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This article is a curated list of AI-powered tools and apps for various tasks such as design, user experience, productivity, market research, legal, ideation, meetings, SEO, development, travel, health and fitness, language, open source, marketing, sales, finance, and social media. There are also discussions on topics such as mentorship, advice for founders, strategies for post-launch, and working effectively across timezones. These apps are designed to help users improve their user experience, productivity, ideation, research, and validation.


What are 8 AI apps, tools, and extensions to supercharge ideation, research, and validation in 2023?
LogicLoop AI SQL Copilot, Pagy 1.0, Hatchways 2.0, Kaiber, WordMentor, Open Source Marketplace by Scoutflo, Spark +AI, Sidekick.

What are 10 developer tools as voted by Golden Kitties to make your code senses tingle?
Vaunt, Drop-In CSS Generator, Race Control, Superpowered AI, Pixelied Image AI, Hololink, LittleThings, Trava, Chekable, SumUp.

What are 8 AI tools to better meetings?
WordMentor, Open Source Marketplace by Scoutflo, Spark +AI, Sidekick.

What are 10 LinkedIn tools to help generate content, engage with audience, and grow personal brand?
Generate content, engage with audience, grow personal brand, track performance of posts.

What are 4 strategies to keep momentum going post-launch?
Set realistic goals, break down tasks, focus on the process, celebrate successes.

AI Comments

👍 This article provides a great selection of AI tools for ideation, research, and validation of products in 2023. It also highlights some of the best AI SEO tools to outrank competitors and offers interesting discussion topics.

👎 This article does not provide much detail about the purpose and features of each AI tool, making it difficult to fully understand how they can be used. Additionally, the discussion topics can be seen as too generic and not relevant to the article.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about some of the latest AI-powered tools and apps that are being released this year. It covers design tools, productivity apps, open source platforms, and more.

Friend: That's really interesting! It sounds like AI is really going to be making huge strides in the tech world this year.

Me: Absolutely! It's amazing to see how AI is being used to make design and development processes more efficient and effective. It's also allowing businesses to gain insights into consumer behavior and market trends that would have been much more difficult to access before.

Friend: It's definitely going to be exciting to see how businesses are able to use these AI tools to their advantage. It sounds like it could have really positive implications for businesses and their bottom line.

Me: Absolutely! AI tools are also giving startups and entrepreneurs the ability to come up with new ideas and validate them quickly. Plus, AI can be used to automate a lot of mundane tasks like transcribing meetings, researching market trends, and more. This allows teams to spend more time on the creative and innovative aspects of their projects.

Action items

Technical terms

UX Writing Assistant
A tool that uses AI to improve user experience with copy.
A natural language processing model used to generate text.
Low-level Machine Operations, a type of AI-native application.
AI apps
Applications that use artificial intelligence to perform tasks.
A natural language processing model used to generate text in a conversational format.
Powered by artificial intelligence.
Applications that are designed to use artificial intelligence.
Powered by artificial intelligence.

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