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Woman fatally shot an Uber driver in Texas. Police say she wrongly thought she was being kidnapped


Phoebe Copas, 48, of Tompkinsville, Kentucky, has been charged with murder after fatally shooting her Uber driver, Daniel Piedra Garcia, in El Paso, Texas. Copas thought she was being kidnapped into Mexico after seeing traffic signs for Juarez, Mexico, and fired her gun at Piedra in the back of the head. Piedra was taken to the hospital and declared brain dead, and his family eventually took him off life support. A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family pay for hospital and funeral expenses, and a vigil was held to honor Piedra's life.


Who was the woman accused of fatally shooting her Uber driver in West Texas?
The woman accused of fatally shooting her Uber driver in West Texas is Phoebe Copas, 48, from Tompkinsville, Kentucky.

What did the suspect mistakenly believe was happening while she was in the Uber?
The suspect mistakenly believed she was being kidnapped into Mexico.

What are the charges that the suspect is facing?
The suspect is facing a charge of murder with a bond set at $1.5 million.

How did the family of the victim find out about his death?
The family of the victim found out about his death when they called the El Paso Police Department nonemergency number.

What actions has the El Paso community taken to honor the victim's life and memory?
The El Paso community has held a vigil for the victim and created a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for hospital and funeral expenses.

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👍 This article shows how the El Paso community came together to support the family of the slain Uber driver and honor his life.

👎 This article portrays the tragic outcome of a woman making a reckless decision without asking questions or speaking up.

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Me: It's about a woman in Texas who fatally shot an Uber driver because she thought she was being kidnapped into Mexico. It's really sad.

Friend: Wow. That's really tragic. What are the implications of this incident?

Me: Well, it highlights the dangers of miscommunication and misunderstanding, particularly in unfamiliar or foreign environments. It also shows the potential consequences of not speaking up and asking for help when feeling threatened or scared. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of being aware of one's surroundings and understanding the local culture and context. Finally, it underscores the need for better mental health resources and support to help people in these situations.

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Aggravated Assault
A criminal offense involving an intentional threat or physical attack against another person, usually with the intent to cause serious bodily harm.
The unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought.
Brain Dead
A state in which all brain activity has ceased and the person is considered clinically dead.
Vegetative State
A condition in which a person is alive but is not conscious or aware of their surroundings.
An online fundraising platform that allows people to raise money for personal causes.

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