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How to Leverage Your Soft Skills to Get Hired if You’ve Been Laid Off From a Tech Job


This article discusses how tech workers should not assume that the recent layoffs in the tech industry will continue outside of it. It provides tips on how to leverage soft skills when looking for a job, such as asking for feedback from colleagues and friends, studying job descriptions to identify and prioritize skills, and spotlighting soft skills in career materials and interviews. It also explains why soft skills are important and how they are transferable between industries, and emphasizes that hard skills such as software and methods can change but soft skills are timeless.


What should job seekers assume in light of tech industry layoffs?
Job seekers should assume that with layoffs comes competition in the employment market.

How can job seekers stand out in the employment market?
Job seekers should look beyond the tech industry for higher pay and work life balance, and proactively sell themselves in their job search.

What are some transferable soft skills that can help job seekers succeed?
Communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and worth ethic are transferable soft skills that can help job seekers succeed.

What did a study conducted in 1918 conclude about job success?
The study concluded that 85% of job success can be attributed to strong soft and people skills while 15% comes from hard skills.

How can job seekers communicate their soft skills to employers?
Job seekers can identify and communicate their transferable soft skills by asking colleagues and close friends for feedback, studying job descriptions to find and prioritize their skills, and spotlighting their soft skills in their career materials and interviews.

AI Comments

👍 This article provides helpful advice for tech job seekers who have been laid off on leveraging their soft skills to stand out in the job market.

👎 This article lacks concrete examples of how to communicate soft skills during interviews or on career materials.

AI Discussion

Me: It's about how to leverage your soft skills to get hired if you've been laid off from a tech job. It talks about how tech companies have been doing layoffs recently, but that job seekers shouldn't think it's only happening in tech. It goes on to talk about how having strong soft skills can set you apart and make you more desirable to employers.

Friend: That's really interesting. It's important to have both soft and hard skills in order to be successful in any kind of job.

Me: Absolutely. It's also important to be strategic in your job search. You should look beyond the tech industry where you may find better pay or work-life balance. Plus, you should be proactive in selling yourself and highlighting your transferable soft skills.

Action items

Technical terms

Soft Skills
Personal attributes and abilities that are not related to a specific job or task, such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.
Hard Skills
Specific abilities or knowledge related to a job or task, such as software or technical know-how.
Transferable Skills
Skills that can be used in different contexts or industries.
The number of people employed by a company.
Job Search
The process of looking for a job.
Job Interview
A meeting between a potential employer and a job candidate to discuss the job opportunity.

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