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NEWSHA - exklusive Haarpflege: Shampoos, Conditioner, Haarmasken und mehr


NEWSHA ist eine exklusive Haarpflege-Marke, die für ihre High-End-Produkte und professionellen Produkte bekannt ist. Sie bieten Shampoos, Conditioner, Haarmasken und mehr. Sie bieten auch eine Haarpflege-Routine mit fünf Schritten, die den Kunden helfen, ihr Haar zum Strahlen zu bringen. NEWSHA bietet auch einen kostenlosen Mitgliedsclub, einen Salonfinder, einen Blog und verschiedene Produkte. NEWSHA verspricht auch, dass sie keine Tierversuche durchführen, in Auftrag geben oder dafür bezahlen.


What type of haircare products does NEWSHA provide?
NEWSHA provides shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, styling sprays and creams, hair wax and gels, heat protection products, anti-dandruff sprays, haircare and styling sets, and color masques.

What is the 5-step haircare routine by NEWSHA?
The 5-step haircare routine by NEWSHA is: Step 1 - Shampooing, Step 2 - Treatment, Step 3 - Treasuring, Step 4 - Protecting, and Step 5 - Finishing.

What kind of commitment does NEWSHA have to animal testing?
NEWSHA has a commitment to not conducting, commissioning, or paying for animal testing (in accordance with Section 5 of the Animal Protection Act).

What are the benefits of using the Blowout Cream?
The benefits of using the Blowout Cream are that it has a protective effect, it calms the hair structure, it speeds up the drying of the hair, and it also nourishes the hair.

What is the purpose of the NEWSHA Member Club?
The purpose of the NEWSHA Member Club is to offer exclusive benefits to members on a regular basis.

AI Comments

👍 Great article about NEWSHA's exclusive haircare products and the commitment to never use animal testing.

👎 Expensive products that may not provide the desired results for all hair types.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about an exclusive hair care brand, NEWSHA, that offers shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and other products. They also have testimonials, hair care routines and sets, a salon finder, a blog, a member club and more.

Friend: Wow, that sounds really great. What are the implications of this article?

Me: Well, the article highlights the importance of having a tailored hair care routine to get the best results. It also emphasizes the use of quality products that are free from animal testing, as NEWSHA is committed to cruelty-free production. Additionally, it showcases the benefits of having a member club and salon finder, which can help customers find the right products for their needs. Finally, it also highlights the importance of using protective hair styling products to protect hair from heat damage.

Action items

Technical terms

This is the name of the haircare brand.
Testimonials are customer reviews or endorsements of a product or service.
Haartyp is German for hair type.
Kundenlieblinge is German for customer favorites.
A routine is a sequence of activities regularly followed.
Haarpflege is German for haircare.
Haarstyling is German for hair styling.
Salonfinder is a tool used to find hair salons in a certain area.
Member Club
A Member Club is a loyalty program for customers.
Produktwelten is German for product worlds.
Haarpflegeberatung is German for haircare advice.
Versand & Retoure
Versand & Retoure is German for shipping & returns.
Marke is German for brand.
Salon Systeme
Salon Systeme is German for salon systems.

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