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Theragun Pro review


The Theragun Pro is a professional-grade massage gun that comes with six head attachments, five speed settings, a protective carry case, and a connected app for personalizing routines. It is the heaviest massage gun tested, clocking in at 2.9lbs, and is quite loud during operation. It gets excellent reviews from users who appreciate its ability to reduce muscle fatigue, as well as its design and quality. However, some users find it too heavy and bulky, and experienced grease residue on the first use. It is a great choice for those with a bigger budget and a demanding fitness routine.


What features does the Theragun Pro massage gun offer?
The Theragun Pro massage gun offers six head attachments, a protective carry case, Bluetooth connectivity, five speeds with a maximum PPM of 2400 PPM, a 16mm amplitude, two batteries, and a connected app.

How long can the Theragun Pro be used before needing to be recharged?
The two batteries combined allow for around five hours of use without having to recharge.

What is the decibel level of the Theragun Pro at its highest setting?
The decibel level of the Theragun Pro at its highest setting is 75 decibels.

What are some of the positive user reviews for the Theragun Pro?
Positive user reviews for the Theragun Pro include its ability to rejuvenate tired muscles and improve overall fitness levels, the quality and design of the device, and the connected app.

What alternatives to the Theragun Pro are available for those on a smaller budget?
Alternatives to the Theragun Pro for those on a smaller budget include the Theragun Mini, the Hypervolt 2, and the Recovapro Lite.

AI Comments

👍 This Theragun Pro review takes a deep dive into the massage gun that launched a brand new category of wellbeing devices, and provides great insight into the features and performance of the device.

👎 The gun is very loud during operation, and the moveable arm leaked grease on first use, which is not ideal for such an expensive device.

AI Discussion

Me: It's a review of the Theragun Pro massage gun. It's a professional-grade device with Bluetooth connectivity and six head attachments. Plus, it comes with an app that guides the user on how to massage and when to switch up their grip.

Friend: Wow. That sounds like a really advanced device. What did the article have to say about it?

Me: Overall, it got a positive review. The reviewer liked the app and how it provided guidance on how to use the device, as well as the closed-cell foam attachments. On the downside, they noted that it was a bit bulky and heavy, and it had some grease residue come out of it when they adjusted the moveable arm. They also said it was quite loud during operation.

Friend: That's interesting. What are the implications of the article?

Me: Well, the Theragun Pro is a top-of-the-line, expensive massage gun, so it's really only worth it if you have a big budget and a demanding fitness regime. It could be a great choice for those looking for a professional-grade device with all the bells and whistles. But if you're looking for something more affordable or lighter, you may be better off with a different massage gun.

Action items

Technical terms

Pulses Per Minute, a measure of the frequency of the massage gun's vibrations.
The distance between the peak and the trough of a wave.
Stall force
The amount of force required to stop the motor from running.
A unit of sound intensity.
OLED screen
Organic Light Emitting Diode, a type of display technology.
Lithium-ion battery
A type of rechargeable battery.
Therabody app
A mobile app developed by Therabody to connect to their massage guns.

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