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SOAS Moodle


This article provides information about SOAS Moodle, a platform for online learning. It explains how to access the platform, and it also mentions that some modules may allow guest access. It is in partnership with the Bloomsbury Learning Exchange.


What is SOAS Moodle?
SOAS Moodle is an online learning platform.

What is the Bloomsbury Learning Exchange?
The Bloomsbury Learning Exchange is a partner of SOAS Moodle.

How can I access modules on SOAS Moodle?
You can access modules on SOAS Moodle by logging in with your username and password.

How can I reset my username or password for SOAS Moodle?
You can reset your username or password for SOAS Moodle by using the Forgotten your username or password? link.

Are there any guest access options available for SOAS Moodle?
Yes, some modules may allow guest access.

AI Comments

👍 The SOAS Moodle system provides a great platform for students to access course materials and collaborate with other students and instructors.

👎 The SOAS Moodle system can be confusing to navigate, making it difficult for students to find what they need.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about Moodle, the online learning platform for SOAS University. It talks about how you can access modules as a guest, even if you've forgotten your username or password.

Friend: That's interesting! It could make it easier for people to access their courses, even if they forget their credentials.

Me: Absolutely. It could also open up courses to more people who may not have access to the necessary credentials. It could be a great way to expand access to education.

Action items

Technical terms

SOAS Moodle
SOAS Moodle is an online learning platform used by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London. It provides students and staff with access to course materials, resources, and activities.
Username and Password
A username and password are credentials used to authenticate a user's identity and access to a system.
Guest Access
Guest access is a feature that allows users to access certain parts of a system without having to log in with a username and password.
Bloomsbury Learning Exchange
The Bloomsbury Learning Exchange is a platform that provides access to digital learning resources and activities. It is used by universities and other educational institutions to provide students with access to course materials and activities.

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