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bay j - 7 Temmuz 2017 - YouTube


This article is about YouTube's NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows viewers to watch all NFL games on Sunday. It includes information on how to access the service, as well as some information about YouTube's terms, copyright, press, creators, developers, and privacy policies.


What does the article provide information on?
The article provides information on YouTube.

What is YouTube's copyright policy?
YouTube's copyright policy is outlined in the article.

What services does YouTube offer?
YouTube offers services such as Press, Creators, Advertise, Developers, Terms, Privacy, Policy & Safety.

How does YouTube work?
YouTube works by testing new features.

What is NFL Sunday Ticket?
NFL Sunday Ticket is a service offered by YouTube.

AI Comments

👍 This article provides a great overview of the NFL Sunday Ticket and is a great resource for anyone interested in the topic.

👎 The article does not provide any specific details or information about the NFL Sunday Ticket.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about YouTube's new NFL Sunday Ticket feature. It allows users to watch NFL games live on the platform.

Friend: That's really interesting. It will be great for fans of the NFL who don't have access to cable.

Me: Absolutely! It could also have some implications for the NFL's broadcast partners, as viewers may opt for the streaming service instead. It could also mean more revenue for YouTube, as they will likely charge a subscription fee for the service.

Action items

Technical terms

Bay j
This is a term used to refer to the date of July 7, 2017.
This refers to the media, such as newspapers, magazines, and television, that report on current events.
This is a legal term that refers to the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, and sell a creative work.
Contact us
This is a phrase used to invite people to contact a company or organization.
This term refers to people who create content, such as videos, music, or artwork.
This is a term used to describe the act of promoting a product or service.
This term refers to people who create software applications or websites.
This is a term used to refer to the conditions of use for a product or service.
This is a term used to refer to the protection of personal information.
Policy & Safety
This is a term used to refer to the rules and regulations that govern the use of a product or service.
How YouTube works
This is a phrase used to describe the process of using YouTube.
Test new features
This is a phrase used to describe the process of testing new features of a product or service.
NFL Sunday Ticket
This is a subscription service offered by the National Football League that allows viewers to watch out-of-market NFL games.

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