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The ATM Glitch That Made Dan Saunders a Millionaire Overnight


Dan Saunders was an Australian bartender with very little money in 2011 when he stumbled upon an ATM glitch that allowed him to withdraw more money than was in his account. Over the next four months, he enjoyed a life of luxury, buying suits, attending penthouse parties, and flying on private jets. However, eventually his scheme unraveled and he was arrested and charged for fraud.


How did Dan Saunders come across a never-ending supply of cash?
Dan Saunders came across a never-ending supply of cash by discovering a glitch in the ATM system.

Where was Dan Saunders when he found the glitch in the ATM system?
Dan Saunders was at a bar with a friend when he found the glitch in the ATM system.

What was Dan's financial situation before the ATM glitch?
Before the ATM glitch, Dan Saunders had $3 in his bank account and a nearly-maxed-out credit card.

What was the error message Dan received when he attempted to transfer money from his credit card?
The error message Dan received when he attempted to transfer money from his credit card was "transaction cancelled".

How long did Dan take advantage of the ATM glitch?
Dan took advantage of the ATM glitch for four months.

AI Comments

👍 What a lucky night out for Dan Saunders! His story is inspiring and shows that anyone can make something out of nothing with a bit of ingenuity.

👎 It's disappointing to see that despite Dan's luck, it eventually caught up to him and his ATM scheme unraveled.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about an Australian bartender named Dan Saunders who stumbled upon an ATM glitch that allowed him to withdraw more money than what was in his bank account. He used the money to live a life of luxury for a few months before the loophole was closed.

Friend: Wow, that's crazy. It's incredible that he was able to take advantage of this glitch but it's also kind of scary.

Me: Yeah, it definitely is. It just goes to show how vulnerable we are to glitches, vulnerabilities, and security flaws in technology. It's also a reminder that even though it worked out for Dan this time, it could have gone the other way and he could have ended up in a lot of trouble.

Action items

Technical terms

Automated Teller Machine, a machine that allows customers to withdraw money from their bank accounts.
A minor malfunction or technical problem.
A way of avoiding a rule or law by exploiting a technicality or ambiguity.
Something that is expensive and not necessary, but is enjoyed for its comfort or beauty.
An apartment on the top floor of a building, usually with a large terrace.
Private Jet
A jet aircraft that is owned or chartered by an individual or company for their exclusive use.
To become undone or to be revealed as false or incomplete.

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