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Theragun Pro review


The Theragun Pro is an expensive massage gun suitable for professional and recreational athletes. It features a 60 pound stall force threshold, a 16mm amplitude, 6 attachments, a 5 hour battery life, a moveable attachment arm, and the Therabody app. It is the most powerful massage gun on the market, but is also loud and doesn't come with all available attachments.


What is the Theragun Pro and who is it best suited for?
The Theragun Pro is a high-end massage gun and it is best suited for professional and recreational athletes, or at the very least, those with a physically demanding profession.

What features does the Theragun Pro have?
The Theragun Pro has a 60 pound stall force threshold, a long amplitude, closed and open cell foam attachments, and seemingly endless battery life.

How much does the Theragun Pro cost?
The Theragun Pro costs $599.

What type of attachments come with the Theragun Pro?
The Theragun Pro comes with six attachments: a Dampener, a Standard Ball, a Wedge, a Thumb, a Cone, and a Supersoft.

How does the Therabody app help users of the Theragun Pro?
The Therabody app helps users of the Theragun Pro by providing an extensive library of programs and routines, guiding users through each step with diagrams, written directions, a countdown clock, and an in-app force meter. It also provides personalized recommendations for warm-up, recovery, and wellness protocols.

AI Comments

👍 This article provides an in-depth review of the Theragun Pro, offering an informative and comprehensive overview of the product's features, design, performance, and app support.

👎 The Theragun Pro is prohibitively expensive, and does not come with all the attachments necessary to maximize its use.

AI Discussion

Me: It's a review of the Theragun Pro, a high-end massage gun. It's expensive but it has some great features, like a 16mm amplitude, a 60 pound stall force, and seemingly endless battery life.

Friend: Wow. That does sound pretty impressive.

Me: Yeah, it is. But the big question is, is it worth the price? I guess it depends on how serious you are about your fitness and recovery. It's definitely better suited for professional and recreational athletes. If you're just looking for a massage gun for occasional use, there are cheaper options available.

Action items

Technical terms

Percussive Therapy Massager
A type of massage therapy that uses rapid, repetitive strokes to stimulate the muscles and soft tissues.
Stall Force Threshold
The amount of pressure that can be applied to a massage gun before it stalls or stops working.
The distance that the massage gun's attachment and shaft travel into the muscle.
PPM Range
The range of percussions per minute that a massage gun can produce.
Noise Level
The decibel level of a massage gun when it is in use.
Battery Life
The amount of time a massage gun can be used before needing to be recharged.
Battery Charge Time
The amount of time it takes for a massage gun to recharge its battery.
Closed-Cell Foam
A type of foam used in massage gun attachments that is non-porous and provides a more tolerable treatment.
Open-Cell Foam
A type of foam used in massage gun attachments that is softer and more cushioning than closed-cell foam.

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