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How To Avoid Toxic Positivity in The Workplace


This article discusses the phenomenon of toxic positivity in the workplace, which is when any negative, issue, or concern is denied in order to maintain a positive appearance. It explains the detrimental effects this can have on employee motivation, productivity, stress, and turnover. Ways to avoid toxic positivity are also offered, such as listening to employee feedback, providing support, and recognizing and rewarding employees.


What is toxic positivity in the workplace?
Toxic positivity in the workplace is when any negative, issue, or concern is denied. These things are ignored to keep up positive appearances, when in fact, they are incredibly negative.

What are some signs of toxic positivity in the workplace?
Signs of toxic positivity in the workplace include an “It’ll be fine” or a “It could be worse” culture, a lack of active listening, dismissal of issues as “complaints”, a lack of transparency, trust, and openness, and denial.

What are the consequences of toxic positivity?
The consequences of toxic positivity include invalidating employee experiences, feelings, and challenges in the office, a decline in engagement and motivation, decreasing productivity and performance, increased distrust, and increased staff turnover.

How can businesses avoid toxic positivity?
Businesses can avoid toxic positivity by actively listening to their employees and continuously asking for feedback, striving for a transparent and open environment, ensuring their leaders are being held accountable, recognizing and rewarding their employees when necessary, always providing support but not forcing advice, removing toxic positive sayings, and building a coaching culture.

What are the benefits of having a positive workplace culture?
The benefits of having a positive workplace culture include boosting employee motivation and performance, reducing staff turnover rates, increasing employee happiness and wellbeing, reducing stress, and increasing productivity and motivation.

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👍 Chantal Bechervaise has written a great article about the importance of avoiding toxic positivity in the workplace! It's full of valuable insight and helpful tips to create a healthier and happier work environment.

👎 This article by Chantal Bechervaise doesn't go into enough detail about how to combat toxic positivity in the workplace. It would be helpful to have more specific strategies on how to avoid a toxic work environment.

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Me: It's about how to avoid toxic positivity in the workplace. The article talks about how toxic positivity can be just as detrimental to a business as an outright negative environment, and how to recognize and prevent it. It also offers practical tips on how to create a healthy, positive working environment.

Friend: That's really interesting. It's important that employers create a workplace culture that is both positive and supportive. But it's equally important to recognize and address any negative issues that arise. Otherwise, it can create an unhealthy environment for employees.

Me: Absolutely. This article is a great reminder of how important it is to create a safe, healthy, and productive workplace.

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Coaching Culture
A workplace culture that encourages employees to learn and grow through feedback and guidance.
Toxic Culture
A workplace culture that is characterized by negative attitudes, behaviors, and communication.
Toxic Positivity
A workplace culture that denies any negative, issue, or concern in order to maintain a positive appearance.

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