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The untold story of Gwyneth Paltrow’s body double


This article tells the story of Ivy Snitzer, Gwyneth Paltrow's body double in the 2001 romantic comedy, Shallow Hal. In the film, Paltrow wore a "fatsuit" while Snitzer was used for close up shots. Following the film, Snitzer experienced public scrutiny and backlash, which led her to undergo a lap-band surgery and then a gastric bypass procedure. The article discusses Snitzer's experiences with body image, eating disorders, and the pressure to be "good" when it comes to weight. Snitzer reflects on her time filming Shallow Hal, her experience with weight loss surgery, and her relationships with her body and fame.


What was the premise of the movie 'Shallow Hal'?
The premise of the movie 'Shallow Hal' is that womaniser Hal (Jack Black) is hypnotised so that he only sees inner beauty, meaning he falls in love with a fat woman.

How did the body double for Shallow Hal, Ivy Snitzer, feel when filming the movie?
Ivy Snitzer felt empowered while filming Shallow Hal because of what happened offscreen, not on it.

How did the movie change Ivy's life afterwards?
After filming Shallow Hal, Ivy experienced negative reactions from strangers, received diet pills in the mail, and was offered roles that were "mean". She moved back to New York to live with her parents and worked as a bartender.

What did Ivy do to try to lose weight after filming?
To try to lose weight after filming, Ivy got lap-band surgery, which reduced the size of her stomach and restricted what she could eat. She also exercised excessively, purged, and restricted her calorie intake.

What was Ivy's experience with people's reactions to her body before and after weight loss?
Before weight loss, people would avoid eye contact with Ivy. After weight loss, people smiled at her, moved out of her way, and paid for her coffee.

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👍 This is an incredibly detailed and thoughtful article that sheds light on an important story that has largely been ignored.

👎 This article perpetuates the idea that fat people need to "fix" themselves in order to be accepted by society.

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Me: It's about the implications of Gwyneth Paltrow's body double in the 2001 movie "Shallow Hal". It discusses how the body double, Ivy Snitzer, experienced fatphobia, eating disorders, and shaming after the film released. It's a really interesting story.

Friend: Wow, that's really sad! It's so unfair that she had to go through all that.

Me: Yeah, it really is. It brings up a lot of important points about the stigma against larger bodies and how we need to do better to ensure that everyone is respected and treated equally, regardless of their size. It also highlights the importance of recognizing the stories of people who are often overlooked in the media.

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Technical terms

A costume or outfit designed to make a person appear to be overweight.
Prejudice or discrimination against people who are overweight or obese.
Lap-band Surgery
A type of weight loss surgery that involves placing a band around the stomach to reduce its size and restrict the amount of food that can be eaten.
A peripherally inserted central catheter, a type of intravenous line used to provide nutrition or medication.
Gastric Bypass
A type of weight loss surgery that involves reducing the size of the stomach and bypassing part of the small intestine.

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