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Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures”


This article discusses the importance of culture in the workplace, and why it is important to have clarity on what behaviors, systems, and practices are expected in order to create a great culture. It also discusses why great employees can leave even when the culture is good, and how to identify and fix gaps in the culture. It emphasizes the need for clarity around expected behaviors, systems, and practices, and how these should be adapted as the company changes. It highlights the importance of assessing, developing, and rewarding employees based on the organizational values, as well as creating repeatable decision-making processes and running meetings in a collaborative and consensus-driven manner.


What are the three elements of a culture?
The three elements of a culture are behaviors, systems, and practices.

What are the five key systems that are important to the overall cultural system?
The five key systems that are important to the overall cultural system are hiring, strategy and goal setting, assessing, developing, and rewarding.

What behaviors are expected and encouraged in organizations?
Expected behaviors in organizations vary depending on the organization's values, but can include collaboration, productive disagreements, consensus-building, and authoritative decision-making.

How do organizations repair flagging cultures?
Organizations can repair flagging cultures by reviewing the behaviors, systems, and practices in place in the company, clarifying expected behaviors for employees, and creating repeatable decision-making processes.

What practices need to be changed as a company grows and changes?
Practices need to be changed as a company grows and changes to ensure they are relevant and productive. This can include company events, running meetings, feedback processes, and how decisions are made.

AI Comments

👍 Great article! It provides a comprehensive overview of the elements of a great organization culture and how to recognize and repair gaps in culture.

👎 This article is too theoretical and doesn't offer any practical advice on how to actually implement a great culture in an organization.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about why great employees leave "great cultures". It talks about how there are three elements to a culture - behaviors, systems, and practices - and how gaps in these can lead to problems and great employees leaving. It also talks about how to fix these gaps so that people don't feel the need to leave.

Friend: That's really interesting. It seems like a lot of companies struggle with this.

Me: Exactly. It's important to take the time to identify and understand the different elements of the culture, and make sure everything is aligned with the organization's values. Otherwise, you risk losing your best employees.

Action items

Technical terms

Organizational culture
The shared values, beliefs, and norms of an organization.
The actions and activities of individuals within an organization.
The processes and procedures that are in place to support the organization's goals.
The methods and techniques used to achieve the organization's objectives.
The core beliefs and principles that guide the organization's decisions and actions.

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