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Elite runner Tom Evans mugged for wedding ring, watch


Elite runner Tom Evans was mugged at knifepoint in South Africa while out on a 40km mountain training run. Two robbers ambushed him near the King’s Blockhouse on Devil’s Peak and demanded his wedding ring, iPhone, and a $3838 watch. He managed to grab back his phone, but the smaller mugger pulled out a machete and kitchen knife and threatened to kill him if he didn’t take off his ring. He was traumatized by the attack and is now flying home. The attack is one of a string of muggings on trail runners and hikers in South Africa, and authorities advise hikers and runners to never go alone.


What happened to elite runner Tom Evans in South Africa?
Tom Evans was mugged at knifepoint in South Africa.

What did the robbers take from Tom?
The robbers took Tom's wedding ring, iPhone, and a $3838 watch.

How did Tom react to the mugging?
Tom fought back against the robbers but stopped when the knife was held to his throat.

What advice did a Table Mountain park ranger give to runners and hikers?
The Table Mountain park ranger advised runners and hikers to enjoy the mountain in groups.

What happened to Tom and his wife Sophie on their first wedding anniversary?
Tom and Sophie celebrated their first wedding anniversary earlier this month.

AI Comments

👍 This article is a powerful reminder for us to take extra caution when travelling alone. It also highlights the importance of travelling in groups and not wandering into known danger spots.

👎 This article is a stark reminder of the high crime rates in South Africa, and it's very concerning that people travelling to the area can be victims of these crimes.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about an elite runner named Tom Evans who was mugged at knifepoint for his wedding ring, iPhone, and a $3838 watch. It happened in South Africa days after his first wedding anniversary.

Friend: Wow, that's really terrible. What are the implications of this article?

Me: Well, it brings to light the issue of crime and violence in South Africa, especially against tourists. While crime is not as widespread as it is in the townships and poorer areas, this article shows that even in seemingly safe areas, people can still be vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, it also highlights the importance of being aware of your surroundings and taking extra precautions when travelling alone or in unfamiliar places.

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Technical terms

A situation in which a person is threatened with a knife.
Robbed of money or valuables by force, especially in a public place.
Rugby tackled
A tackle in rugby in which a player is brought to the ground by being grabbed around the waist and legs.
A large, heavy knife with a broad blade, used as an implement or weapon.
Garmin watch
A type of watch made by the company Garmin, which is used for tracking and monitoring fitness activities.
Contour path
A path that follows the contours of the land, usually used for hiking or running.
RMB Ultra Trail Cape Town 100km race
A 100km race in Cape Town, South Africa, organized by the company RMB Ultra.
To cause psychological trauma to someone.
British Airways
A British airline company.
Areas of a city or town, usually inhabited by people of a particular ethnic or social group.
Opportunist muggers
Muggers who take advantage of an opportunity to commit a crime.
Golden rule
A rule or principle that is accepted as a fundamental truth.

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