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This week in The Economist


This week, The Economist focused on former President Donald Trump, who was indicted for attempting to overturn the election result. They also examined Ukraine's counter-offensive against Russian forces, the markets in the first half of the year, Alphabet and Volkswagen's future, and the World Values Survey. They concluded that liberalism, based on tolerance, free expression, and individual inquiry, remains the best way to bring about progress.


What charges were brought against Donald Trump this week?
Donald Trump was indicted this week for plotting to overturn the result of the election in 2020.

What does our Lexington columnist argue is the only way to stop Mr Trump in 2024?
Our Lexington columnist argues that only politics, not the law, will stop Mr Trump in 2024.

How are Russian forces recruiting soldiers?
Russia is turning to increasingly desperate measures to recruit soldiers, forbidding conscripts from leaving and making it harder to hide inside the country.

What five lessons have investors learned from this year?
Investors have learned five lessons from this year: markets have been in party mode, central bankers are quelling inflation without quashing growth, Alphabet has more to offer than Google search, Volkswagen may face Nokia-style doom, and corporate consiglieri can learn from America’s most profitable law firm.

What values do our editors argue remain the best way to bring about progress?
Our editors argue that liberalism, which draws on tolerance, free expression and individual inquiry, remains the best way to bring about progress.

AI Comments

👍 This article gives a comprehensive overview of the key events of the week and provides insightful analysis of their implications.

👎 The article presents a narrow view of the world and fails to take into account the perspectives of people in developing countries.

AI Discussion

Me: The article is about the coverage of The Economist this week which is focused on former President Donald Trump's second indictment. It also talks about the situation in Ukraine, the performance of tech giants Alphabet and Volkswagen, and the World Values Survey.

Friend: Interesting. What implications does this have?

Me: This article highlights the importance of staying informed about current events. It also illustrates the complexities and nuances of international relations, especially in the cases of Ukraine and Russia. It also demonstrates the power of technology, particularly with regards to the 3D-printing of bombs, and the potential for technology companies to drive economic growth. Finally, it shows the importance of universal values, such as tolerance, free expression and individual inquiry, in promoting progress.

Action items

Technical terms

Formally charged with a crime.
A military attack intended to regain control of territory that has been lost.
People who are required to serve in the military.
Soft landing
A situation in which central bankers are able to control inflation without damaging economic growth.
The parent company of Google.
An advisor or counselor to a leader.
Universal values
Values that are shared by all people.
A political philosophy based on individual freedom and equality.

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