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Man to pay for plastic surgery for his three wives


A married couple in the US, Mazayah and Stephanie, split and Mazayah started dating Rose. They became a throuple, and later added a fourth partner, Dezayah, and now all live together. They call themselves 'sister wives' and have an incredibly close bond, though they receive criticism from their loved ones. Mazayah is encouraging all three women to have plastic surgery and is paying for it, and they are all working out together. Despite the criticism they receive online, they insist that their relationship is stronger than most.


What is the background story of the polyamorous relationship of Mazayah, Rose, Stephanie, and Dezayah?
The romance started in 2016 when married couple Mazayah and Stephanie split. Shortly after they separated, Mazayah started to date Rose but struggled to stay monogamous. Though the tumultuous relationship continued, Stephanie, Rose and Mazayah eventually became a throuple. Dezayah joined them seven months ago.

How has the relationship been received by family and friends?
Their family and friends were taken back because it's not the social norm.

What kind of plastic surgery are the wives getting and who is paying for it?
Stephanie and Dezayah want breast enhancements while Rose will have a bum lift. Mazayah is paying for the procedures.

What kind of criticism has the polyamorous relationship received?
The polyamorous relationship has received intense criticism online, with commenters making cruel comments such as ‘I can just smell the low self-esteem!’ or ‘She came back as a side chick to her own baby daddy’.

What have the wives said about their relationship and how have they responded to the criticism?
Mazayah insists that their relationship has never been stronger and Rose has said that people may think that Mazayah is trying to control them because of the dynamic that they don't understand, but they are not in their relationship. The wives have responded to the criticism by saying that it didn't really affect how they feel about anybody in the relationship.

AI Comments

👍 This article highlights an interesting and unique relationship dynamic. It's inspiring to see that three women can find happiness and love with one man and still maintain a strong bond.

👎 This article is concerning as it focuses on the appearance of the three women and encourages them to go under the knife in order to meet their partner's standards. It also ignores the potential issues that could arise from having a polyamorous relationship.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about a man who is paying for plastic surgery for his three wives. He drew what he thought was the "perfect body" for each of them and they all live together and call themselves 'sister wives'.

Friend: Wow, that's really interesting. What implications can this have?

Me: Well, it brings up a lot of questions about the power dynamics in the relationship, particularly when it comes to the man's control over the women's appearance. It's also concerning that they seem to be focusing so much on their physical appearance, and that the man is encouraging them to have plastic surgery. It also raises questions about how society views polyamorous relationships and how it can be seen as a 'social norm'.

Action items

Technical terms

A type of relationship involving more than two people, in which all parties are consenting and aware of the other people involved.
A relationship between three people.
A relationship between two people who are exclusively committed to each other.
Plastic Surgery
A medical procedure that involves altering or reconstructing the body to improve its appearance.
A person's overall sense of self-worth or personal value.

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