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Too Clever By Half


Pat_W. reflects on the behavior of coyotes, which are traditionally solitary hunters but have adapted to hunting in packs in the East. They have also been observed taking a "coffee break" after a successful hunt. Pat_W. notes the way animals and humans become dummied down in domestication, but takes heart in the wiles of cattle that escape it. They are able to outwit humans sent to find them on horseback. Pat_W. concludes by expressing admiration for Ben, an essay writer.


How did Pat_W.'s sister protect her sheep from coyotes?
Pat_W.'s sister protected her sheep from coyotes by getting larger dogs from animal rescue and letting them out when the coyotes made noise up in the woods. The dogs would then chase the coyotes back up over the ridge.

What sound do coyotes make in the Southwest desert after a night's hunt?
Coyotes make a sound that carries several miles in the dry air after a night's hunt in the Southwest desert.

How do escaped cattle behave?
Escaped cattle become wily and easily outwit humans on horseback sent to find them.

What is Pat_W.'s opinion of domestic animals and humans?
Pat_W. thinks it is sad to see the way animals and humans dummy down in domesticated circumstances.

Who is Ben, and why is he Pat_W.'s favorite writer?
Ben is a writer and Pat_W. considers him to be her favorite writer and possibly too clever by half.

AI Comments

πŸ‘ Ben is a great writer and his thoughtful musings on the social behaviors of coyotes and the domestication of animals is truly inspiring.

πŸ‘Ž Ben's writing can be a bit too clever at times, and his musings on the post apocalypse world seem a bit too far-fetched.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about how coyotes have adapted to different environments and how humans have changed their behaviors in domesticated situations. The article also talks about how humans can survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Friend: Interesting! So what are the implications of this article?

Me: Well, I think it's a reminder that animals and humans can be adaptable and resourceful in different environments. It also suggests that humans can still thrive in a post-apocalyptic world, even with limited resources. Additionally, it's a reminder to respect animals and their abilities to survive in challenging circumstances.

Action items

Technical terms

A species of canine native to North America.
Animal rescue
An organization that rescues animals from abuse, neglect, or abandonment.
SW desert
The Southwestern desert region of the United States.
Tamed and kept as a pet or on a farm.
Post apocalypse
A period of time after a major disaster or catastrophe.

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