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Unleash the Crazy Ones


In this article, the author discusses the potential implications of AI development and the importance of staying ahead of the curve. They compare the current AI development to the invention of the printing press and fossil fuel, noting that no one has any real idea of the long-term effects of these transformative technologies. They suggest that while we cannot predict the future, we should not stop AI development because other countries are racing ahead and many AI models are open source and beyond the control of any specific company. The author believes that AI will enable people with crazy ideas to create digital products, just like Instagram and TikTok enabled people to create videos and photos, and that this will lead to an explosion of creativity and new businesses.


What is the main conclusion of the article?
The main conclusion of the article is that humanity should not stop developing AI, as it is inevitable and other countries are racing ahead in developing their systems.

What was the purpose of the open letter recently signed by tech leaders?
The purpose of the open letter recently signed by tech leaders was to call for a 6-month pause on training advanced AI models in order to determine how AI should be regulated.

How did the internet and high-powered processors and software change the flow of content?
The internet and high-powered processors and software changed the flow of content by enabling anyone with a crazy idea to take a selfie or record a quick video and have the chance of it "taking over the world."

What new superpowers have been granted to humanity?
Humanity has been granted a host of new superpowers, including the ability for anyone with an idea to build software without knowing how to code.

What implications do new AI tools have for software?
The new AI tools have implications for software in that they will enable every crazy person with an idea to launch their own "machine" and create products that were previously impossible.

AI Comments

👍 This is an incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking article that will make us consider the implications of AI on our lives. The analogy to ants scurrying in different directions to discover food is brilliant!

👎 This article is too long-winded and makes too many assumptions about the future of AI that are not backed up by facts.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about the implications of AI and how it will continue to further transform the world. It suggests that we should not stop the development of AI, as other countries are racing ahead in developing their systems. It also talks about how people with crazy ideas will now be able to build software without knowing how to code.

Friend: Wow, that's pretty interesting. It sounds like AI is going to have a big impact on our lives. I'm curious to know what kind of implications this could have for the workforce and for businesses.

Me: It could definitely have a major impact on the workforce. It's possible that AI could replace or automate many of the tasks that people currently perform, which could lead to job losses. On the other hand, it could also create new jobs and new business opportunities as people learn to leverage AI to create new products and services. It'll be interesting to see how the future of work evolves due to AI.

Action items

Technical terms

Artificial Intelligence.
A cloud-based development environment that allows users to write, run, and debug code in any language.
Open Source
A type of software development model in which the source code is made freely available to the public.
Objective C
A programming language used to develop applications for Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X operating systems.
React Native
A JavaScript framework for building native mobile applications.
Productivity and Bullshit
A blog post by Dror Poleg discussing the value of experimentation and the importance of taking risks.

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