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Steph Claire Smith wears bikini, see-through skirt to Seafolly event


Australian influencer Steph Claire Smith made her first appearance as the face of swimwear brand Seafolly in an event held at the Vaucluse Yacht Club in Watsons Bay. She wore pieces from the brand's new collection, including a "Beach Bound Ring Front Bandeau Bikini Top" and "Mesh Effect A-line Skirt". Other attendees included model Jessica Vander Leahy, pilates guru Bernadette Fahey, and influencers Cynthia Taylu, Sarah Bolt, and Alyce Tran. Guests enjoyed a special summer menu and cocktails crafted by Malfy Gin. Smith expressed her excitement to be part of the global high summer campaign for Seafolly Australia.


What event did Steph Claire Smith attend to celebrate the first day of summer?
Steph Claire Smith attended an intimate luncheon for the cult bikini label Seafolly to celebrate the first day of summer.

What pieces did Steph Claire Smith wear from the Seafolly collection?
Steph Claire Smith wore the “Beach Bound Ring Front Bandeau Bikini Top” in black and the matching “High Cut Bottoms”, as well as the brand’s “Mesh Effect A-line Skirt”.

What other influencers attended the event?
Other influencers who attended the event included Jessica Vander Leahy, Bernadette Fahey, Cynthia Taylu, Sarah Bolt, and Alyce Tran.

What collaboration did Seafolly have with In The Roundhouse?
Seafolly collaborated with In The Roundhouse to create four picnic plates, priced at $79.95, as part of the new summer collection.

What did Steph Claire Smith write about her excitement to work with Seafolly?
Steph Claire Smith wrote that when her agent Matt called her to say that the global campaign for Seafolly Australia was confirmed, she immediately started tearing up and remembered always loving the Seafolly high summer campaigns.

AI Comments

👍 Steph Claire Smith looks stunning in her new campaign with Seafolly! It's amazing to see such a successful influencer representing the iconic Australian swimwear brand!

👎 It's concerning to see an influencer promoting such expensive swimwear when the average person can't afford it.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about Steph Claire Smith, an Australian influencer who recently appeared as the new face of the swimwear brand Seafolly. She wore a bikini, a see-through skirt, and other pieces from the brand's new collection at an event held at the Vaucluse Yacht Club in Watsons Bay.

Friend: That’s interesting. What implications do you think this has?

Me: Well, it's a bold move for Smith to wear such revealing clothing for her debut as the face of a swimwear brand. It shows that she's confident and unafraid of pushing the boundaries of fashion. It also shows that she's willing to try out different looks and be adventurous with her style. Additionally, it shows that the brand itself is willing to take risks and be daring with their fashion choices, which could be beneficial for their sales. It's also an example of how influencers can shape the fashion industry and bring about change.

Action items

Technical terms

A two-piece swimsuit for women, typically with a bra top and briefs.
See-through skirt
A skirt made of a sheer fabric that allows the wearer's legs to be seen through it.
A person who has the power to influence the buying decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience.
Cult bikini label
A swimwear brand that has a devoted following.
Vaucluse Yacht Club
A yacht club located in Watsons Bay, Sydney, Australia.
High summer campaign
A promotional campaign for a swimwear brand that is typically released in the summer months.
To sell goods or services to the public.
Sheer finish
A fabric that is thin and transparent, allowing the wearer's skin to be seen through it.
A mother who has one child.
Cult Body By Berner fitness classes
A series of fitness classes created by Bernadette Fahey in Bondi, Sydney, Australia.
Atoll Blue
A shade of blue.
In The Roundhouse
A popular homewares brand created by Alyce Tran.
Glamorous harbourside luncheon
A luxurious meal held by the harbour.
Malfy Gin
A brand of gin.
An acronym for “wives and girlfriends”, typically used to refer to the partners of professional athletes.

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