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Fashion moguls spend $120 million on four mansions in ritzy Sydney suburb


A fashionable young couple, Daniel Contos and Georgia Moore, have come under the spotlight after spending $120 million on their fourth mansion in Sydney's affluent suburb of Vaucluse. Contos and Moore are the owners of the wildly successful White Fox Boutique, an online clothing store that has gained global fame since its launch in 2013. They have just bought their fourth luxury home in the area, this time for $25 million, and they own a fourth house nearby. The couple made their individual debuts on the Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich List this year, with a combined estimated worth of $100 million. The brand has experienced a massive increase in sales during the pandemic as shoppers flocked to the online store for lounge-wear. The suburb of Vaucluse is one of Sydney's highest-earning postcodes, with residents boasting an average yearly income of $197,886 and property prices continuing to rise due to its spectacular views.


Who are the fashion moguls behind White Fox Boutique?
Daniel Contos and Georgia Moore are the fashion moguls behind White Fox Boutique.

How much did the couple spend to buy their fourth mansion?
The couple spent $25 million to buy their fourth mansion.

Where is their fourth mansion located?
Their fourth mansion is located in the affluent eastern suburb of Vaucluse.

What is White Fox Boutique known for?
White Fox Boutique is known for being a popular one-stop shop for affordable yet stylish pieces, and is best known for its comfortable loungewear range.

What was the reaction to a video of the couple's warehouse shared on social media?
The video was reshared to an influencer watchdog page where it sparked a tsunami of backlash over the “gross” scenes, with viewers saying they were shocked by the volume of plastic packaging and clothing that many claimed would be “worn once before thrown in landfill”.

AI Comments

👍 It's incredible to see the success of young entrepreneurs like Daniel Contos and Georgia Moore who have built up their business from nothing. Their determination has been rewarded with their purchase of four mansions in one of Sydney's ritziest suburbs.

👎 It's sad to see the high amount of wastage from White Fox Boutique's 'cheap fast fashion' clothing, which will undoubtedly end up in landfill after being worn just once.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about a young couple who have spent $120 million buying their fourth mansion in an affluent Sydney suburb. They're fashion moguls behind the wildly successful White Fox Boutique.

Friend: Wow, that's a lot of money! What are the implications of this?

Me: Well, it highlights the wealth gap between the rich and the poor. It also shows the power of social media and how it can be used to make money - the couple has used it to promote their fashion business. It also highlights the importance of investing in property and how this can generate wealth over time. Finally, it shows the potential of a business to make huge profits, which can then be used to buy luxury properties.

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Technical terms

A powerful or influential person.
Trophy home
A luxurious home that is bought as a status symbol.
Knockdown rebuild
Demolishing an existing structure and replacing it with a new one.
Turnkey property
A property that is ready to move into and requires no further work.
Development application
A request to local government for permission to develop land.
X.Pace Design
A design firm.
Young Rich List
A list of the wealthiest young people in Australia.
Social media
Online platforms used to share content and communicate with others.
Restrictions imposed by governments to reduce the spread of a virus.
Clothing designed for physical activity.
Comfortable clothing designed for relaxing.
A person who has the power to influence the buying decisions of others.
Op shops
Thrift stores.
A system of postal codes used in Australia.
Vantage spots
A good view or position.

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