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Here is how Russia’s ban on ‘sex changes’ works


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill imposing strict limits on people's ability to legally change their sex or have gender reassignment surgery. The bill was sponsored by MPs who oppose what they call “transgender ideology” in the West, and accuse “malpractising doctors” of pushing young people into seeking gender reassignment treatments. Under the new law, only some federal-level clinics may certify a patient’s medical need for transition. It also permits only licensed clinics to issue certificates for legal sex change, nullifies any existing marriages, and prevents such people from adopting children or becoming legal guardians of minors. Defenders of trans rights have criticized the law, while its supporters claim it is necessary and that opposition is driven by ulterior motives.


What is the purpose of the Russian law on 'sex changes'?
The purpose of the Russian law on 'sex changes' is to impose strict limits on people's ability to legally change their sex or undergo gender reassignment surgery.

What are the consequences of legally changing one's sex in Russia?
The consequences of legally changing one's sex in Russia are that their marriage will be nullified and they will be barred from adopting children or being legal guardians of minors.

What are the opponents of the law claiming?
Opponents of the law are claiming that it is motivated by transphobia and that it seriously diminishes the rights of transgender individuals in Russia.

What services will licensed clinics be authorized to provide?
Licensed clinics will be authorized to provide certificates that allow a person to change legal sex on the national register and to certify a patient's medical need for transition.

What are the supporters of the law saying about the pushback it has received?
Supporters of the law believe that those attacking the bill may have ulterior motives and that sex changes are a “lucrative business for some” and a way for advocacy groups to gain influence.

AI Comments

👍 This article is well-researched and provides a comprehensive overview of Russia's ban on "sex changes", and the reasoning behind it.

👎 This article fails to address the negative impact this ban could have on the rights of transgender individuals in Russia.

AI Discussion

Me: It talks about the new bill passed by the Russian Duma that imposes strict limits on people’s ability to legally change their sex or undergo gender reassignment surgery. It also explains why the bill was created and the implications of the bill for people who are transgender.

Friend: That's really concerning. What are some of the implications of the bill?

Me: Well, people who wish to change their legal sex will need to get a certificate from a licensed clinic and their marriage will automatically be nullified if they do so. They will also be unable to adopt children or be legal guardians of minors. Additionally, the bill has been criticized by activists as it seriously diminishes the rights of transgender individuals and could prevent people who are genetically predisposed to developing breast cancer from getting mastectomies.

Action items

Technical terms

Transgender ideology
A set of beliefs and values that support the rights of transgender people.
Gender-affirming surgery
A medical procedure that changes a person's physical appearance to match their gender identity.
Sex change industry
A business that provides services related to gender transition, such as hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgery, and counseling.
Malpracticing doctors
Doctors who provide medical services that are not up to standard or are not in the patient's best interest.
Congenital anomalies
Birth defects or abnormalities that are present at birth.
Endocrine conditions
Medical conditions that affect the hormones in the body.
Fear or hatred of transgender people.
A surgical procedure to remove all or part of the breast.

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