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Cladding FAQs


This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about cladding a home. It explains the advantages of cladding, the different types of cladding available, how to choose the best cladding for a home, the most sustainable and durable cladding options, the cost of cladding, and how it can add value to a property. It also looks at the current trends, the need for a building consent, and how to get in touch for advice and a consultation.


What are the advantages of cladding a property?
The advantages of cladding a property include waterproofing and allowing the escape of moisture, creating an attractive and more durable home exterior, sound and thermal insulation, and increasing a building’s resistance to fire.

What are the different cladding options available?
The different cladding options available include timber weatherboards, reconstituted timber, plywood sheeting, brick, fibre cement, steel, aluminium, stone, and vinyl.

How can I choose the best cladding for my home?
To choose the best cladding for your home, consider the protection and performance you’re looking for, the home’s heritage and/or architectural style, and your budget. It’s also important to consider the look you’re after.

What is the most sustainable cladding option?
The most sustainable cladding option depends on a number of factors, such as what the cladding is made from and how it’s manufactured, how long it will last, and whether or not it can be recycled after use.

Does re-cladding add value to a property?
Re-cladding can add value to a property by creating the impression that the whole property has been well maintained, making it more appealing and therefore more valuable.

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👍 This article does an excellent job of exploring the different benefits and drawbacks of various cladding options.

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Me: It's about the different types of cladding for homes and their advantages and disadvantages. It also goes over the sustainability of different types of cladding and the trends in cladding.

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Me: Well, it's important to research the best type of cladding for your home, considering factors like durability, sustainability, cost, and how it will look with the style of your home. Re-cladding can add value to a property, so it's worth researching what will work best for your home. It's also important to remember to check with your local council for any regulations or requirements that you need to meet.

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Technical terms

A material used to cover the exterior of a building, typically for protection or insulation.
Timber weatherboards
A type of cladding made from timber, typically used for its attractive appearance.
Reconstituted timber
A type of cladding made from forestry waste, which is processed into a durable material.
Plywood sheeting
A type of cladding made from thin layers of wood veneer, glued together to form a sheet.
A type of cladding made from fired clay, typically used for its durability and low maintenance.
Fibre cement
A type of cladding made from a mixture of cement, sand, and cellulose fibres, typically used for its low maintenance and fast installation.
A type of cladding made from metal, typically used for its durability and low maintenance.
A type of cladding made from metal, typically used for its durability and resistance to corrosion.
A type of cladding made from natural or manufactured stone, typically used for its hardwearing and fire resistant properties.
A type of cladding made from plastic, typically used for its watertight and low maintenance properties.
Building Consent
A legal document issued by a local authority, which allows a building project to go ahead.
Grade one
The most durable grade of timber, typically used for external cladding.

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