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This article features a series of projects by Drole House Inc., an architectural design firm in Toronto, Canada. The projects include the construction of additions to existing houses, interior renovations, and outdoor playscapes. Each project has a unique design element that makes it stand out, such as a green roof, interactive playscapes, and creative use of space. These projects were all created in collaboration with different teams of engineers, designers, and contractors.


What projects has Drole House Inc. completed?
Drole House Inc. has completed projects such as Benson Ave., Boyton Rd., Lauder Ave., McRoberts Ave., Willard Ave., Windermere Ave., Melita Ave., Salem Ave., Winona Dr., Millwood Rd., Milverton Blvd., Queensdale Blvd., Backyard Playscape, and Playful Curiosities.

What design and construction teams have been involved in Drole House Inc. projects?
Design and construction teams involved in Drole House Inc. projects include LivSmart, Hanne Engineering, Mortson Interior Design Inc., Jay Chen, Nanne Springer, James Kett, Mark's General Renovations, Kristin Sjaarda, Eva Mendonca, Jaxon Design Group, Webb and Lashbrook, Trina Turl, Linnea Lions, Stratas Design Build, Alex Lukachko, Dylan Moore Studio, Justin Nalepa, and Melanie Gordon Photography.

What design solutions have been implemented in Drole House Inc. projects?
Design solutions implemented in Drole House Inc. projects include rear three story additions, principal suites, mudrooms, island kitchens, office spaces, kids bathrooms, principal baths, skylights, front facade upgrades, open plans, powder rooms, laundry areas, bonus play lofts, cantilevered and buffed concrete pathways, green roofs, and warm woods.

How have Drole House Inc. projects improved existing spaces?
Drole House Inc. projects have improved existing spaces by adding bedrooms, creating principal suites, adding mudrooms, creating island kitchens, adding office spaces, adding kids bathrooms, adding principal baths, adding skylights, upgrading front facades, creating open plans, adding powder rooms, adding laundry areas, creating bonus play lofts, adding cantilevered and buffed concrete pathways, adding green roofs, and adding warm woods.

What services does Drole House Inc. provide?
Drole House Inc. provides design and construction services for residential projects.

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Rear Three Story Addition
A rear three story addition is an extension to a building that adds three stories to the back of the structure.
Principal Suite
A principal suite is a large bedroom with an attached bathroom and other amenities.
Hanne Engineering
Hanne Engineering is a structural engineering firm.
Kiely Ramos Photography
Kiely Ramos Photography is a photography business.
Mortson Interior Design Inc.
Mortson Interior Design Inc. is an interior design firm.
Jay Chen
Jay Chen is a contractor.
Nanne Springer
Nanne Springer is a photographer.
James Kett
James Kett is a master cabinet maker.
Eva Mendonca
Eva Mendonca is a designer.
Jaxon Design Group
Jaxon Design Group is a contracting firm.
Trina Turl
Trina Turl is a photographer.
Melanie Gordon Photography
Melanie Gordon Photography is a photography business.
Webb and Lashbrook
Webb and Lashbrook is a contracting firm.
Alex Lukachko
Alex Lukachko is a photographer.
Drole Play Collective
Drole Play Collective is a collective of artists and designers who create interactive, loose parts play landscape installations for kids.
Dylan Moore Studio
Dylan Moore Studio is a studio that builds folleys.
Justin Nalepa
Justin Nalepa is a photographer.
Stratas Design Build
Stratas Design Build is a construction firm.
Jack Kim
Jack Kim is a contractor.

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