Portable Document Format, which is used to publish information material on Catholic scriptures.
Apple Pay
A payment gateway that will be added to the bibelwerk.de installation.

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