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RHQ-CUNY-Webinar.mp4 - Google Drive


This article provides a link to a video recording of a webinar hosted by RHQ-CUNY providing information on how to use Google Drive.


What is the RHQ-CUNY webinar?
The RHQ-CUNY webinar is an online seminar hosted by the Research and Higher Quality Council of the City University of New York.

How does the RHQ-CUNY webinar work?
The RHQ-CUNY webinar works by providing participants with access to a live video stream of the seminar.

What topics are covered in the RHQ-CUNY webinar?
The topics covered in the RHQ-CUNY webinar include research and higher quality topics related to the City University of New York.

How can I access the RHQ-CUNY webinar?
You can access the RHQ-CUNY webinar by signing in to Google Drive.

What are the benefits of attending the RHQ-CUNY webinar?
The benefits of attending the RHQ-CUNY webinar include gaining access to the latest research and higher quality topics related to the City University of New York, as well as networking with other participants.

AI Comments

👍 This RHQ-CUNY webinar is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about the CUNY system.

👎 The RHQ-CUNY webinar is difficult to navigate and is not very user-friendly.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about the RHQ-CUNY webinar. It looks like they're offering a virtual event to help college students manage their finances.

Friend: That's really great! It's important for young people to understand the basics of personal finance.

Me: I agree. I think the implications of this article are that more universities should start offering virtual events like this to help students become financially literate. It could really help people develop responsible financial habits that will serve them well in the future.

Action items

Technical terms

RHQ-CUNY stands for Research Hub for Quality at the City University of New York. It is a research hub that focuses on improving the quality of education and research at CUNY.
A webinar is an online seminar or presentation that is broadcast over the internet. It is typically used for educational or business purposes, and allows participants to interact with the presenter in real time.
Google Drive
Google Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google. It allows users to store and share files, as well as collaborate on documents and projects.

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