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Takeaways from the 11-week Trump civil fraud trial


Former President Donald Trump's 11-week civil fraud trial concluded recently in New York. Judge Arthur Engoron had already ruled that Trump was liable for fraud, and the trial was to determine how much money he and his companies would be penalized for the fraud. Witnesses testified, including Trump's three eldest children, an appraiser, an insurance underwriter, and Trump himself. Trump twice violated a gag order imposed on him, resulting in two fines. The trial set the stage for Trump's criminal trials next year and his 2024 presidential campaign. The judge will issue his ruling by the end of January, though Trump's lawyers have indicated they will appeal.


What is the outcome of Donald Trump's civil fraud trial?
A final ruling will not come until next year.

What penalties is the New York Attorney General seeking against Trump?
The New York Attorney General is seeking more than $250 million and to bar the Trumps from doing business in the state.

How did Donald Trump use the trial to promote his 2024 presidential campaign?
When in the Manhattan courthouse, Trump would nearly always speak to television cameras at breaks while entering and exiting the courtroom. This gave Trump a perch to attack the civil trial – and the four criminal indictments against him – and connect all of the charges to his campaign for president.

What did Judge Arthur Engoron rule in September regarding Trump and his co-defendants?
Judge Arthur Engoron ruled in September that Trump, his adult sons and their businesses were liable for persistent and repeated fraud.

What have Trump's lawyers argued in regards to the statute of limitations in the case?
Trump's lawyers have argued that an appellate court ruling on the statute of limitations in the case from June should gut the attorney general's case against Trump.

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👍 This article provides an in-depth look at the 11-week Trump civil fraud trial, offering insight into the proceedings and what to expect from future criminal cases.

👎 The article paints a picture of a chaotic and contentious trial with the former president and his legal team frequently testing the limits of the judge's gag order.

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Me: It's about the 11-week civil fraud trial of former President Donald Trump at the New York Supreme Court. It goes into detail about the judge's ruling, the arguments made by both sides, the witnesses, the tension in the courtroom, and the implications of the trial on Trump's 2024 campaign.

Friend: Wow, that sounds like a lot. What are the implications of this trial?

Me: Well, it's a sign of what's to come for Trump's criminal trials next year. It's also a sign of how Trump will likely handle gag orders and other constraints placed on him by judges. Trump has made his legal issues part of his pitch to voters for the 2024 election, so the courtrooms have become part of the campaign trial. The judge has already ruled against Trump, and if the ruling is upheld, Trump may be forced to sell off his properties and could face more than $250 million in damages. Trump's lawyers have also filed an appeal, so this case may not be over even after the final ruling is issued.

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A gag order is a court order prohibiting the parties involved in a legal case from discussing the case publicly.
De Facto
De facto is a Latin phrase meaning "in fact" or "in practice." It is used to describe a situation that exists in practice, even if it is not officially recognized by law.
Obstreperous means unruly, noisy, and difficult to control.
A pejorative is a word or phrase that expresses contempt or disapproval.
Disgorgement is a legal remedy that requires a wrongdoer to give up any profits or other benefits they have gained from their wrongful conduct.
Summary Judgment
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Appellate is a term used to describe a court that hears appeals from lower courts.
Statute of Limitations
A statute of limitations is a law that sets a time limit on how long a person can wait to file a lawsuit.

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