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Pro und Kontra: Haben die Klimakleber recht?


In diesem Artikel wird die Verhaltnismaßigkeit der klebrigen Aktionen der letzten Generation diskutiert. Es wird empfohlen, alle Hard- und Software-Komponenten zu deaktivieren, die möglicherweise Teile der Website blockieren könnten. Abonnenten des PUR-Abos können sich hier anmelden.


What is the purpose of the article?
The purpose of the article is to discuss the arguments of the ‘Last Generation’ regarding climate change and the proportionality of their sticky actions.

What are the arguments of the ‘Last Generation’?
The arguments of the ‘Last Generation’ are in favor of taking action on climate change.

What is being discussed about the proportionality of the sticky actions?
The proportionality of the sticky actions is being discussed.

What options are available to readers for accessing the content?
Readers have the option to deactivate any hard- and software components that may be blocking parts of the website, such as browser add-ons or network filters.

Is there a subscription option for readers?
Yes, there is a subscription option for readers with a PUR-Abo.

AI Comments

👍 Dieser Artikel ist gut recherchiert und bietet eine umfassende Analyse der letzten Generation klimabewusster Aktionen.

👎 Der Artikel ist schwer zu verstehen, da er technische Begriffe und Komponenten enthält, die für den Durchschnittsleser schwer zu verstehen sind.

AI Discussion

Me: The article is about the pros and cons of the climate activists and whether they are right or wrong in their actions. It discusses the argument of the last generation and the proportionality of the sticky actions.

Friend: That's interesting. What implications does the article have?

Me: The article implies that climate activism is a complex issue with both positive and negative aspects. It suggests that the arguments of the last generation need to be taken into account when considering the proportionality of the actions. It also implies that people need to be more aware of the consequences of their actions in order to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Action items

Technical terms

Pro und Kontra
Pro and con are terms used to refer to two opposing sides of an argument or debate.
Klimakleber is a German term for climate activists, who are people who take action to raise awareness and advocate for solutions to climate change.
Verhaltnismaßigkeit is a German term for proportionality, which is the principle that the amount of force used in a situation should be proportional to the threat posed.
Hard- und Software-Komponenten
Hard- und Software-Komponenten are German terms for hardware and software components, which are the physical and digital components of a computer system.
Browser-AddOns are German terms for browser extensions, which are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of a web browser.
Adblocker is a German term for an ad blocker, which is a type of browser extension that blocks advertisements from being displayed on web pages.
Netzwerktechnische Filter
Netzwerktechnische Filter is a German term for network filters, which are devices or software programs that are used to control the flow of data on a network.
PUR-Abo is a German term for a PUR subscription, which is a subscription to the German newspaper Der Standard.

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